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  1. The build style of Interstellar Amalgamate Inc. will pull from all sources of science fiction. Would you like to own a shuttle from Star Trek the original series, fly an Eagle Transport from the television series Space 1999, trade among the stars in a Type A Far Trader from the Traveller RPG? These are among the ships that will be available to purchase at our trading and fueling stations on planets and in space.
  2. The "Bed" can be a useful element for logging out of the game and if you get disconnected from the game. Let me explain. By "resting" on a bed element that is not already claimed, you can bind yourself to that element when you log out. So no matter where that element goes (if it is on a ship) when you log back in, you spawn as resting on the bed. Similarly, if you get disconnected, you will spawn in at the last bed that you claimed. A "Bed" element can only be claimed by one person at a time, when a person claims a different bed, the last one he claimed is freed for someone else to claim. That would also make bedrooms a nice feature on ships and planetary buildings, where you go to "rest" and then log off the game. Also, this would possibly make the Hotel/Motel business viable. Another possibility is that if you log off without being in a rest state, it may leave your avatar in game and vulnerable for a period of time. When you log back in, the game tries to put you where you were, but if you were in a moving ship... you may end up in space. Trying to log off without being in a rest state could give you a warning as such. Just an idea
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