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  1. FEC is still up and looking for new interested members! Join the OG exploration and dev org today 😎 Join our Discord - https://discord.gg/c5q6qAR
  2. I don't know about the buildings, but you just start with a free speeder now
  3. Its not a shooter game. Its a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
  4. FEC is still up and looking for new interested members for the coming launch! Join the OG exploration and dev org today 😎 Join our Discord - https://discord.gg/c5q6qAR
  5. Lock and fire AvA is fine for me, that was the expectation set years ago, in fact, I'd PREFER it. I'm sure the situation you've presented would have a fix, if it did end up being a problem. The way I see it, this game needs a way avatars can fight other avatars to be successful. This game has been called a civilization building sandbox mmo from day 1, not a soley a ship builder. We have other, more fun, and better fleshed out ship builder pvp games out there. The math is simple, and the writing is on the wall if all NQ plans to deliver is a space pvp'er game where it takes ages to get somewhere, and if you do encounter the sparse space fight, its likely to be quick and not as fun compared to other games that has done it already. Its time to put civilization stuffs into the 'civilization building mmo'. AvA, territory warfare, and AvC.
  6. I will not look it at that way, as that was not what was promised way back during the kickstarter, or for the years after. People invested into this game for reasons, there were expectations, and NQ needs to address this among other things. We did not sign up for JUST another builder game. And I guess NQ institutional investors are going to learn the hard way, instead of being proactive before the problem hits their pockets.
  7. NQ you want to address AvA? Its been years
  8. Sad, maybe they'd actually have people excited for this game if they had AvA at least.
  9. Hi, I'm a long time backer/ Sapphire founder from 2016. I've been out of the loop for the past year approx. It has come to my attention that we're launching next month. Exciting! However, it has also come to my attention that AvA, or even planetside combat is yet still not added to game. I've watched years tick by, seeing these things get pushed back over and over. I tried searching the forums for relevant information on its current state, but I'm unable to find anything within this year (2022). I also clearly remember AvA being promised at launch. I saw this game a big investment, in time and money. I expected, the core features promised would at least be kept, if nothing else... I apologize if anything is necroposted here, I honestly searched and found nothing relevant to this year and I haven't been around for some time, I'm sure somewhere in my account logs would prove this... Anyway... What is the current state of AvA specifically? Is it even still planned? Also, what of planetside combat generally? These are core promised features that I'm surprised we're launching without.
  10. Currently looking for those interested in development and exploration! Join our discord! https://discord.gg/c5q6qAR Updates: Big things are coming in Sept-Oct! Be on the lookout for an org trailer!
  11. Welcome, hope you enjoy it here ?
  12. introducing FEC's new logo! (courtesy of SpaceCat) CURRENTLY HIRING - Explorers(Scaling rewards per resource/discoveries found, partners & engineers will be directed to resources) - Scientists (Scaling rewards per innovation/new invention, 15% of all future sales said innovation brings, remainder goes to securing platform and your intellectual property) - Engineers (Per construct contract, efficiently building ship and base bodies ready for equipment, elements, and combat) - Mercenaries (By contract, or by hour jobs to provide security to FEC and partner bases, including "The Spot") Message TheBlender or Captain_Hilts
  13. (If your ORG is interested in usage rights for this song private message TheBlender) 
  14. Wayward Express is currently looking to fill positions (subject to changes): 8 Gatekeepers - Responsible for boarding passengers, taking payments, and checking blacklist. Compensation is expected to be 10% of each ticket they sell. Must join IAI. 6 Pilots - Responsible for safely flying/shuttling passengers between stations and special contracts. Compensation is expected to be 20% of each ticket sold for their flight. Must join FEC. 4 Dispatchers - Responsible for organizing private contracting/shuttling, and customer service. Compensation is expected to be 25% of each contract arranged.
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