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  1. Do we know when the actual alpha is going to be released (within a month or so) just so we know when the game is up full time? The Perdere Mining and Trade Division thanks you for reading this message. Join Perdere Today!
  2. Hey guys just wanted to post a quick update. So Perdere is already up to 5 members! We are growing quickly and would like to welcome you to join our group. Note even if you just want a place to hang out the discord is a great place to do so. We want to be neutral with all guilds/corps. Perdere has been stated to be mainly a mining guild. Although this is true and we are going to be doing a lot of mining, we would also like to recruit people that are interested in transport/hauling so we can get into trading. Plans for Perdere We've already been contacted by multiple other orgs/corps (whatever you would like to call them) talking about how we could be beneficial to each other. We would like to provide any base resources that are more grindy for users to purchase if they are doing large products. So if you are an org looking to get into manufacturing we can get in contact and help each other out a lot we supply resources, you guys craft, we buy for a cheap price 50% off (since we sold cheap materials) and then we can handle the risk associated with transporting and trading the final product leaving next to no risk for you! Lore I personally would really like to start developing some lore behind Perdere and a couple other corps to tie in with the lore that has already been set with DU. If you would like to work together on this send me a DM through the Perdere Discord server! ~Partum
  3. Thank you to everyone has joined so far! We are already up to a total of 5 members in a short couple of days! We plan on growing more as we talk to other guilds and hopefully merging with some other groups!
  4. Sounds awesome, by the way, are you already in a guild/organization? If so, would they like to partner with Perdere, if not would you like to join Perdere?
  5. Division Portal: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/perdere-mining Discord: https://discord.me/perdere Welcome to Perdere! We are a mining division of ToasTec. We are welcoming all forms of life. If you enjoy mining, building, and trading then you found the place for you. We, the self-proclaimed space dwarves of Dual Universe, would like to personally welcome you to Perdere as we continue to build our numbers and rank. Feel free to pop by the discord and say Hi! New faces are always welcomed. If you would like to join Perdere then contact a manager. ALL UPDATES WILL BE POSTED BELOW More info can be found on our Division Portal. Thank you for helping us help you help us all ~ Partum
  6. Pleased to meet you too, hopefully, we end up working together in this large universe
  7. Hopefully, we will be informed soon... I would really like to start planning when to be on. I will follow this post just to see if any update is made here Are you a space dwarf? Like to mine? Join Perdere today! https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/perdere-mining
  8. UPDATE 1 We will be looking forward to working with Toast Tech, a new corporation that we will have heavy relations with. Toast Tech is a corporation that will focus on ship design and logistics. We at Perdere are going to be supplying them with resources and in turn getting high quality, top grade ships to do so. This will benefit both of our teams greatly and we look forward to seeing you there! If you have any questions feel free to hop on our discord. If you are the owner or representative of another corporation and will be in need of resources, please contact me on the Perdere discord server. We are looking to find more high-quality customers and business venture partners! https://discord.me/perdere
  9. I know that it is not a new concept, I am not new to controlling the market and it is my main goal in most every game I play. As for it not being easy, that depends on certain game mechanics and exploits etc. Work smart, not hard. I rather be smart about how I plan things out then trying to brute force my way spending hours just grinding if theres a simpler way to do it, which I intend to find out
  10. Hello everyone! My name is Creative or Partum. I am the owner of Perdere - Mining. I am dedicated to building one of the largest trading hubs in the game and want to be the first guy anyone thinks of when they want to trade. If you would like to help or be apart of that journey feel free to join Perdere as we will work together to conquer the market and the Universe!
  11. So if bullets arent going to be able to exist. How would combat take place? What would be the replacement of the bullets? I guess I just dont understand how this would all work.
  12. I agree with Lethys, a system with one major shield system that you can control where power goes from that would be a lot easier to control and maintain. Having multiple sub systems of different shields may just get too confusing. Especially with the implementation of LUA scripting, it would eat up too much processing power.
  13. Partum

    Creative mode

    Personally, I think that a 'holo-builder' would be cool where its basically a giant hologram that you can build in. Although as stated above, prototyping should cost resources but for large ships it may just be way too much. So what if the holo-builder cost around 10% of the normal resources without it and you had to say, run power to it (Not sure what this would actually be or even if there is a way to have a direct power input yet) but I think it would allow for greater creative control, especially among smaller corporations.
  14. Welcome to Perdere! Who are we? We are a small organization built for mining and control over the economy. What is your plan. Perdere is planned to be one of the largest trading and mining empires in Dual Universe. Although we need YOUR help to get there. We have a discord where we will be planning more in-depth ideas and would love feedback from our members. Everyone is included! Although we don't have a detailed plan yet we will focus on harvesting, mining and scavaging to get our base resources in the game. Weekly raids are also an idea that has been thrown around. If we find a weak and vulnerable enemy, we will attack as we are not a complete PvE organization. What sets you apart? We are fully dedicated to our project. We have our own discord server which will be the hub for all trading that takes place in the game. We are currently working on a discord bot that will have its own currency that users can earn by being active in Discord. This functions as a way we can reward our active members with in-game goodies when the game comes out and also determine the hierarchy of management. AKA The more active you are, the more likely you are to be placed at a higher level of management and earn more. Exchange? How does that work? Well, we will be setting up a way for users to contact each other. It will be a fully P2P system, a user will post a request to buy or sell currency when two users match on a price the bot will automatically send both users a PM saying that a match has been found for their request to trade. Setting up a way for users to trade to a more, out of game 'currency' while not having to directly trade in game (sending the bots currency to one another as a form of value). Like any currency the value of it will go up and down, so choose wisely to invest or divest! Sounds great, how do I join? You can join our organization by making a request here https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/perdere-mining or by joining our discord here https://discord.me/perdere (Note you will still have to join the organization here as well) If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below!
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