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  1. The latter issue is hardly unique to a democracy. Many an Eve empire has fallen to awoxing. The key is how robust the org system is and whether it will be possible to build redundancies and safeguards against this sort of thing. It might be relatively easy for one scammer to get elected, but it would be harder and riskier for three to get elected and act in concert.
  2. Heavens no, but some emergency power might need to be granted if there is a major war with the Seperatists and the Jedi try to assassinate me... Couldn't find Vortex; Silverlight Industries doesn't mention anything about elections or voting. What do you mean by "a democratic setup." Fair enough. Really I'm just looking for an organization that elects its ultimate leaders. I don't mean direct democracy (which would probably be unworkable); I'm looking for representative democracy. I'm okay with citizenship/voting rights needing to be earned, in fact I am in favor of such a system, but it should be achievable for most members over time (otherwise we're really talking about oligarchy). I am so tempted to try, but I'm not at all sure I have the time to get such an org off the ground, hence why I am hoping I can find one.
  3. I'm currently looking for an org and playing as part of a democracy intrigues me, but almost all orgs seem to be empires, corporations, or oligarchies of some kind. Are there any democratic orgs of at least reasonable size?
  4. Interesting... could you kindly point me to where I can learn more about the time dilation DU will use? It wasn't mentioned in the server technology dev diary.
  5. Thanks for the kind words and the helpful info, everyone.
  6. I might have a somewhat different background than most people here as the only MMO I have really played is Eve Online, and even that I didn't stick with super long. My background is mostly in strategy games (my current favorites are Stellaris and Rimworld but I've been playing since the original Starcraft). I'm really excited for the concept of a single-shard, overwhelmingly player-run game without time dilation. I'm also excited for the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a game like this. I can't honestly see myself designing ships but I'm excited for almost everything else. I can't decide whether I want to try and build a space empire, run a small mercenary organization, build an industrial/financial powerhouse, or just join a good organization and meet some great people. So many things to do, so little time. One question, if I may. If I pledge now, can I upgrade the pledge later (its clear kickstarter backers can, but alas I did not back during the kickstarter)? For instance, I was thinking of pledging gold tier now and upgrading to ruby (for the lifetime subscription) if the alpha and beta are promising.
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