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  1. This should be pinned
  2. Would be cool to see an LUA scriptable method to accept or give currency to a player. Good way to collect taxes for city functions for example. It also creates several markets in the service industry.
  3. Title is self explanatory, using the current voxel tools we will have a much wider array for translucent materials to build curved windows, etc.
  4. So one handy tool would be the capability to bullnose square or edged voxels. The tool would identify the nearest edge to the cursor and when activated bullnose that edge, extra credit if you could have multiple bullnose sizes!
  5. I am now a gold patron supporter!
  6. Hello All, My name's Admiral, I am a discord federation and Singularity Alliance Leader for a game called Starborne. I just discovered this game, and am very interested in learning more!
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