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  1. Lachenlaud

    Construct Creator for Blueprint Design

    Why thank you for that clarification. I didn't understand what you were saying! ::whew:: So let me re-iterate... it is, and in my opinion... should remain... the DU client. If we don't have to expend resources to develop content.. it is neither immersive nor emergent. A couple of 'features' I, and many others, are looking forward to in this particular game. An external (or somehow protected) client, removes such processes from the game, and protects the 'developers and creators' of such items from the consequences that could come along with attempting to develop such items whether they be buildings, weapons, vehicles or what have you and I absolutely hope that we -never- see such a tool with Dual Universe, and am sure that while there are some that might wish otherwise, the creators of -this- game are wise enough to see would be a BAD thing.
  2. Lachenlaud

    Construct Creator for Blueprint Design

    You're going to have such a tool... its called the DU client.
  3. Lachenlaud

    Construct Creator for Blueprint Design

    I disagree... we don't need to be play-testing with construction in an offline mode pre-launch - we need to be testing the system itself. At some point I could see the need for being able to flesh out designs and specs for various constructs using alternative methods, but the whole idea of an emergent system is for us to come up with ways to make things happen on our own, not through the intervention of the devs of the game. We will have the ability to script in lua; to what level we can code remains to be seen, but the system for development needs to come from the players of the game. Society didn't get handed a gizmo that they could allow them to plan out their future with no consequences. We had to figure it out on our own, and from what I've gathered of the concept behind this particular environ we are heading for, its supposed to be US, the players, driving the avatars within the game, who will have to come up with the tools, constructs, and devices needed to survive and succeed using the tools provided for us by the people who sent us off on the ark in the first place (if you want to avoid being OP about it.) One of the things I love and hate about Empyrion (one of the other games I play) is the fact that there IS the ability for people to whomp something up with no consequences, and then they can toss resources into that offline facility where the item is constructed, and can't be touched by other players and whip it into existence in a heartbeat to be able to utilize it at a whim. I get the idea of where you're coming from... I love to be able to build and create and learn from my mistakes, but frankly I, for one, am looking forward to being able to experience everything in-world... consequences, risk, loss, and learning from my mistakes included.
  4. Lachenlaud

    Construct Creator for Blueprint Design

    I'm not sure I like this concept - the gameplay is supposed to be emergent and immersive based on player interaction. If we can just go 'whomp' there's my starship from a blueprint we design offline, the emergent factor is removed - example: if I am designing something at my base and a band of pirates comes by to shoot up the place, then I have to drop what I'm doing and defend my base and protect my resources and construct that I'm working on... thats emergent gameplay. If I can otherwise sit in a protected offline environ ALL the time and design design design its less likely I'm going to be IN WORLD because I'll be busy elsewhere...
  5. Lachenlaud

    Solo player posibilities

    @Miamato Welcome to DU! You raise some valid points regarding the game-play that is to come in the near future and have some very good questions about the dynamics of the game. I'm only going to throw in my two cents on two of your questions; The play field, from what I gather, is going to be vast, but we do not yet know how populated the game will be, or how popular it will be. I suspect Very in both cases. Like many other Multi-Player games, I suspect that your interaction with other players will not only be dictated by how 'remote' you can push yourself, but by the necessities of gathering and obtaining certain resources and materials necessary for you to function on your own. With all the possible scenarios within the game, it may well be that you will need to interact quite a bit with others at first simply to survive and progress at a pace that will allow you to function at all. Remember, not all the tools in the game will be static at first, and different dynamics of how the game can and will be played will likely change considerably as time progresses. The Devs of the game will learn from how people play what is and is not good as far as game play is concerned and will adapt various systems and functions of the interface we use to manipulate the game as time progresses, thus things could change. As the game is barely in its nascent stages of fruition and folks are just getting their hands on it for the first time and being allowed to explore all that the Devs have already come up with, I suspect that the feedback provided may change or alter the way things work in game quite rapidly. Whether or not being a 'nomad' in the game is possible right now has yet to be determined, and to be honest, for all I -can- tell you I'm looking forward to finding out just what is and isn't possible. Almost every game I've played has given some concept or ability to be able to 'turtle up' and 'go to sleep' for a while, with few exceptions. Whether or not the devs have something like that in mind for players is not something I'm sure of, but in other voxel based survival games I've played, where you create what you need to survive, there comes a point where if you don't 'check in' once in a while to make sure things you've created are still 'running' that they begin to degrade over time. In one such game I play if you don't do so your base runs out of power and shuts down. In a game where you very well might be living on a space station, that could be a bad thing. Logging in to no oxygen or power and no resources on hand to replenish them, might just end up with you finding yourself dead and possibly naked and alone on a hostile play-field with no way to get back to supplies or the comforts of home without a leg up from someone else. We have yet to see how this will play out. There is the chance that the Devs could incorporate a 'banking' or 'storage' system for people who want to take a vacation from the game, but there is an equally likely chance they'll leave you to your own devices on that. We shall have to wait and see. Perhaps some enterprising individual will develop such a system using in-game tools on behalf of the players... tis what 'emergent' game-play is all about. Whatever the case, I wish you well in your experiences in the game and look forward to discovering what is yet to come.
  6. Lachenlaud

