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  1. Basically I can't find the option in the RDMS that I can use to prevent members from unclaiming items. It seems like every org member can unclaim items.. How do I prevent that? Can I create a sub-org that I claim the items for? And then how do I allow industry to work with these claimed items? (I know about the difference between unclaiming and stealing.. Stealing would atleast result in a notification) Thanks in advance.
  2. They have talked about implementing a referral system with beta release, so we will most likely see it in a few days.
  3. Hello and welcome. In theory there already is a radio but while that project is still running (there is a radio bot on the official DU discord) not much has happened in the past.
  4. Hello and welcome. I recommend the "looking for group" channel from the DU Discord server
  5. This has become even easier now with not $15 per month but $7 👍
  6. discordauth:5bSnglnIRQMVi7jslbswnxOajqseJHhL4aBuEm-Ra7E=

  7. Did i understand this correctly? There are actually people that are pissed of because the bot collects public data?
  8. The current mining radius seems way too high. I actually wanna spend time mining. Digging a base into a mountain with this radius/speed is just ridiculous. I'd say 50% of the current size would be better. Same goes for building and cubes etc. Examples of the size:
  9. How cool & useful would it be if we could script our own (spaceship-)huds and fill them with custom data such as public and private informations. (trading price rates, popular organisation activities, private organisation activities etc.) I know they already said that they will make it possible to create (/customize) our own hud with html but I think that is not enough. I think we need atleast some possibitly to script the (spaceship-)hud and not just redesign it. Or do you think we should all use the same huds for spaceships?
  10. Basically it would be cool if the whole team/squad/organisation could travel around with one big mothership, containing multiple smaller ships and hovercrafts etc. Pros: Possible social interactions while flying Easier to defend (against possible threats) More epic gameplay if you encounter a (possible) threat What would be needed: Hangar doors / airlocks Docking stations Recharge stations (If this fits in the energy system) Epic sirenes and alert systems (e.g. red/yellow alert) to alert the team/squad/organisation to go on combat-station -> this will create a more epic atmosphere
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