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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everybody, i wish to play a game. Not any game that is, but a text based game for you forum people. What is it like? Well imagine Hunger Games, or any other Battle Royale kind of game that you have encountered before. That's pretty much how it is going to be like. It's however based on my own creativity and everything is something i've come up with myself and wish to share. Also don't forget that this is tweaked to sci-fi setting. Now how is it going to be set up? It will be set up the way that people interested in participating will have to PM me to reserv a player slot, there will be a max of 10 players. When it starts every player will get to make one move per day, and this is based on live time. The moves will consist of having your character either travel around the map or attacking, sleeping, chasing gear or whatever more that is presented at the start. Players are also allowed to communicate with eachother in the comment log but it should be limited talk, i cannot however restrain people from talking too much but you get the point. [The map can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/X13nI ] Day one all participants will spawn in the Sector Zero, in this middle point sector there will be weapons, gear, items of different kinds. If you wish to grab an armored space suit or run away to another sector and hide is all up to the players themselves. I will be using a random number generator where i've put in possible events everyday and it will tell me if an event will happen that day and if so, which kind. More importantly a random generator or dice roller will also be used for attempted attacks, everyone will have the same chances (accuracy) when trying to shoot another player. EXAMPLE OF A HAPPENING: "Day 3 starts out with Player Y moving across the dangerous mountain tops at Sector A1 only to his horror face Player X waiting for him on the north side. Y Wants revenge for the equippment stolen from him Day 2 and blasts X in the chest with his Standard Issue Pistol for (damage) X twitches and turns around and dives down a cave in the mountain side 50 metres behind him. He has to spend his night there. [Here is a quickly made doc listing the setup for this game: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12eJagXkPi_ubd1dcYZOeNf0g_AbOIa6FTgA3xzIJnbU/edit?usp=sharing] (Note that damage, health and other things like that will not be revealed until it starts) There will be rules for how you can move, for one you might have two movement points per day, you can use one to move from a sector to an adjacent one or hide the night in shelter, maybe attack another player. Or to two of these things. Some options will be presented to you as hidden features that you discover if you get into a situation with the right requirements. So when would this game start? Preferably i will fill all 10 participant slots and thus be able to decide on a date pretty fast, otherwise i'll give it a few days and then set a starting date with the participants there are. I would like to reward the winner of this game as well, if anyone has any idea for this or want to help running this show feel free to PM me.
  2. Hiho Arkship passengers ! Looks like we don't have any games yet in this Forum. So i decided to make one, let's play while waiting for Dual Universe release How to play : Simple, last poster wins the game You can post anything you want, from a short word to some long paragraph Just don't post dangerous stuff like virus links Rules : Please be Civilized No Trolling & No Spam Good Luck & Have Fun
  3. Hey guys! How this game works is simple: you post a storyline that cannot exceed 50 words. Then, the next person who posts has to continue that same storyline that also cannot exceed to words. The storyline's end will be announced by me in the near future. I will let you guys know so you can get your final pieces of the story in. Have Fun!
  4. Another forum game for us to spam our post count up on. For those that haven't played, rules are simple There is a hill. For reasons unkown, everyone, including you, want it. So your job is to attempt to take over the hill. 1) You can use any method you want to take over the hill. 2) Try not to repeat what you've already done/what others have done. 3) Negate the defences of the previous King/Queen's hill before declearing ownership I'm King of the Hill.
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