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  2. fabsch412

    Feedback on the Official Discord FAQ

    Did i understand this correctly? There are actually people that are pissed of because the bot collects public data?
  3. fabsch412

    Reduce mining/building radius

    The current mining radius seems way too high. I actually wanna spend time mining. Digging a base into a mountain with this radius/speed is just ridiculous. I'd say 50% of the current size would be better. Same goes for building and cubes etc. Examples of the size:
  4. fabsch412

    (Spaceship-)HUD - highly scriptable

    How cool & useful would it be if we could script our own (spaceship-)huds and fill them with custom data such as public and private informations. (trading price rates, popular organisation activities, private organisation activities etc.) I know they already said that they will make it possible to create (/customize) our own hud with html but I think that is not enough. I think we need atleast some possibitly to script the (spaceship-)hud and not just redesign it. Or do you think we should all use the same huds for spaceships?
  5. its cooler with hangar doors and airlocks tho.
  6. Basically it would be cool if the whole team/squad/organisation could travel around with one big mothership, containing multiple smaller ships and hovercrafts etc. Pros: Possible social interactions while flying Easier to defend (against possible threats) More epic gameplay if you encounter a (possible) threat What would be needed: Hangar doors / airlocks Docking stations Recharge stations (If this fits in the energy system) Epic sirenes and alert systems (e.g. red/yellow alert) to alert the team/squad/organisation to go on combat-station -> this will create a more epic atmosphere