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  1. Currently looking for those interested in development and exploration! Join our discord! https://discord.gg/c5q6qAR Updates: Big things are coming in Sept-Oct! Be on the lookout for an org trailer!
  2. Welcome, hope you enjoy it here 😁
  3. introducing FEC's new logo! (courtesy of SpaceCat) CURRENTLY HIRING - Explorers(Scaling rewards per resource/discoveries found, partners & engineers will be directed to resources) - Scientists (Scaling rewards per innovation/new invention, 15% of all future sales said innovation brings, remainder goes to securing platform and your intellectual property) - Engineers (Per construct contract, efficiently building ship and base bodies ready for equipment, elements, and combat) - Mercenaries (By contract, or by hour jobs to
  4. (If your ORG is interested in usage rights for this song private message TheBlender) 
  5. Wayward Express is currently looking to fill positions (subject to changes): 8 Gatekeepers - Responsible for boarding passengers, taking payments, and checking blacklist. Compensation is expected to be 10% of each ticket they sell. Must join IAI. 6 Pilots - Responsible for safely flying/shuttling passengers between stations and special contracts. Compensation is expected to be 20% of each ticket sold for their flight. Must join FEC. 4 Dispatchers - Responsible for organizing private contracting/shuttling, and customer service. Compensation is expected to be
  6. How are you doing?

  7. FEC has your long range interception capabilities covered. The FEC - Prokaryote delivers powerful thrust in atmo and space, and quality maximized fuel storage, with room for at least 3 gunners. Name: FEC - Prokaryote Role: Long Range Interceptor/ Cruiser Product line: Bio Designer: TheBlender (Artwork by Captain_Hilts | Now flying in Pre-Alph)
  8. The point is artistic representation. This is accomplished regardless of what tool(s) he used.
  9. 1 - Not sure if testing schedule is under NDA. So I'll just say testing have been frequent. You won't have to wait long. 2 - Everything will be wiped before launch, this is pretty constant with all mmos. However, you'll have blueprints to easily save your designs. You'll just have to of course play the game like everyone else for resources and etc to make it again from your blueprint. 3 - The game will likely be all of those, but it will really depend on how you play it and the sort of company you keep. 4 - They are using new single shard server design, so there are no servers, its one s
  10. Looking to make some cash ingame currently? We have some jobs available Need help with building a ship? Come to the professionals https://discord.gg/c5q6qAR
  11. Tranquility will be awesome I feel it in my blades
  12. FEC's fullsize logo banner. The font is called Delta Ray, I found it looked good for a creating a futuristic brand look. It complements our style As for shapes, we're kind of irregular and sleek, like our "F-smile" emblem. Color theme, gray and black. We found white helped contrast the best in this theme, so that's what we went with. Hey, sometimes grayscale works *shrugs* xD
  13. Introducing FEC's vertical specialized, atmo/space fighter. Available only to FEC members, small number of public versions will be available. (Concept art by Captain_Hilts )
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