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  1. The game definitely falls within the "mmo" genre. The population is quite small but seems to be dedicated and some of us do have fun despite the lack of any meaning development in the past (checks calendar).. forever.. but there are enough players for the economy to function and have people to shoot at sometimes, so the game isn't dead but its not bursting at the seams either. People just like being hyperbolic in their reviews, I guess.
  2. Why not just have a countdown start that trashes the construct X hours after the first salvage takes place? Once it's been salvaged it has a 12 hour cool down then *poof* it's gone for good. Now the salvage game play still exists and the construct is cleaned up for the rest of the folks. Seems pretty obvious.
  3. People might say this is a bit over dramatic, but I feel the exact same way. We are always reminded that this is a beta and "play the game you have, not the game you want" but when the devs won't be clear with what game you have, it's justifiable to feel like you feel. NQ: just put the info out there already and quit bullshittin' with folks limited free time they are using to play your game.
  4. Should be grandfathered in, especially considering they haven't launched yet.
  5. So what, we wipe every month so everyone has equal access to a market spot? Where does that rabbit hole end? How far ahead can an organization get after launch before they need to wipe again to let new players have a fair chance? By this metric, you might as well play sea of thieves and get a clean map and a shiny new boat every time you log in. Sorry, but new players shouldn't get prime real estate. It's just not a thing.
  6. This will be true for any new player with no skills regardless of a wipe or not. There is always a learning curve and barrier to entry into industry in an economy based mmo. Supply issues are fixes with materials depletion/element degradation and other burn mechanics and quanta sinks, not wiping the entire economy. "Can't get ore tiles." Sure they can, join my org we got all the tiles they want. -ore tiles are already limited and will be continually sought out. A wipe does nothing to help with this. I promise if they wipe and start over, my org would end up with better tiles and new players would likely have even less to choose from being that we have had nearly a year to learn these systems and develop strategy. "Harder time earning quanta"? Nope. -large orgs provide better earnings opportunities than a server full of freshly wiped accounts. Industry creates jobs, which is where new players get paid, so this point is also wrong. "New players can't get the best real estate". This isn't limited to new players, it's part of the game. -new players can look for homes wherever they want and tiles become available everyday. In any game where there is limited real estate, you have to work your way up to end game content of having the best real estate. Nobody is rolling 20 deep into a full loot PvP zone on day one expecting a W. End game content takes time. Primo location is end game content, not a given for every player. If every player deserved a plot next to a market, we would need a thousand markets, wouldn't we? So as you can see, you have yet to provide one single thing where a new player is excluded from content because of the existence of more advanced players. If anything, you've proven how beneficial the established orgs are and given plenty of reasons why new players need established orgs just as much as the orgs need new players.
  7. I bought the founders pack because it had pets, collectibles and beta keys. I actually inquired about buying more beta keys that I could give away and was told no. The DACs werent even a factor in my decision. I am a multiple account player so i just let the subs renew on the credit card. The beta keys were one of the key selling points for the packs, not an after thought. Regardless, your point was "when all these players who aren't paying leave the game their shit will be abandoned because they won't pay for subs". Right? I'm just trying to piece together the idea. Why are these beta key players not going to keep playing? And if they do quit en masse as you say would happen, Why would the remaining players not be able cannibalize their abandoned stuff? We got a dozen ships and players at the ready scouring for abandoned and forfeited constructs. I guarantee my crew isn't the only ones. Allowing these wrecks to be abandoned and litter the environment just creates more content: salvaging, scouting, hauling and potentially pvp engagements over constructs in dangerous places... all that potential content gets wiped for what? I don't understand. All content is player generated and there are many of those players on beta keys, yes, and many will likely not continue once the free ride ends, yes, but the fact remains all content is player generated, regardless of how many or how few players there are and how those players earn their game time. That's my point: to hamstring content creation at this point in the process is just kinda silly.
