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  1. I mean it's not like energy management was a promise since KS and Survival Mecanics an absolute need in order to make some sense out of this... unless there is no "civilisation rebuilding" ... Just checked, in fact, this vision has been replaced by "Reboot Society", which is a bit more vague but still can be interpretated as a "Civ Rebuilder Game". The basic needs ( food , water, clothing, shelter, occupation) are the necessary starters for any economy, then don't want to wipe because still searching the adapted mecanic, ignoring these + power management (legitimate sink) while without these there's no economy. Take a look at the actual market. Saturated with t1 sells, eventually with all products up to t5, with very low adversity in buy orders and sometimes even nothing about recipes parts starting from lv2. People don't eat fixations, or leds, or screws, or pipes. These are only useful to the industrials who have the machines + schematics to process these. Best seller? Ore. Raw Ore. It's been 5 years in some months that they've been simply ignoring the basics concerning this part, which is not mince. Tbf a lot has been accomplished regarding playability and sustainability, voxel rendition, but "rotating engines when?" if you see what i mean. It's ok to have an "upgradable" tech that you can more or less fix with time, considered the unusual scope of the game, it's less ok to put aside basics which fit the narrative. People need incentives to make it happen. We don't care quanta, as much as it's good to have some, it's preferable to grind over something that make sense in terms of "believable" needs to fulfill rather than force feeding the market to pay your rent... I don't see more points right now, and most of all i'm never the best defender of an idea but it simply doesn't make sense to me that they don't adress the essential. A Reason To Play.
  2. I asume everyone has tangible numbers directly from NQ's databases to infere their reasonings?
  3. Either you abandonned the construct by mistake, either your friend made it. Otherwise, file a bug report pronto.
  4. Ok look all, you're not getting to play football / soccer / basketball / whatever team sport on your own. Makes no sense. Is it that hard to understand that a "civ building game mmo" is a team game? No it's easy because everyone here have at least 2 braincells. Want to lonewolf a team game? That's on you, i don't see any need to cater to that. Good luck with this pipedream hope.
  5. Just flying over topics, no-one asked the first question : pc specs?
  6. Original... Ca fait 2 ans que le serveur est ouvert, en moyenne c'est 96 heures par semaine, du jeudi au lundi, et beta c'est 24/7. De rien.
  7. ? Why would you want to complicate things? Place an xs core in l building, you got a flat, what's the deal? It's not even a workaround, it's how the game works basically...
  8. Salut John ! Bienvenue , nous sommes en effet un certain nombre, quelques Canadous /Québécois, les derniers que j'ai croisé personnellement c'était il y a deux ans, pas convaincus à l'époque mais le jeu était loin de ce qu'il est aujourd'hui... Concernant les réserves voici ce qu'il faut que tu saches : Si tu prends un pack maintenant, même le plus petit, t'as accès a la beta sans abonnement, plus une clé pour un pote. Si tu attends et que ça passe en beta, pour tester ce sera 3 mois mini, 21$ (c'est genre 27 28 dollar canadien je crois) par personne. Ensuite concernant le jeu... consultes le contenu disponible (le youtube est relativement fourni), nous sommes malheureusement toujours sous NDA concernant le contenu des tests donc je ne peux rien dévoiler ? je crois que c'est pas trop mal comme jeu, en tout cas tu devrais avoir un aperçu de toutes les features développés et à venir avec les "devblog" " devdiaries"... si tu cherche un serveur unique permanent avec environnement complètement modifiable (script compris sur certains aspects), dans un thème futuriste, t'es à la bonne porte. Maintenant contrairement à une foule de jeu, le contenu, c'est nous. Je te laisse méditer là dessus Quoi qu'il en soit enchanté et peut-être à bientôt parmis nous!
  9. Topic isn't closed yet... technically, your claim is invalid.
  10. Salut et Bienvenue! En effet il y a quelques Français, je t'invite à chercher ici ou là. Au plaisir!
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