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  1. As long as it can't be automated to react to other people's orders I think that's fine, otherwise you get auto undercutters and the like.
  2. I may not understand exactly what you want, if you're saying you should be able to login to the game and through some process change the price on an order you have already placed somewhere else, I don't think that's outside the realm of possibility (although I could see it going either way). However a lot of talk in this thread is about the ability to place orders programmatically even potentially when not online which is what I am very against, since long travel time is a major market factor that I think it should definitely be preserved so those people willing to make those runs can make something out of it.
  3. Yep. Handling that sort of thing is what could separate the good interplanetary weapons seller and some random person who visits a station once then manages his stocks from his safe zone home. I plan on focusing heavily on using the scripting to its fullest but this is something I think should not be possible (the auto changing/placing of orders) especially remotely.
  4. I think the ability to script purchases and sales is a bad idea in general as others have said. With players being able to create their own marketplaces I think an official API could have issues. One alternate solution would be the ability to use LUA to export orders on the market you are physically present at, which would open up the option of a third party site set up to show an aggregated list of markets updated by players. I think the eve equivalent is evecentral but I didn't play much eve so I can't swear that's correct.
  5. This was a nice one to read. I've thought about the illegal aspect before and you made a great story out of it. Very good dialogue as well. Thanks for posting! Now the question is, is this event something that could have helped convince people to put proto-sentient AI on the arkships? ?
  6. Glad you thought so! I'm a fan of the Nihilists as a terrorist group and hope to explore it a bit more in future story attempts. Is there any existing stories focusing on them? I'd like to see how others would describe them.
  7. In case you're not joking, I'm pretty sure he meant find not fine. Sounded like an offer to help proofread. Or this went right over my head. ?
  8. I figured I might as well try my hand at writing something interesting. I've been wanting to see some more fiction on the gaps and vagueness in the lore, so I decided to write some myself to maybe inspire others to do the same. This story is my attempt at what may have happened to contribute to the era of peace that began around the year 2400, specifically in regards to the Nihilist movement. I didn't put much detail into organizational structure of the Nihilists or the UEF so that this story could fit in without providing any inconsistencies that may come from future stories. Change on this scale is never a one person deal so if you like the story consider expanding on it from different people's perspectives. If you don't like it, give me feedback and/or write a better one! (Seriously, I like reading these stories so give me more) That's my spiel, thanks for checking it out. Day of Optimism.pdf Day of Optimism.docx
  9. Just to link the source for remote control units:
  10. Well I think there's only so much the game can do to prevent this behavior without being too overprotective. It's almost impossible to completely prevent gankers and griefers without getting rid of pvp altogether, and people will always try and prey on newer players and the borders of safe zones. The fairly large size of the safe area may help a little but at a certain point it falls on the community to figure out ways to deal with it without messing with mechanics. Maybe the big orgs blacklist frequent trolls or griefers from using their marketplaces. Maybe someone starts up an org that helps new players get some experience out of the safe zone with a bit more safety in numbers. People will still want to play the villain role, but we may be able to make it at least difficult for them. Am I wrong in thinking that the main problem people have is with newer players and the starting planet? If so it becomes something that would be better to handle on a local level, most people probably don't want to be safe all the time but the limited area around the start is ripe for ganking. Worrying about that is completely legitimate and fair but maybe system level fixes aren't the best solution. As inconsistent as players handling it may be, it might make the whole game more interesting. I don't think either side is wrong, just trying to suggest that there may be decent ways to compromise.
  11. Last few months have had some pre-alpha tests with a couple videos talking about that. We had the tutorial video showing off Lua scripting at the end of last month. The open doors event talked about in one of the previously mentioned videos and in this post, And a post this month stating that there would be some time taken off during the holidays. I would watch the announcements section of the forums and I would guess we'll see something posted there in the next few weeks (although I'm not sure we can expect a dev diary for December due to holidays). Plenty of activity going on from them just a lot of things to keep them busy. Stay strong, there's still a long road ahead until launch.
  12. Lore-wise we have Calabi-Yau Compactification. Meaning we have a limited number of devices that store materials in a compact and light form. Would be an interesting way of handling compacting of materials, maybe you can store up to x amount as compacted (filling up your nanopack which I'm guessing is what our personal inventories represent) so that mining for a personal project was decently efficient (hauling-wise) and then larger scale operations that require more materials than individuals can hold would require the use of hauling vehicles.
  13. Fiverr is a site where you can request freelance work for as little as five dollars. You might find someone willing to make a nice logo for fairly cheap there. (That said if someone from the community gets the chance to do it instead that is always a bonus)
  14. I think it's less an issue of surprise and more about what type of defenses are needed. Underground attacks take a lot of time to set up so you wouldn't have to build defenses against those types of attacks from the beginning. Meanwhile, attacking the "bottom" of a space station is just as easy as attacking the "top" and so you have to have defenses covering a larger range of angles. In general it just takes less to defend a ground structure than a floating structure. That being said I think space stations will be completely viable in this game because people will be willing to put in the extra effort to defend them properly. And inevitably, both planet bases and space stations will sometimes fall if enough people want it to.
  15. I think the problem with the idea of having parts of the game denied to players is that in a game like DU without any npcs or PvE in general, there's nothing rewarding without conflict. If you build a massive space station that's great, but if you're one of 30 people building one around the starting planet you're not going to get anything lasting out of it. You can be proud of it and show it off to people, but you have no way of making it important. Now let's say the same scenario occurs but this time there's a group of griefers trying to take out every one of those 30 space stations. Now you've got a lasting goal, make your station the last one standing and continue to protect it so that people come visit it and trade at it, maybe even try and take out the station of another group so you are the only trade market in the area. You see it in the null sec politics of Eve: People get bored without conflict. People specialize and work on what they like to do, but eventually they accomplish their goals if no one is trying to stop them. Lack of war in Eve often results in lack of consistent players, but when war breaks out people feel like they have something to work for or enjoy and you see player count and community interaction skyrocket. Basically my take on it is that there are ways to get to any goal in DU, even as a solo player. You may never own your own stargate but you could be one of the people who help build it, or help defend it. Maybe part of the group that tries to take it over after it's been built. But when you finally overcome the people trying to stop you from your goal, even something as small as reaching a new planet could feel more rewarding than if you were to build a stargate without anyone making it difficult. But again, all of this is my personal opinion and I think it helps create a lasting type of game, rather than a game that could be admittedly very fun, but have a limited life span. Edit: A word
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