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  1. The implementation we're going to get of recycling, seems to be - at the same time - both the laziest implementation they could have done, and also, a needlessly complicated implementation. The needlessly complicated part is the need to rightclick on everything that I want to recycle. If I crash a ship a few times, and take the parts off when they reach one life each, then I now have a ton of parts that I need to rightclick>recycle on each one individually. You know, you could have just made a random machine that had an input box, and an output box. And players would have been fine with that. The machine only needed an "on or off" state; "Recycle the contents of the input box, yes/no?". Instead it was made pointlessly tedious to do. At least that part feels familiar. Secondly, the way the output seems to be chosen, at least according to NQ Riply and what was shown on the stream, the recycling process just picks a random input material, and gives you all of it? What kind of nonsense if that? I've destroyed and repaired an element X numbers of times, but every single piece of Y input materials that went into making it, is perfectly fine and the lot will be recycled?!? COME ON. At least make element lives matter. Give all of the materials, but some percentage of each, which is then reduced as element lives are reduced. Sorry, Deckard wants balanced feedback, so I should say something nice. The tower with the colored lumi-glass rings looked kinda neat.
  2. Maybe this is because you pretty much never interacted with the suggestions!? Couldn't even be bothered to leave us on read, you gave us actually nothing.
  3. In fairness, EVE Online actually has content, other than "go get shot at"
  4. There's a typo in this bit. Also. Will the amount of components returned change based on how many element lives remain?
  5. Concrete Product and Marble Product requires Tier 2 Product Material schematics. Concrete honeycomb and Marble honeycomb requires Tier 1 Product Honeycomb schematics. Make up your minds.
  6. Other good examples atm could be lights, screens, etc. Vertical Sign L takes a Tier 2 L Element schematic, and it is being crafted in a extra small assembler. Vertical Light L takes a Tier 2 L Element schematic, and it is being crafted in a small assembler. Modern Screen L takes a Tier 2 L Element schematic, and it is being crafted in a small assembler. If you look at the input materials of these elements, they are clearly not "L Element" items, they are smalls at best. Vert Light L takes up to 5 of each input material, per element crafted, Modern Screen L is the same, Vert Sign L takes ONE OF EACH input material. Please FIX your broken schematic groupings.
  7. As far as I have understood, the free 2 weeks is contingent upon you having purchased game time before launch. Any amount, at any point. So if your account didn't need to buy game time to play during alpha/beta, then it wouldn't be eligible (unless you chose to buy game time anyway). I could be wrong, but that is my understanding.
  8. You mean AWS, that grinds to a halt every other time there's a new patch, or every time there's a wednesday in the week. Also what Zarcata said. You're gonna charge full price for half a game? What a joke. Edit: And this is a flat-out lie. The game is barely out of alpha, every bug fix introduces new bugs. "Won't be in a beta state" my ass.
  9. I agree! I flew the Inquisitor and VV yesterday (both empty), to see how they feel, and the 50% increase to the angular rotation speed cap is like night and day.
  10. Thanks, I enabled it after the update, and so far I haven't had any crashes. It also seems to have addressed the flickering I used to see after loading in.
  11. Will we get schematicId and schematicsRemaining before launch? Currently they return 0 on live server - the latter returns 0 until you update the bank, which shouldn't be necessary, if I have understood those properties correctly.
  12. Some schematics are in really over-simplified groups. The most obvious example for me, is Detection Zone L. It's a tiny little electronic doo-dad that apparently needs to take as long, to make a schematic for, as an advanced large engine. That's honestly just stupid. There are probably many other good examples (gates maybe), but generally, items seem to be grouped around their naming schemes. It would make more sense to me, to group things around which machine size is needed to produce something. Please fix the groups. A detection zone L shouldn't be considered a large element.
  13. Yeah I was using 64 GB when I wrote OP, but I have not seen memory related crashes for a little bit. My bad, I assumed it was DLSS related, because what you described is what the game does for me when I use DLSS.
  14. Turn off DLSS. DLSS is broken for some players, and causes constant crashses.
  15. I'm still seeing tons of crashes whenever DLSS is enabled.
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