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  1. my heart is literally pounding right now.... diving deep into this lore and still havent hit bottom .... this is insane.
  2. what i took away from it was that through the "no hope" movement, people of earth became either depressed or accepted their most likely fate and chose not to reproduce, or committed suicide through the mass euthanasia programs introduced by the UEF at the time to escape the despair of an agonizing death.
  3. i feel like any "organisational lore" may be written now but it cannot be implemented bc at this stage we are all awakening from chryogenic sleep as the alpha team so there "shouldnt" be time for organizations to be formed outside of the alpha team. however, once the rest of the passengers wake up then we will be outside of the alpha simulation and physically on Alioth so there will be live politics between groups that form After Arrival in the year 0(AA). So if we are to write our organisational lores it should realistically begin in year 0.... which we havent reached yet as we ar
  4. sweeeet. ganna dive in on this... black on black distortion would be crazy to see looming over head. just an astral sign of doom lol
  5. could you link me the forum page that states the NovArk was the 17th? i dont see it in the lore bible as im doing a second search atm. im also blind. lol The star could possibly be visible during day light hours even if its just a dim dot in the sky... im not sure which could be true as im not a astrophysicist lol. we've never had a star so close it endangers the human race so its hard to say. One can only guess i suppose Thanks for the support, i hope you liked it. good food for thought also.
  6. The Great Novian Timeline as of Earth Date: 24 June 2020, To be updated after release during the Age of Reemergence
  7. ready for atmospheric entry

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