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  1. imo mega factory are not a thing anymore as i use to have one because of schematics. a lot of people i know now are only doing a few key items as well. imo why they are not a thing is most people who i know, who do indy including myself plan out the whole line now with schematics for all of the parts to build the final item.which also reminds me @NQ you need to add batch sizes for information when you look up a part on the market so we can plan out our lines better. i also dont think we are truly feeling the results of the schematic change as of yet for a few reasons
  2. i think some of you are panicking about this being the end. i suggest you wait and see what happens. All i know is that this could possible be a good move to move forward in getting the game out.
  3. The inner planets have slower orbits, slower spin, no rings, and they are made of rock and metal. The outer planets have faster orbits and spins, a composition of gases and liquids, numerous moons, and rings. The outer planets are made of hydrogen and helium, so they are called gas giants. sinnen and sicari are in the mid to outer .
  4. sorry bud its the real start chat in 3d https://dual.sh/map/
  5. As you can clearly see in the Helios star chart Talemai clearly falls in the inner planets so you have 0 justification.
  6. https://discordapp.com/channels/184691218184273920/365659252091650049/735797575545782364
  7. yes its called surface mining though... that would take you forever
  8. no offline builder , blueprints are a thing
  9. they said they wont be doing this
  10. 1 to even own any area is going to cost you a lot to even build a Territory Unit 2 i am 100% sure to have vulnerability timer/Shield timer you will need to put in fuel 3 if you own a Territory Unit i am sure there will be a tax on it 4 in less a Territory has a lot of a rare ore it might not be worth putting down a Territory do to all the cost. might dig into the profit to much. 5 have you ever been under raid in eve ? it is a nightmare to move your stuff out of your base after you lost that first timer cuz you are being camped hard 24/7 i know f
  11. Knives


    Hi I am knives Wolfwood , nice to meet you
  12. discordauth:M5DAYQKG9mLm5Kzz_cKKnk_OeVYrnKSeP7OCuYFZ2g4=

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