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  1. I was a bit disappointed to hear that right now there is only 1 day where we can play the game for a few hours during Pre-Alpha, and I'm worried that this system of opening the servers for one day every month will continue. Do any of you guys know if the servers will be on more frequently during Alpha?
  2. I know this seems a bit too complicated for this game, but I would really enjoy some customizability in the weapons department in general. I would be most excited for Missiles tho, a system from a game like From the Depths could easily be utilized here. I'm wondering your thoughts on being able to customize the payload, size, speed, and maneuverability of missiles in DU. I guarantee you this, a system like this would get a lot of use if implemented.
  3. I just got tickets to PAX South and I was wondering if Novaquark would have a booth there? Seeing how they are at PAX West right now, I have high hopes, but I've turned to the forums to make sure. I'd be so excited if I could play it there.
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