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  1. I agree completely. Historical experience with the PvP crowd indicates you should be absolutely trolled for this, if they were remotely present.
  2. Wow you know the game has alienated the PvP base when a “carebear” complains about not knowing PvP mechanics, and ends up only kinda bashed on the forums.
  3. NQ is amazing. They didn’t test this at all and it could have easily gone anywhich way because of it. Surprisingly wasn’t an item duplication bug this time around.
  4. Would keeping blueprints even happen? Even an inexperienced MMO player would know to buy up low end bps for sale below market prices on world reset.
  5. Considering people are complaining about running out of tiles, I’m assuming NQ has officially announced that they aren’t doing multiple systems anymore or even the most devoted to the game don’t have faith we’re ever getting multiple systems.
  6. steam has gotten a lot better about this, and offline works in offline now. used to be that Steam was in a constant war against offline mode. Disabling all work arounds as we came up with them(for keeping Steam in offline). But now as long as you don’t try to go online it’ll stay offline. (felt that as a Navy Nuke. Even EvE didn’t get the long skill queue till I retired).
  7. this game does have pretty realistic combat, assuming you ignore how short of range it is. Baseline humans are just not good enough for anything except giving “future orders” in space combat. they really should do something about the approachability, or ease of access. Their competitor Starbase lets you get away with tossing a gun and some ammo at a newbie and letting them be essentially a turret, salvaging party, or boarding party. No skills to train over the course of weeks/months, the ability to forgo investing in a whole ship of you want, and the GUI is pretty much just First Person Shooter (compared to gunner seat, or messing with pilot widgets).
  8. They really need to pick the brains of the Boundless devs. Or at least look at how they prioritized updates after release. that game doesn’t even have a sub, and they couldn’t even convince players to maintain upkeep on land that just needed leaves as a tax (exactly like Minecraft tree leaves). The devs also suffered hard enough to players refusing to ever return after land was reclaimed/advancement lost, that one of their first major updates was returning stuff to inventory on failure of paying upkeep.
  9. One of the first updates that Boundless had was shoving inactive players houses/similar into inventory. The devs probably regret to this day not having that on release, considering how impossible it is to get old players back after they realize that their advancement is gone.
  10. Wow this game never fails to impress, at how suicidal it is. It’s more surprising that there’s anyone left to be angry, instead of just observers like myself.
  11. They are probably an extinction class event. every planet in this system has had a relativistic weapon tossed at it, or has been salted some other way. And we’re here because earth had a black hole tossed at it.
  12. If you were the CEO, would you want your name tied to an MMO that died during lockdowns.
  13. Starbase ended up banning their item duper’s and fixing it in a couple of days. Wasn’t even around long enough for it to be a pervasive mindset of “the favored” got so far ahead with dev blessed dupes. the devs reactions here of “we aren’t worried about a few hundred/thousand extra of something” is like the most absurd MMOs dev response I’ve ever seen. It’s absurd that an item dupe stays around long enough for a rollback to be impossible, and for the mainstream community to know about it (your social hardcore/competitive type will always find out, but normal players finding out is silly). (Honestly full server rollbacks are rarely needed in other games).
  14. Starbase is telling this game “I’ll drink your milkshake”. There’s only so many people that are interested in space building games, that have the disadvantages of an MMO, aren’t free, and are Early Access. already has mining from ships, a far more balanced PvP v. PvE system, and PvP is outstanding compared to this game. (Also only two crashes in 60 hours).
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