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  1. If its free and ya don't 'like' it - you can say... "Well it was free....." If someone 'gave' me a car and I drove it for the summer and it died - that car didn't owe me anything. If I BOUGHT a car and spent US$20,000 dollars on it and it broke down after a summer of driving... I'd be more inclined to be upset about it. Its not really about the money though - people have been putting a LOT of time into this game as players - You can't give someone something fantastic and then suddenly change it up so dramatically and expect them to 'happy' about it. The fact that they 'paid' for it is just the frosting on the cake. Had some of these changes come in more gradually or been tested (and when I say tested for gods sake NQ - PLAY YOUR OWN DAMNED GAME SO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW PLAYERS WILL FEEL - you're all too disconnected from what PLAYERS experience!) Stop looking at things as formulae or algorithms. You can't 'math' up a solution nor should you. GET INSIDE the players heads - experience what they do. THEN you'll understand. The BEST games I've ever played are those where the Devs ACTUALLY PLAYED. They had to constrain themselves (No God Powers) while doing it to fully understand. And when they did, the discoveries they made drove them to create an awesome player experience.
  2. thats what amazes me about all this - its supposed to be emergent game play - it very much isn't.
  3. i would hope that due to the losses people have incurred in non-pvp activities that the 'counters' on existing elements for damaged ships would be reset when this change set is implemented.
  4. That has not been even my recent experience. Frankly even the industry patch just announced is disheartening to me. I've enjoyed playing up until now for the most part... but tbh I'm pretty sure I'm done for now. The market system is a huge disappointment, I do not believe that the changes they are making will fix that - simply force smaller groups of players and individuals to not play at all, and I'm probably going to take the next couple of weeks before Christmas to migrate what I -do- have to the Sanctuary moon and sit things out until 'release'. If the status quo remains as it is, I won't be putting much else into the game at all. As a pre-alpha backer, I must say, I once again find myself extremely unhappy to find that the universal vision put forth by the games creator is not what he claimed it would be. They're turning the gameplay mechanic into what essentially (imho) feels like a considerable amount of work. I can get a real life job and get paid to do that. All they've succeeded in doing is re-awakening my desire to play other games.
  5. I got a similar response.... Its not just insulting - its unfathomable - lost some (what for then) were expensive elements for me - which I've long replaced - but to add further insult to injury - I also got asked for log files from the first week of beta MONTHS into the game. Who the heck has log files from 10 weeks ago? If I didn't periodically delete them your log files would be into the petabytes by now... but whats worse is - the original ticket was closed without comment OR anything other than an automated replay and when I reopened the ticket referencing the old one....THEN I get asked for log files? #faithlost The ticketing system has gotten to feel like some kind of horrible joke - I've stopped using it entirely because I've never gotten a SINGLE productive or beneficial response from it since Beta Launch.
  6. Agreed. If AGG Ships do not 'freeze' in place as they're supposed to - and stay frozen - then they are extremely limited. But it will simply require keeping an active player in range of the ship - which I get - platforms for landing it is!
  7. too funny The Owner of the Company (ya know the guy that owns ALL of the tiles) has had a build in game since the dawn of Alioth Time. I don't blame him for making sure its preserved.
  8. I'm a bit curious about this - are they talking 'same machine', 'same external ip address' or 'same household'? We have three gamers in the house, two of which actually PLAY DU. And sometimes we sit at different machines in the house while doing so. I might sit at machine A for the first half of my day while my other half uses machine B, but then in the evening I might be sitting at machine B while my other half uses machine A.
  9. ? I want handshake and clapping gestures... LOL Nice video. Make it so.
  10. It was the worst of times... it was the best of times... but glad you get to be such an important part of something you love Yama! Be well!
  11. Learn to spell Respect:

    • Remember basic kindness.
    • Encourage others.
    • Stand firm in your convictions.
    • Play fair and smart.
    • Extend a helping hand.
    • Cause no harm.
    • Think before you speak.
  12. I'll add it to my growing list of requests. Gotta play with the new changes they just dropped into Lua - was kinda broken during the test on the 4th, but they'll get it fixed and then I'll tool around with it a bit.
  13. That practice would work poorly against a highly coordinated universal body. No Leaders per se, just concensus. Any group that stands in solidarity with a universal governing belief might prove a challenge. Edit: The other thing I would caution against in practice is this, never doubt for a moment that the smaller group you choose to target -may- be supported or protect by a Much larger one.
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