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  1. @Ravenis Thanks. I couldn't find anything named super sampling in Nvidia CP, but I don't have any of the DSR settings enabled. I've since played around with the settings a little bit, and it seems that lowering the how many cores are used for voxel rendering gave me more headroom for DLSS to give an uplift. (which doesn't make a lot of sense to me, since it should be using the GPU?! Oh well.) I still turn it off, because it gives me tons of crashes every day, but at least it works a little better when the client isn't busy crashing. I could have worded parts of my first reply poorly though. I wasn't only seeing 5-10 fps, but only a 5-10 fps uplift. With fewer threads assigned to voxel rendering, I can see bigger uplifts. Like if I just look up at an empty sky, I can get double the FPS. NQ please fix the crashing. At least acknowledge that you're aware of it happening, and is working on it.
  2. It's a bit telling that hours later this thread is still empty. Also a bit telling - in my opinion - that I can't recall a single one of the questions anymore.
  3. They don't want to lessen the schematic load, they want to lessen the server load.
  4. It seems really shortsighted, to not make Aluminium the lightest Tier 1 material, when so many people use it for building clean looking visual/non-pve ships.
  5. Fun seems to not be relevant to NQ. Only server costs matters.
  6. I wish I saw the same results as some of you guys. I get maybe 5 fps when I turned on DLSS. 10 on a good day. 5800x, 3070, 64GB. I go from mid-40 to about 50. A bit more more empty areas. Yeah, when they first introduced it, I turned it on and then experienced like 50 crashes in ~2 days. I turned it off again. It's too unstable for me atm. I have been experiencing that for about 2½ weeks, even without DLSS, so it seems unrelated. Must be some dynamic LOD that's not working properly, because I'm also seeing it in areas that are not very densely populated.
  7. It's now a week later, and there are still not proper subtitles on episode 10.
  8. I disagree with this part. Deckard was very clear about the intention. Reduce server cost.
  9. This display of time needs to change. It's a ROUNDED value, so sometimes you can add/remove runs without changing the time. Make it stop rounding, preferably client time and date when the run is finished. I have a lot of stuff that I want to say about this change, but Deckard has straight up said, that if we only say negative things, we will just be ignored. I'm sorry that I do not see any redeeming qualities in this update. Apparently that makes my opinion null and void.
  10. Thanks, I'll try that out. I tried linking a PB to the doors and then linking the seat directly to the PB, but I didn't think to put a switch in between.
  11. Hey @NQ-Ligo Can we please have the ability to control doors from a ships Control Unit? I think control unit makes the most sense, because that's also where we control the ships headlights and landing gears, and so on. It would be nice to be able to have CloseDoors() in my onStart(), when you get in the seat, without having to link to every door, or need to do logic circuitry trickery. Thanks
  12. In the past, you promised that you would ensure these episodes had proper subtitles. Where did they go? The YouTube auto-subs are terrible.
  13. What an interesting way to introduce pay2win. More alt accounts = more schematic copying slots.
  14. You could also build a new construct on top of your old one, put some containers and a surrogate pod station on it, then leave the ore in that construct. Don't forget to activate the vr pod. Just keep it out of the way on the markets, like on the ground. And don't forget to VR to it often, and maneuver it, to refresh the 7 day timer.
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