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  1. DayZ you say, hmm - gonna have a closer look at it probably. After years in Elite Dangerous i must admit that i´d miss having a ship to go around thou ... Concerning EVE: Yep - just how i feel about it. And since i sadly have to admit that i get the smell of neglect combined with a hinch of frustration and broken promisses from Elite, i looked for new pastures. I have the feeling that i found the right place worth to give some afford and hope to convince some of my people....
  2. During it´s peak my job and lifestile didn´t allow me to indulge myself with a game of that scope. Also the little time i watched a friend playing it, most times i only saw hundreds of menues and windows open without seeing space anymore. The rest he did was set up things that worked by them self when he went offline. Now i rather participate in something new than try to get into EVE tbh...
  3. A game like this thrives on the possibilities it offers and people working towards their own and common goals. The less restrictions there are - the more open it is to the nature of human behavior and realism. Here we get the opportunity (these days far to rare in a game) to be all we want to be and have this reflected to us by consequence. Humans are it´s worst enemy - Space is the most hostile environment - combine that and inevitably we will face desaster in different forms. This game might give us the chance to see how we can deal with this and how to grow a society beyond the restrictions we put on ourselves. I find it "refreshing" to have a game where fear to loose your assets is a thing - where people and groups have to get together on a common ground to achieve their goal - where not one singular person has a chance to be the "Master of Universe" because life doesn´t work that way. Yes, it´s still a game and i want to have fun with it ofcause - but this way of "simulation" appeals to me a great deal to be honest.
  4. I truly hope there´ll be a booth again ! After playing games similar to this for years, i found out about DU just a week ago... Also i´m connected with quite a big and dedicated player/streamer base that is into such games that sadly never heard of it. I do understand the need for a NDA in this stage of development, but it is far less known than it should be and i´ll try to get the name spread within my crowd.
  5. I use a "X52 pro" for another game. It´s software allowes you to progam it pretty much for anything - even to use it in Windows or your browser. Try to find a HOTAS that appeals to you and then look it up on YouTube to find out how applicable it is to your needs. After all it´s just another programmable input device like a mouse or keyboard... Yes- it can be some work to set it up at first but it´s well worth it !
  6. Since the need for such protection varies with the actual size of the base and people having access to it for it´s defense, i would suggest that base "protection perimeters" come in various sizes. For little homes and bases that accommodate just a handful of players, such a perimeter might aswell have applicable "emergency batteries". These would give the one - or little group - a bit more time to respond (since there are also those that don´t spend their vacations on the computer - get hospitalised or have other RL reasons that prevent them access to the game). Bigger bases and/or player groups shouldn´t have this option though since the ability to respond is given due to group/base size. "Emergency batteries" would then have to be applied before leaving and last for maybe a week or so and should be seen by the attacking faction prior to attack. Once applied they can´t be taken out of the module again and just a maximum of let´s say 4 modules (aka one month of protection) can be hooked up. By the time active actions of the group/or the one player is taken to defend this base, the extra protection has to be dropped. Hmmm - A rentable player-security-service would be a thing aswell, but also opens up the option to leak the information of a unprotected base to a third party to raid the base. Unfortunately griefers go a long way these days to ruin a game for players by looking into loopholes in a game system.
  7. Greetings ! I´m still on the way, soon to arrive at the Arkship and looking forward to see what you already managed to create down there. Good to know there´s a pub around - hope you´ve got a well sorted top shelve waiting for me to celebrate my arrival. See you out there folks !
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