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  1. Thank you so very much I really just want to get a reason that makes sense Really appreciate you getting back to me <3
  2. French Canadians maybe, but france? We have very very little to do with france lol...
  3. No, more like forgot we exist. It happens, but atleast normally we get grouped with America, where our taxes are similar.
  4. Which kind of goes to my point of them really not spending the time to give a F&*k about Canadians, to be honest, I have never seen such a price discrepency between Canada and US for a game ever.
  5. So basically what we have distilled this down to is, why are Canadians being charged the price with VAT in it, and not the one that assumes a sales tax?
  6. Canadians dont have VAT or whatever it is called, thus.... how would this apply to what I am talking about?
  7. Exactly, however, as long as we are charging part of north america less, for whatever reason, why the hell (Profanity lol?) Do people an hour south of me get charged 50$ less?
  8. Obviously... it is more of the moral point. I obviously could do this, and I could tell other people to do it, but why is Canadians getting treated like second class customers.
  9. Tabarnak. You really dont get it, They are being Hosers about this, I think the 'profanity' in the forums sucks color out of language. It is Vidange to charge Canadians a different price than Americans, I have no idea what the European equivalent of this is, but it is like saying Canada is not the little brother of america, but some European offshoot. I am also surprised at how alone I am in being upset about this. Thought I would have a few Americans on my side saying Canada shouldn't be getting hosed.
  10. They are selling a product in Canada and the US, NAFTA absolutely applies to them, in that I can drive across the border, purchase the product for USD, drive back across the border, declare what I purchased at the border, and continue on my merry way. My point was just an example of how... uncommon (there are other words for it) it is to charge Canadians the European price over the american price. It just shows that they are out of touch with the north american market, and don't really give a crap? about Canadians.
  11. Forget anywhere else, as much of an ignorant thing that might be. The Canadian and american markets are in a free trade zone. Aka, I can order things from across the border and not pay a tariff, yet within our free trade zone (NAFTA North american free trade agreement) I am paying a 50$ price difference, due to being required to pay EUROPEAN prices. This is the type of thing market watchdogs are not a big fan of within our free trade zone.
  12. Sorry, just frustrated from hitting a bunch of walls, tried to ask in the discord, reddit, submitted a ticket. To be frank, it is super easy for me to get the american price, just use a VPN to appear as american, however, I should not have to do this to save 50$ CAD.
  13. Talk about missing the point.. Can I get one giant *WOOOOOSH* over this dudes head. If i lived cross the border (or just cross digitally) The cost goes from 180 EURO, to 180 USD, which is cheaper. So stupid, how are you not seeing this, much less defending this practice?
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