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  1. nerver to soon. U do ur docs right away. its not only for the User but for the devs as well. Also they have this already. Just press F1 in Game. Also this was in the Game Dir als a WebPage but it was removed. Also also by your argument it wouldn't make sence to do anything in the Game right now. Also also also your argument makes it way more important to have a complete doc right away. And if something changes make the doc public even befor the change hit the Live server so People who did made Stuff can fix it. Having no proper source makes it so much more difficult to figure out why stuff broke and how to adapt it to the new system.
  2. Well Science can't be true nor false. Science is not a statement, it is more of an emperical process. There should no Quotes at all imo. i hate them also in Space Engeniers. They make me always fell like been indoctinated. I wane Play a Game not join some sort of cult.
  3. Content is supposed to be the Players responsibility. If you want Content ask for the Quintillion Players that play the Game to come up whit some Ideas.
  4. This just sounds like one of the many Scaling Problems DU has.
  5. These are videos, many of wich are or will eventually be obsolete. The quality is also somewhat inconsistened. And they only tell you how to do a specific thing. I have found a 6 month old Video about getting some documentation. Sadly someone decided to take the WebCodex out, rendering the Video completly useless. I do not understand why i should rely on unofficial documentation. (and been at risk to render my PC in to a BitCoinMiner for some stranger on the Internet) Is it not in any developers duty to provide a resonable documentation about how to operate the system they have build in the intended, relayable and save way? All i ask for is to make the Codex more accessable. Either by allow me to open the Codex in tandem whit the Lua Editor in Game, or by having an official Source wich i can access on a second monitor or PC/Laptop. -Also having a complete List of derifations from a Standard is imo mandatoiry for your documentation. e.g what HTML Tags, -SVG Tags are not supported etc. Like can i go to http://www.lua.org/home.html and learn Lua there or are there things that are not allowed in DU. U get the idea.
  6. Schematics done right yes plz. researchable sonds great. also incressing its potancial the more it's used. A complex thingy to overcome whit brainpower not just a plain barrier to overcome whit quanta earnd by abussing unfinishd game.
  7. i mean something more complete. Also something from NQ, whom i trust. And not some random stranger. Also maybe something one can find, trough official resourses. It would also help people not sure what the game is about to lock things up.
  8. Not something for Ingame, still it would make it much easyer if we had the F1 Menu also outside the Game. there is already a tutorial section on the Website. why not have the whole F1 MenĂ¼ also accsesable from there?
  9. nope not really, but I have your attention. Hello my Name is Pyroboros i am 12k-13k days old. Oh by the way i am also human. Well i am not sure what a human is though. But if If a glowing Plasma Blob counts... we may discuss this later. Best regards Pyroboros
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