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  1. What is the Nexus Corporation? The Nexus Corporation (short NC) is an in-game organization for DU. It was founded on the 10th of August 2018. In our core, we are the helping hand of the community. We will provide cheap ships and services to newbie players and solo players. We will provide and maintain infrastructure for individuals at a low cost. We want to be recognized as a good member of the community through our charitable actions. What are NC’s goals? The Nexus Corporation has many different goals, the most important ones are: Become well established and economically stable Help other players and make Dual Universe a better experience for everyone Produce and sell different kinds of ships Build, maintain and provide infrastructure to individuals for a low price Provide different services for new players and other individuals at a low cost Who are we looking for? Anyone and everyone. We intend to become a widely renowned corperation for not only helping players, but also providing affordable and cutting edge tech. Due to this ambition we need everyone from programmers and designers to miners and traders. We have a place for everyone from the humble solo miner to the plant manager of vehicle productions. We will need infrastructure planners, diplomats and so much more. If you have any desire to not only help better Dual Universe, but to better yourself within a great community then join us today! We offer freedom, friends , and a future. (We also offer cookies and the occasional dank meme) What benefits are there for being a Nexus Corporation member? If you decide to join the Nexus corporation, there will be various different benefits, including the following: Reduced prices for all corporation products The possibility of working on epic projects in a large group Support from our other experienced members Working together towards the same goal Where to find out more? Our forum: https://forum.nexuscorporation.org Our Discord server: http://discord.gg/xxjecHX Our DU community site: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/nexus-corp Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/NexusCorp_DU (leave us a follow ?) How to join? In order to join our organization, just join our discord server, introduce yourself in our forum, and you will shortly hear from us. Thank you for taking some time to read all of this. Have a great day! Zerrox, CEO of Nexus Corporation
  2. Hey everyone, a few minutes ago, someone asked a question on the official Discord: "How are services going to work in the game, can you have an automated service charge you [...] Like say you have automated buses" That's when I had the idea of a programmable payment terminal. It would be a device that you can place down and customize what it does on interaction. Does it allow donations? Does it pay out some quanta ever so often? Does it request a payment of some amount? On a successful payment it could output a logic signal or do something more complex using LUA. I think we need some way to automate ingame payments, and I think a programmable payment terminal/interface would be an awsome way of achieving that. Just tell me what you think about it!
  3. discordauth:EUf9lQH-1bawrLnXOwnOEBUWZ0QcPBJ9SA_sq-OEqAc=

  4. Hey everyone, my name is Zerrox and I'm 17 years old. I'm a huge fan of space sandbox games and when I heard of DU I just couldn't resist pledging, it's literally the game of my dreams. My aim is to fully automate all the stuff with the programming feature, including factories, drones, and so on. I'm in for the long run. I'm already excited to see you guys in game some time.
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