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  1. was kind of already on the boarder for quitting. Then the schematics nerf put me squarely in the quit square, after I realized it wasn’t worth the clicks to reenable industry, or the wasted time to get schematics (along with the clicks to get old piloting skills back). Certainly got my moneys worth from gameplay alone, and the post schematic drama was fun to watch. if the game survives long enough to finally get to multiple systems, and some kind of random Wormhole mechanic I’ll be back. Always did love EVEs WH system, mostly because high permeabity in boarders is the most inte
  2. You can ask Boundless how well repossession of leaving players "advancement” went for it. It did not go well, and the first major update they had ended up sending everything to a phantom inventory for inactivity. Materials in that game was probably a little less grindy as well. Even had the same concept of being a mining and gathering game.
  3. These are not minor bugs. These are bugs that should be caught during fundamental testing of systems. They are bugs that are expected to happen, and universally do happen in untested games regardless of genre/type of game. You release an MMO into an "unwiping" release of any kind without testing for the expected types of item duplication/authority/movement bugs that have been happening since MUDs in the 1990s/earlier. (It's like the developers decided to not learn lessons from their peers). When a character swap states that could invalidate an action (IE: putting stuff in
  4. The item teleportation was embarrassingly simple. just needed to kill your cockpit on a ship without a spawner, Or log out on a ship that someone else would then move outside of link range. After you’ve done this if your remote container was active anything bought from the market would be dumped into that remote container, no matter how far away it was. (You really didn’t think those massive immovable oversized container “ships” under markets, were part of normal gameplay did you?) That’s something that means the team never bothered to get any professional testing or overburdene
  5. Probably still focus on current cost cutting measures related to data access/transfer. Kill schematics or make non-schematics printed things have a hefty waste requirement. kill the new skill requirements for accessing simple machines. Right now industry is the most engaging thing in the game, that players are likely to try themselves. find something for weekly discussions, in response to competitors like Starbase that tend to have multiple YouTube/blogs/steam-news releases in a week.
  6. Yeah it’s all exit strategy with Starbase releasing next month. though they’re not going to be able find any buyers/leasees for their software stack. Even the original devs can’t keep massive numbers of item duplication and access violation bugs out of their own game. Likewise they aren’t really using authoritative servers (which would be a selling point compared to SB) considering how many times I’ve seen other’s walking on air/in ground because they’ve had a different cache version. And their stack is absurdly resource hungry even after an hour on Thadis you’re still going to
  7. Under current design it will be the “last to be cleaned up” location, if they ever get around to removing inactive account’s property/materials.
  8. Starbase is releasing on the 17th. So you can relive your experience there.
  9. In the 90s/00s when forums mattered the ideas forums was a great place to see what a game was missing before spending several days to attempt the download. Essentially was the quickest place to know status of PvP based on who was crying, the type of endgame based on who was crying, and similar. So IMO idea forums never existed for the devs, and instead existed as a barometer to judge the game. though they’re extra cursed for this game since. Considering they made the “idea reddit” for upvoting/downvoting ideas, just to implement their least popular first wave idea of schematics.
  10. I don’t think the economics are there for PvP. You can log into EvE and find fun builds that take an hour or two of play time to set up (hell frigate fights are probably the most fun and diverse PvP meta and those can be 5-20 mins of game time to build). then if you need to go higher the civilization side of the game has ship replacement programs, along with “income multipliers” for participants of the defense outside of PvP (ranging from intel watch channels, to PvP areas more “secure” than high Sec, and defense response fleets). something like Mortal Online or Albion
  11. If the original devs can’t prevent community visible item duplication bugs, inventory teleportation, and similar. A third party will be against a hopeless cause to prevent them in their own game. likewise with how abysmal the devs have been at tracking down the bugs and fixing financial damage, means they’re missing a major selling point in tracking/reporting. there’s also the fact that “empty” areas can suck bandwidth at 5mbps usage averages. Most developers will face financial pressure to have rates in the low kbps ranges. basically the tech is useless t
  12. Well we knew it was happening looking at Jita IV in EVE. That thing sticks around even after removing the mission agents that originally made it valuable, and while being the least safe High-SEC area in the game (and less safe than most PvP areas).
  13. Then it would be an empty parking lot simulator.
  14. Hopefully the devs already learn from the last event how crap they are.
  15. Minecraft lets you build whatever you want even if it’s as silly as a windmill punk server. this being an MMO it will just be DU. There are some advantages there, but some major letdowns like getting your starwars theme shoot out interrupted by the DU optimal cube ships.
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