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  1. Doing updates is fine but we need CONTENT like asap. We need new solar systems places to explore etc a actual working market without Ore bots etc, working mission system, NPC's to fight etc the list goes on. On most days you can go into the discord and listen to conversation happening in the voice chats about the state of the game whats missing etc and we all have different opinions but the game in general is missing so much that it is hard to see the game finished. There is so many problems that we currently face along with WE NEED A WIPE as ore bots that keep getting reset has destroyed everything.
  2. This is awesome Initiative that will not only help existing players but also help all the new players coming into the game. This has been needed for the longest time and is this going to work through the weekends aswell if not then Monday-Friday just isn't going to work to be honest with the increase of players at the weekend due to work etc . The support needs to be weekends aswell. Hope the awesome work continues
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