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  1. Cancel options are in one of the emails that xsolla sent (xsolla sent me 3 emails for subscribering and cancel link was in the second).
  2. Needs some “cube ships” to act like hangar doors, so you can stash nonflying ships inside the carrier’s armor.
  3. Considering it took from the initial reports on Friday to Monday for someone to actually abuse the “bug”. That’s an amazing amount of restraint from the players, they’re treating NQ like a baby in a cradle. Which is extra amazing considering NQ is grooming the players/community to be like EVE Online players. Complete with extreme out of game tools, social backstabbing like Corp theft being encouraged, and especially helping major Corp leaders become financially incentivized in the game (by having those leaders be the only source of update plans in monetized JC Interview YouTube videos). Remember EVE is the place of developer interference like T20, cutting power to competeing FC houses during fleet operations, and creeping neck beard stalking.
  4. I remember these in EVE... Community advice was to train all these up while not playing (on initial start), or just see your first account as an isk farm to buy a fully trained learning skill account. Was one of those mechanics you laughed about, then unsubbed over.
  5. Only achievable through the story line gimick. And the story line is completed for now, so whoever got it are the ones with exclusive access to it.
  6. Can't wait to see what typos and misconfigs Territory Control brings with it...
  7. The devs are continually under estimating players, this time they did not even expect them to hit 'B' .
  8. We don’t need more Gunner Chair features. The game already suffers from piloting feeling like a bad Elite/X4 game where you can’t shoot. While shooting plays like a bad EVE Online game where you can’t pilot. ————— fuel stations will probably play like a bad Oxygen Not Included game. Except you set up piping once then just stare at it while drooling. while the shield station plays like some kind of silly pong game. Maybe the landing gear station plays like cut the rope....
  9. Not a Lua target since they currently don’t have container list access. Even when they do Lua requires the activator of the script to stay within 1.5km, and logged in. the devs response will probably be “hire a quartermaster you lazy git”, the same way they are expecting to not need automated turrets.
  10. The ability to play “mini games” like “sudoku” on industrial units to tune them, to get an output multiplier.
  11. If it did not happen on stream, it did not happen.
  12. Insurance relies on being able to invest in other places to come out ahead. There is not really somewhere to invest in this game if you have “Insurance Company” scale access to capital. At best you might be able to pull off some industrial capacity to take advantage of some market deals where your own production time produces 2-4 times the value of input ore. Or have the capital to chase update changes to supply/demand/industry. though right now it’s probably the worst time to try to start this, since everything is inflationary. Since there are extra Q faucets from NPC orders (so the insurance company gets screwed from material replacement contracts, or the client gets screw by a payout that buys less than the start of the contract). And there are likely to be “supply” shortages in the future based on what we know of the Territory Control roll out ATM (atmospheric combat will change mining ship designs fundamentally. It won’t be worth the risk to run 3 scanner units for most ORGS, something currently doable on the individual level. Much the same for multi large cargo container ships), so after that hits there will be a massive loss there (either in customers from getting screw by the useless program, or the program taking massive losses at those changes). —————— On the other hand it’s a matter of why bother. If you’re going to set up an actual large org. You might as well set up an actual large org that uses actual game mechanics like Territory Control.
  13. Oh yeah the game is totally doing the “dangerous” universe theme (whether natural or not it doesn’t change much of what the players will see. Since no PvE). Since we left Earth as it got hit by a neutron star, and the most viable system we found has had at least two mega scaled disasters.
  14. If you’re interested in such gameplay you should check out Boundless. Especially number 3.
  15. Cat Ears and Tail as an avatar customization option, obviously.
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