    Suggestions for release day experience

    NovUber? NovLyft?
  7. Lachenlaud

    Will the may dev diary be late.

    It's here:
  8. Lachenlaud

    Custom Implants

    I think you missed the boat there... The 'point' of 'my' analogy was that no technological device that can be created should lead to a shortcut in acquiring skills to DO things (You are of course entitled to Your own opinion) that I would otherwise have to learn within the conventional mechanics of the game. If I can simply plug some sort of implant in and gain a skill or talent that I couldn't previously USE or Exercise without it (or develop without it) and it was something that could be marketed and/or traded on the in-game market it would become a 'pay-to-win' situation which it would appear many are against having in DU. To boil it down to its simplest terms for you - if its a shortcut that bypasses the learning mechanics of the game to achieve something simply because someone makes it and I can BUY it if I have enough in-game 'credits' (or they decide to 'give' it to me because I'm their 'friend' or 'ally') then it's something that quite a few people do -not- want to see happen. I'll reference you to the commentary I made in section #9 of THIS post to reference my commentary on 'NPCs' someone suggested.... The hope is that the game is going to present the SAME challenges to everyone equally... not make it so you can easily hand your successes off to someone else later without at least the possibility of such having to face the same said challenges. As a tool enhancement, I'm all for implants... as a bypass to skills and learning, I think they'd be a very BAD idea... and that is My Opinion. It doesn't make yours or mine have any less merit, but your opinion would would appear to lead to a game that would eventually present fewer and fewer challenges for those that come later on (which sounds all too much like I'm repeating myself again.) Essentially it would have to be a system that was balanced in such a way so as to not present a 'shortcut' to someone that would give an unfair advantage if someone else didn't have it... something that 'changes' game-play (I did get what your original concept was) but while simplifying one aspect of said game-play, it would have to alter the remaining path enough so that everyone is on equal ground. Ah well... carry on.
  9. Lachenlaud

    What Should DU Citizens be Called Part 2

    Oh I get what it's aiming for... I read the original material too Personally I voted for 'Colonist' in your poll... I was just exercising my right to be a skootch. There's going to be all kinds of 'names' applied to people once the universe is available to us... (prolly some not so nice...LOL!) I think your poll is admirable, and a great way to pass the time while we wait for things to unfold.
  10. Lachenlaud

    Mac compatibility

    Really? http://www.macworld.com/article/2923022/checking-your-mac-for-viruses-wait-what.html
  11. Lachenlaud

    Custom Implants

    I would have to say I agree here... It wouldn't be unreasonable to have an implant addition that first requires some skill to be trained/learned to use that might enable a theoretical interface with a particular type of armor, or the ability to use a specific kind of tool or resource, but one that totally bypasses the need to learn a particular skill or ability would be a bit of a stretch... For example... If I had an implant that allowed me to not have to carry a slide-rule and a scientific calculator and I could then do the calculations for quantum equations without having to use my hands and just sort of operate the calculator and slide rule functions of the implant without the use of my hands... that would be splendid.... BUT - I would still have to have an understanding of quantum equations (i.e. know the math and how it works) FIRST before being able to use said implant in exchange for the standard calculator and slide-rule....
  12. Lachenlaud

    Members selected for the Alpha Team Vanguard

    No.... I was wondering if there was a game mechanic for replacing burned retinas.....
  13. Lachenlaud

    What Should DU Citizens be Called Part 2

    Well I knew it was an "A" name.... LOL So Aliothians then!
  14. Lachenlaud

    Members selected for the Alpha Team Vanguard

    Wait... does that mean we have to look at you all in Bikinis?