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  1. Very good idea, a fan of that. Sorry for the lazily worded post above.
  2. This is just a thought but I don't know how it would work otherwise. In my eyes the only way to properly implement contraband such as drugs is to make them contribute to the individuals benefit. But take away from the orginization they may be a member of. Please give me your thoughts.
  3. Border security will likely be a large part of DU. With lua compatible blocks functioning similar to a real life metal detector it would make for some very unique creations. Some ideas include: Border checkpoint with flashing lights if a weapon is passed through. Storage facility checking for stolen parts or ores. Locking doors if it is found. Certain skills could even help you bypass them somehow. Please give me your thoughts.
  4. Hey everyone TNH is springing back into action. A few announcements below. 1: recruitment has been slow, very slow, almost static. TNH is entering a wild recruitment stage, the more the merrier. 2: Discord and community page are being revamped. 3: We now have a concept of a hotel system, please message me for info. 4: NDA stuff for TNH soon ? will be announced else where in NDA areas.
  5. Mama, just killed a man Put a gun against his head Pulled my trigger, now he's dead Mama, life had just begun But now I've gone and thrown it all awaaay
  6. yeah, security is a big issue. I'm currently hiring personnel and mercenary orgs to help with it.
  7. that really isnt the goal of this project. The goal is a mass unbiased transport system
  8. sounds cool to me, would make sense a few years after launch.
  9. Thanks for the thoughts, the ship will be spacebound and we don't have a design quite yet. Probably will be made out of modules.
  10. Not "everyone" says this won't happen. With all the support we've gathered some people obviously think it's worth their time.
  11. It could fail for sure, I'm not denying that but for now everything in DU is a dream. This could very well fail or it could be one of the largest projects in DU.
  12. situation one: people need mass transport, especially to large city's. Single person travel will be expensive and lengthy due to the fuel costs, not to mention if someone gets lost or their ships breaks down. The New Horizon does this on a large scale to minimize the costs for the average player. situation two: Running out of fuel isn't an issue, We will stock up before every voyage and make sure nothing happens. We aren't stupid and will plan ahead before every voyage. situation three: Raiding is certainly something to consider, why do you think I'm recruiting security teams and escort ships? I wouldn't do this blindly and its going to take place far after launch. Besides people that can't dream never achieve anything, wait til after launch and you might see The New Horizon doing great things. If you wish to bring this further I invite you to the discord.
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