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  1. When you start running out of personal core limit, you could train org core talents and found a personal organization to put your constructs under. It costs and takes time, but you can get lot of cores that are basically your.
  2. Not sure if taking part in last contest makes me a regular writer, but I already brainstormed ideas for novawrimo text, but ran short on writing time with surprise gig work, being late on a fanfiction that I write and choosing to take part in another short story contest which I am still writing for. Thinking of ideas for novawrimo turned out to give me the idea for that text though so thanks NQ I guess. Even if DL was extended though, that other contest simply has much more potential benefit for me than fanfic contest of a game company which participants can be counted with one hand fingers, and I am not just talking about the cash prizes.
  3. Post in rules and announcements announcing the contest linked here saying: "ask your questions (if you have any) in the same topic !" Also previous novawrimo had discussion in the thread.
  4. discordauth:_7hZDw4gQr3jM5slwYDyIJ2CJlnnflElU87WkBMPzDA=

  5. Isn't it possible to alter voxels outside cores' areas. I at least remember seeing videos of DU where they just plop down and remove voxels without a core in sight (removing is kind of important for mining). Has that changed or is there some other reason people couldn't use that to make roads or bridges?
  6. Could create really cool underground cities/bases. On related note, what do people think about an idea of a hollow earth planet? Either have like 50%voxel and 50% empty space with one massive cave under the surface layer or even twist physics a bit to have gravity turn outwards and walk in the inner surface with some light source in the middle. Finding one could also be tied to some kind of mystery/story of the world that would eventually give an explanation for its existence.
  7. So now this community has gone from Death star (which devs called technically possible but unlikely) to a dyson sphere. NQ you are going to need more powerful servers. Oh and a Dyson swarm is more likely than fixed sphere, at least in the real world it would be.
  8. Stig92

    Armour ideas

    Looks like closest thing to stormtrooper in the real world.
  9. @NQ-Nomad Two questions if you won't mind: 1. Should the prize show somewhere in profile or elsewhere or do I just get email or other contact about the matter when the rewards are actually relevant (at the time of alpha 2 as I've understood). 2. To confirm, the prize has the content they had in original kickstarter packs? https://ksr-ugc.imgix.net/assets/013/630/702/40b5f8aebb79d1946b24127cf5853155_original.jpg?w=680&fit=max&v=1473233986&auto=format&q=92&s=60de617c87413ffd127ad0f96639f7ec With these too? https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/03/07/supporter-rewards-for-founder-backers/ Very timely critique process by the way. I only wrote one full novel draft during that time.
  10. If people want to play with small organizations they join/found organizations that stay small. To say that organization size for example should be limited because some want to play with smaller group makes no sense.
  11. Considering one major reason for no collision damage (as far a I remember) was to reduce stress on servers which would have to do calculations for collision damage, it shouldn't really make a difference what you are ramming into.
  12. I haven't played much MMOs but from everything I've heard whenever developers think they have something like that it is basically a "hold my beer" moment for the player base. I'm just wondering if that will happen with the death star in DU since NQ has stated it is technically possible but unlikely because of the resources and work we'd need. No collision damage should also be more forgiving for practicing pilots/drivers so all the construction work wont go to waste too easily in some accident.
  13. How about this symbol then, placed on the hull at the closest point to main reactor or equivalent. (not mine, found on google)
  14. To be at all efficient there would need to be a greater power to enforce it / punish those who shoot at neutral ship or pretend to be neutral ship. Big organization's might agree on such rules in some areas, maybe.
  15. I'm bit confused. Are you talking about leaving an organization and letting other people keep going with it, or do you just want to throw everyone out and destroy the organization?
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