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  1. hy tnx for the responds guys pls move my post away from the public if it's in need! i didn't know im posting on the wrong section sry! yeah understood u! i just got a picture about Larg scale farming setting up med industries in organisation! ...this will makes planets not to be only for mining! there will be searching for plants etc
  2. you can also build in a real life ...and also mine!
  3. ...all the posts what u have posted here are just pointing in empty corners! i have come out with an idea that will allow you to build medicine! ...you can build a med machine that will build medicine with similar settings!
  4. This is just exemple links are from games that i like to play! http://wurmfood.com/ Affinity you Want /Goal: This will determine the bacteria u wanna cure! MEAL BOX Determines the BOx where it is gonna be prepared! Nothing +0 Determines the ingredients! +0 every ingredient haves they unique number=CODE Whole +0 Determines if the ingredients are reworked! Now try to make BODY STRIGHT AFFINITY = BUFF Every Planet should have different bacteria .Affinity you Want /Goal ! important to know Affinities are time lim
  5. ..look i aggree with ur decision.....but my version is several factions=organizations! there is no freedom (democraty) without independent small factions ( and votes )
  6. ..whell hte point is everthing have limits...u cant have 1 large organizations there is no fun and no PVP and neither no PVE interest here! i dont like 2much real time politics in game! lots of PPL vant to play alone or with limited friends! noone want o pay tax for a political organization! Freedom is whut wee need!
  7. Sry my native lang is not ENG. prof=profession? Cons=have no idea whut this means!
  8. i don't like organizations to be more than 100 people ...the limit should be like 100 and the leader should choice 1 skill at the beginning of the org. creation. skills like: -Explorers (faster engines, radars add more details data collections etc ) -Ship builders ( this skill should allov this faction to create bigger ships than the otehr org.etc.) -traders (this org should be PVE neutral org that they have automat piece with hte other orgs. no weps etc. Larger cargos transports) -miners ( increased mining skills etc) -xxxxxxx ( kinda warriors hunters that hav
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