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  1. As someone who enjoys building ships I want to set up a ship display on my Sanc tile but the core limit prevents me from doing that. Though the description says "Active cores" so is there a way I could deactivate my ships and keep them for display in my tile? Or would I have to deconstruct them and keep them as blueprints in storage.
  2. In a attempt to help me haul around cargo while mining I have built a storage barge with Hovers and Vertical Atmospheric Thrusters. My issue is that even when I am not inputting my craft to go up the vertical thrusters activate and attempt to hold me at a certain altitude just like the hovers when I just want the to be off unless I input to them to output thrust. It is a complete waste of fuel to be hovering via engines and not hovers so my question is how do I go about fixing this issue or changing things on my vehicle to make this work other then removing the thrusters entirely. Any feedback
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