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  1. https://discordapp.com/channels/184691218184273920/365659252091650049/735797575545782364
  2. yes its called surface mining though... that would take you forever
  3. no offline builder , blueprints are a thing
  4. they said they wont be doing this
  5. Knives

    Drilling platform

    1 to even own any area is going to cost you a lot to even build a Territory Unit 2 i am 100% sure to have vulnerability timer/Shield timer you will need to put in fuel 3 if you own a Territory Unit i am sure there will be a tax on it 4 in less a Territory has a lot of a rare ore it might not be worth putting down a Territory do to all the cost. might dig into the profit to much. 5 have you ever been under raid in eve ? it is a nightmare to move your stuff out of your base after you lost that first timer cuz you are being camped hard 24/7 i know first hand being in brave being hunted by pl 6 automated mining will make the ores worth nothing in the long term, giving new players no good way to make money.if new people cant play you will be shooting yourself in the foot. you need new blood for the health of the game. 7 if mining ore in this game is a money faucet i am 100% sure we will have money sinks like the one i said in #3 as well as market taxes these sinks will help control inflation . 8 you want to be a pvp and not loot to make money? i think you might be doing it wrong. you might have to farm a few time but i am sure you will take on smart targets with good odds like maybe 1vs 8, and yes i sure you will lose stuff once in awhile as a pvp but im sure when you dont there will be high rewards 9 i never payed rent to mine in eve , maybe join a corp that does not f you over.in fact my corp help protected miners for free even at the cost of get blown up.
  6. Knives


    Hi I am knives Wolfwood , nice to meet you
  7. discordauth:M5DAYQKG9mLm5Kzz_cKKnk_OeVYrnKSeP7OCuYFZ2g4=

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