  8. Every beta key was paid for by way of a previous game purchase so this idea of "beta key freeloaders" is unfounded. Regardless of what those accounts have and what will happen to it I'd they fail to renew a sub, the gametime was still paid for somewhere by someone. Regardless of payment status, the players in the game currently are the only people generating content. That's indisputable. They aren't making content because of what NQ has done, they are creating in *spite* of the setbacks and changes NQ has provided. So to say "these players are so few they don't matter", which was the point of the comment I responded to, that statement is just not the whole story because the "so few beta players who don't matter" are in fact the only ones generating content and barring some significant additions to the game, these same players are the only ones that could provide any type of content on launch aside from "surface gather to build shitty speeder". I'm not making any argument for what they should/will/might do. I have no idea, but it seems with the previously implemented "magic blueprints" you could clear the game world and let the active beta players pick back up basically where they left off, without any of the other clutter remaining in the world. It's the only way really the established orgs would possibly tolerate and continue to play through a full world wipe. Fwiw, I think at this point NQ should just completely jump the shark and say this is going to be a web3 blockchain based game. Lol. Why not at this point?
  9. Can someone help me understand what it is a new player is excluded from when they join the existing game? What content does the existing game world prohibit a new player from doing? I hear this talk about letting people get a fresh start and a new release so everyone has an equal advantage or whatever... but I haven't heard what it is these new players wouldn't be able to do? How does one "win" DU and if there is no "winning" then how can there be an advantage?
  10. I agree the beta players themselves represent a very small portion of the potential playerbase. You fail to recognize that the beta players do represent 100% of the content, however. So yeah there are a small number of players, but that small number is basically building the game FOR NovaQuark, and paying doe the privilege. So my take is why would NQ remove all the content, just to level the playing field for new players to catch up with what you call a "tiny" number of players? Seems to me they cam have their cake and eat it too by leaving everything as is and just pushing ahead with a launch. I'm not an expert, but it just seems allowing your sandbox game to be built by countless hours of some of the most try-hard gamers around(myself included, not being derogatory there) would not be something you would want to undo, especially when your entire selling pitch is based on "player created world". You make good points, it'll be interesting to see how it shakes out.
  11. Dude, quit gaslighting these people into thinking you care about their well being. You used mental health issues as a way to demean the original comment, now you're gaslighting like some mmo white knight. It's gross. Stop. If you really are concerned about this individual's well-being you should reach out on a 1 to 1 basis and not embarass and stigmatize by making an example out of them here in a general forum.
  12. This is a pretty solid argument for what you're saying. I dont think it's as dire as you paint it up to be, but it's clearly not a cash-flush free for all over there either. All businesses make efforts to save money, be it fuel/employees/computers whatever. Even profitable companies try to cut costs so I'm not as alarmed there. The 350k number actually seems right and the valuation/fundraising seems about right with the 22mil figure, but again there could be other loans/financing/lines of credit that we aren't privy to, but we should assume crunchbase would have those numbers so for my taste the 22m is correct. The catch here is they didnt start at the 350k monthly figure and likely didnt swell up to the 65 employees number until the last year or so, so that 350k/month figure could have easily been 100k/month for the first several years, which buys them a little time with their cash on hand. Very interesting numbers to arm-chair CEO this thing with. Thanks for taking the time to put the facts/numbers together. Makes for a good chat and gives folks some insight into the testing process we are all a part of. Cheers.
  13. Can you provide us any proof of these financial limitations or are you just making stuff up based on information you think you know but actually don't know?
  14. This is a really valid point and may have just changed my mind on this particular point. Ore scans never updated before, based on ore being extracted so it doesn't actually make sense to have them updated for this expansion. Just because they technically *can* update them, doesn't mean they should. Good point.
  15. Would you be this anti if it was called "maintenance fees" instead of taxes? I agree the amount is a bit too high, but the point of the tax system was to keep tiles from being locked from inactive players. I think there is some math to be worked out, but I think the reason behind the tax is a good reason, just needs some math and some patience to listen to the community, but it's not a game breaker. If anything, it's a game helper to make tiles available to new players, or existing players who are trying to expand. Also, to your last point I think driving the real.estate market I to the hands or organizations is kind of the point, to encourage cooperate over isolation, but it might be a misguided idea.
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