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  1. Two non PvP grade ores being in PvE areas (expected) Market prices were terribly balanced in the week of early access for kickstarter players. ———- two allowed. alt-f4 stopping ships mid air before crash. This provides great support to allow faster gains than future/current players will have since people got to ignore landing physics. using the maneuvering tool to raise ships as high as needed (antigravity levels). This time allowing players to ignore take off physics. ———- several reset worthy
  2. looks like the devs believe they’re stuck with schematics, hopefully someone with a publisher mindset changes their mind.
  3. Subscription model isn’t too bad considering how expensive of a PC you need to even bother to play the game. ——— On the other hand the devs really don’t release “net positive” updates for players of the game. A subscription based game can’t go for several months with the only major content update being a kick to the groin with schematics. The devs kind of screwed themselves to be honest, since the game is “content light” (IE: no quests, raids, or similar), every update they’re going to be just be fully unique updates. There won’t be WoW, RuneScape, FFXIV
  4. Game was kind of a success. Players generally got their monies worth if they were a subscriber. They probably won’t have a continued reason to resubscribe, even if they’re going to get bonus rounds watching the game crash like Worlds Adrift. (Game does not seem economical IMO, it literally sits there in empty areas using 5mbs for hours at a time. That’s a big cost to recoup, and massively devalues to resale price of the tech). I don’t think the publisher side of the business is all that great as well. Schematics are the biggest nerf I have ever seen in MMO history, and that up
  5. If the original engine builder can’t avoid item duplication bugs, item teleportation bugs, and keep client/server terrain state synced... A third party picking the engine up has a snowball in hell chance of doing better.
  6. That was the plan. At JC listed different color lights as a future cosmetic. considering how many cosmetic packs Space Engineers has released. It’s pretty safe to assume that cosmetic packages do quite well in space building games. the only thing is that selling cosmetics in an “released but declared unreleased by the devs” game is trashy, and will get called out on social media. Likewise cosmetic items are probably less valuable in Dual Universe than SE, since to actually ducking build them you’re going to need an industrial infrastructure that less than
  7. They aren’t really using that site. You can see that by how few upvotes schematics got, despite being rapidly rushed into the game.
  8. There have been way too many exploits to seriously consider this a market SIM. IE: the item teleportation bug was literally just based on your linked containers just disabling GUI options. So you you could purposefully kill your cockpit While making sure your linked container survived, then spawn at Alioth markets and have markets deposit into your distant container on a different planet.
  9. Has NQ even done basic MMO communication yet? IE: pressing enter should set focus to chat, displaying the chat window should keep it up in (instead of it deciding to disappear), there should be some form of indication that someone next to you typed (keyboard typing emote or chat bubbles), and similar MMO standards. The game is so antisocial that there has never been the guild recruitment spam chat that is endemic to the MMO genre. not even following basic social GUI design language sets DU to be explicitly non-social when it comes to ingame communication. Likewise by ingame to
  10. Lol the last thing you want is for NQ to be unhappy with the mechanics you’re playing with. Just look at what they did to industry after they were unhappy with it.
  11. I figured I already got my monies worth before .23, but the forum drama is indeed paying extra dividends. Though tbh I knew I was going to be quitting after PvP went in, to eventually come back after the devs released a EVE style Wormhole update (ship/group/scale limited PvP, along with massively increasing permeability of PvE/PvP boarders).
  12. With the inventory/hammer space that characters have in this game, the level of manufacturing an individual has, and the grade of weapons we already have access to... you would need need to be incompetent to be unable to take down an unprepared tank on foot.
  13. Boundless originally had this. One of the first major things they added after release was storage for claims dropping/going Unfueled. Game is pretty much never return status for me, and it’s one that just has a box price (quit before that update). I can’t really imagine what economics NQ is expecting for this game since returners will have to consider a 3-6 month sub on top of all their stuff being gone. NQ quite simply put will be forced to implement quitters storage if they survive long enough to see returners log in once and quit after not finding their old stuff.
  14. Playing Space Engineers, wanted something multiplayer first.
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