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  1. For a bug that was kept around for such a short period of time, a lot of people sure had a good chance to abuse it.
  2. At least by deciding to not really play, you don't need to worry about being right.
  3. Wow don’t even need to play to be endlessly amused and amazed by the antics of this game.
  4. The devs weren't listening to the players they were listening to their usage metrics. If anything the abuse of test server information on the main server, just proves that the players they were trusting were utterly useless.
  5. I thought the mining tutorial was like one of those brick breaking games where you reveal parts inside a brick by breaking it open. Instead it was just bugged and everything spawned unusablely underground.
  6. It's a huge mess up on NQ's part, because schematic prices are based on those player's wallets. Over what a normal person would be expected to work up.
  7. Too late. Schematics pricing is balanced around current wallet levels. Removing bots now would be the same thing as pulling the first steps of advancement out of the game, cementing current orgs/players who had the easier bot economy on top.
  8. It makes sense that CAD software would exist in the world. Though you’re going to lose a bunch of your “visible” community to such a system, since it’s not like they would want to leave CAD mode.
  9. You really should stick around in forums and Discord Though, since it’s an easy way to see how the devs handle an emergency (in your eyes/something you disagree with). Could save you a bunch of time in a year (that sub is worth 1-3 Steam Sale games after all).
  10. Schematics are EVE learning skills in form, essentially when EVE Online had learning skills play advice was generally to train them as quickly as possible or to see your current account as a farm that exists to buy a fully trained learning skill account. schematics are much the same where the most optimal way to play is to log in for a few minutes and wait for your daily income to reach the point where you can buy the schematics you need. Since the scheduled 50-500 man hours of mining and selling to bots is just going to burn you out before you can enjoy the main content in the game. ———- JC is under the delusion that he’s a sandbox game designer, when that’s far from any hint of the truth. A sandbox game designer expects to be surprised by the player base, and will tend to not intervene. IE: If EVE Online the only other civilization game designed and implemented like JC, Wormhole space would have had inhabitation through towers banned/burned to the ground. Rather than what has been some of the most interesting and dynamic civilization gameplay in the game.
  11. Salt like this is the greatest part of the game, next is reminiscing about the game (like Worlds Adrift). don’t even need to be subbed for entertainment like this ❤️
  12. I’m one of the people waiting for an exciting update. Saying a slow game is now slower is not exciting. haven’t logged in for a while.
  13. Same here got a fair amount a fun out of the six months I bought. Now I guess I’ll get to be nostalgic about this game when it joins Worlds Adrift.
  14. If devs/publishers aren’t bragging about numbers, they’re not happy about them.
  15. No Thanks. Hopefully you have good enough metrics to watch the newest playerbase dropoff from this change.
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