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  1. The models of player constructs as decoration in game is a brilliant idea, actually. Have an upvote.
  2. I feel as though OP doesnt grasp business or economics in a way that allows a reasonable opinion on pricing and corporate funding.
  3. LCD StarSystem is a logistics company. We fulfill contract orders for corporate and government clients to help maintain their operations. As an organization we are seeking pilots, ship builders and programmers. If you are looking for a North American -based organization that will help you explore the universe (and even provide the ship to do it in) then LCD might be a great fit. Our main flight deck is located in the southern hemisphere of Ailoth. We plan to operate multiple flight decks and logistic hubs with automated transport being a key part of our operation. We have no political or military ambition. We are profiteers, seeking our riches by doing the work that keeps the empire going. Join our Discord at: https://discord.gg/qq4Y3t2 Or message me, FerroSC at: FerroSC#4723
  4. discordauth:l5pOZAyujCR_iyjNaL4JTSKq1dEHOd2WNomDCBSqX5s=

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