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  1. too funny The Owner of the Company (ya know the guy that owns ALL of the tiles) has had a build in game since the dawn of Alioth Time. I don't blame him for making sure its preserved.
  2. I'm a bit curious about this - are they talking 'same machine', 'same external ip address' or 'same household'? We have three gamers in the house, two of which actually PLAY DU. And sometimes we sit at different machines in the house while doing so. I might sit at machine A for the first half of my day while my other half uses machine B, but then in the evening I might be sitting at machine B while my other half uses machine A.
  3. 😦 I want handshake and clapping gestures... LOL Nice video. Make it so.
  4. It was the worst of times... it was the best of times... but glad you get to be such an important part of something you love Yama! Be well!
  5. Learn to spell Respect:

    • Remember basic kindness.
    • Encourage others.
    • Stand firm in your convictions.
    • Play fair and smart.
    • Extend a helping hand.
    • Cause no harm.
    • Think before you speak.
  6. I'll add it to my growing list of requests. Gotta play with the new changes they just dropped into Lua - was kinda broken during the test on the 4th, but they'll get it fixed and then I'll tool around with it a bit.
  7. That practice would work poorly against a highly coordinated universal body. No Leaders per se, just concensus. Any group that stands in solidarity with a universal governing belief might prove a challenge. Edit: The other thing I would caution against in practice is this, never doubt for a moment that the smaller group you choose to target -may- be supported or protect by a Much larger one.
  8. They had me up to that part... I much prefer defenestration.
  9. Yep and I wouldn't be surprised if you actually either a) rez to the 'nearest' one or b) are given a menu to 'select rez node to rez to'
  10. Oh ye of little faith.... haven't you ever heard the expression.... "If you build it, they will come?" You don't truly believe that just means customers do you? It's not a matter of 'can' or 'will'.... it's just a matter of 'when' it will happen. And it will. You'll run into one of three situations; Give us your stuff and die. Give us your stuff and work for us or die. Die so we can take your stuff (cuz we just can't resist taking your stuff after you're dead!)
  11. Pew Pew Pods? Truly I am hoping that weapons systems don't have much in the way of automated targeting and that they are more reliant on People than in most games, or at least are more efficient when Not in an automated configuration.
  12. I see what you are saying. You want to store revision information. A blueprint comparator, so to speak. I like the concept and would be fully supportive of such a thing. Being able to store itterative information within the Blueprint would be a great idea. I would also like the ability to 'swap' ingredients for materials, if not elements, out of a blueprint. (for instance if its made from blue plastic, let me substitute red, etc.) Or, if I go to spawn a blueprint for which I don't have all the materials, allow me to spawn it anyhow with a warning that missing parts/materials will have to be added manually afterward.
  13. The bottom line is that Resurection Nodes are supposed to be just that..... You die you end up there. We can't die right now because we can't be hurt. BUT.... The whole concept of 'Force Respawn' right now is an immediate teleport, inventory and all. If the mechanic works as I believe it will in the future, Force Respawn may as well be named 'Suicide to Clone' because when you die all your stuff is going to be with your 'body' and it can be looted. If that were the case now, how many of us would 'Suicide to Clone' leaving all our stuff behind with our Body? It is the way it is only for testing purposes and as a QoL feature that is quite likely Very Temporary. ~pictures a landscape of dead DU citizens scattered about~ Oooh... piece of candy... wonder whats on THIS corpse.....
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