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  1. What about the forbidden...UwU's? other than that, Im not sure what I can bring that would be useful, but I can bring a fake German accent and a surplus of history memes.
  2. This is about the possibility of Random Events such as Sand Storms, Tornadoes, Electromagnetic Storms(most interesting one in my opinion) and etc... sorry this is a bit short, I wanted this to be in more detail but me and my family are about to evacuate the coast of NC. Cheers, Immortal
  3. Welcome to Dual Universe. If you are still looking for an organization, there are plenty to choose from. Im not going to ask you to join mine but I would ask of you to at least take a look at it, its called the New Dawn Imperium. Other than that I look forward to seeing you in game! Link to the New Dawn page: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/new-dawn-imperium
  4. As others have said, its 100% possible. And who knows, A town, city, micro nation or empire could possibly be forged from that one small inn on a distant moon. ?
  5. This is just a test but I would like feedback Thanks, Immortal
  6. retrieving archives.....year 2027...running_operation_ terminal_entry_8210_1.....loading..... decryption_of_8210_1.....finished ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4_26_2027 - Subject A "[REDACTED] telescope has picked up a strange anomaly in the [REDACTED] constellation, have [REDACTED] look at the file I have sent." Anomaly8210.file.....Sent 5_1_2027 - Subject B "Sorry for the late response [REDACTED], this is [REDACTED] I have taken a look at your report and it look
  7. Just curious how each spacecraft will be identified and how the person viewing it will see who is the owner/owning faction. What im referring too: In Space Engineers its the Antennas, in Star Wars its the Transponder Code and I do not recall what it was in Empyrion but you get my point. This is related to my older thread Neutrality Signs Thanks, Immortal
  8. True. It should at least make sense ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Also zero two best girl
  9. New Dawn Imperium is a militaristic expansionist empire base on the ancient empires of earth. We seek to rebuild society in the new area of the universe we all share. Our members come first and we want to make the best experience for them, this includes advanced infrastructure and having plenty of living room and area to expand. The motto we have adopted is Best Friends, Worst Enemies. We take this very seriously. Why should you join New Dawn? We hope to bring some of the most creative and industrious minds in Dual Universe together to rebuild society and become a center for creati
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