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  1. Keep up the great work guys; community-produced content, especially interview-based content, is always in demand and is both extremely entertaining and enlightening to read through.
  2. After close to 2 years of operation, I will be stepping down as project lead for the Dual Universe Yellow Pages for varying personal reasons. I am leaving the remaining administrative team to continue running the service as they see fit so please direct questions about the DUYP to @[ Ψ ] ???????? ????? and @Captain_Hilts via this thread or the DUYP Discord. Thanks
  3. 1 - 6: Most of these were already in the woodwork, so it's good to know we're on the right track ? In regards to the news bit, we certainly have considered doing a news segment, but ultimately we don't want to fall into the same pitfall the news outlets unfortunately did; that being there's a lot of effort that goes into both creating that sort of content and we've seen more "dry" months as of late. It's definitely something we'll look more into. I'd like to think that our new style of "In the Mind of" episodes we're unveiling this season will be a bit more aggressive and less of a promo piece for an organization.
  4. * not sure where the best place to post this is (it's not really recruitment for our "org" so . . .), so feel free to relocate it as necessary mods At the SpartanCast, we try and diversify the type of content we release to cover a broad range of interests and information we believe our audience and the community as a whole are interested in. We've released close to 30 episodes with focuses on: 1. Getting to know individual organizations better 2. Discussions about varying gameplay mechanics 3. Theories about unreleased / vaguely described aspects of the game The goal of this thread is to accumulate a list of (NDA-safe) topics, organizations, and mechanics that people actually want to see discussed to fulfill two functions: 1. We're able to produce content with a focus on things people are interested in learning more about 2. We're able to work with new organizations and individuals to draw attention to potentially-obscure orgs and topics We will continue to create content based on our personal analyses of "hot" topics and organizations, but we would love to get some ideas from the community to mix things up. If you do have any suggestions, feel free to leave links to existing threads, community portal pages, and/or Discords that give us an idea of how we could frame an episode. Feel free to also just type out a summary (if necessary) of your suggestion if that works better. There isn't a time frame here, we'll continue to pull suggestions (assuming there are any lol) over time. Keep it wholesome below yeah? ?
  5. DISCORD: https://discord.gg/MFQ8stV "Do you want to enjoy the facets of PVP combat without having to worry about the monotony of farming resources, manufacturing items, or crafting ships?" Join the Pantheon Jumpworks family and enroll in our Aegis Branch. We can provide you the corporate backbone necessary to be a "full-time" PVP'er, utilize connections necessary to fulfill paid contracts and commissions indefinitely, and remain free of the political mire of DU. Our Aegis Branch is led by a group of very knowledgeable PVP veterans, is seamlessly integrated into our corporate structure, and pays completed contracts very well. Feel free to drop by our Discord for more information.
  6. The only time I've mentioned you besides this thread was to say you "don't have any license to disparage people for complaining about something," which I still stand by. I hope you didn't find that block-worthy, because my god, that's blowing it way out of proportion. Either way, thanks for giving me more content. Genuinely, this sort of thought process makes you one of the most unlikable people I've ever had the displeasure of sharing a community with and is absolutely a minority opinion. You clearly aren't tolerating it, because if you truly tolerated PVP, you wouldn't make comment after comment after comment slamming PVP and those who enjoy it. You're sort of missing the "without interference" aspect of tolerance. Frankly, at the end of the day, you'll just feed the system you so vehemently hate on; and we'll all be sure to hear you complain about it when it happens.
  7. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and thusly I don't typically pay these sorts of hate threads; because it's typically a minority opinion. However, to suggest that people who take PVP seriously and exercise their interests seriously have a mental illness is crossing the line by a fair bit. You are generalizing something that is completely unacceptable to generalize. God-forbid that people like to RP as crusaders, pirates, or any other "faction" that regularly exercises their right to PVP and enjoy it as well. Maybe people don't want to act as cargo pilots and want to be a soldier, mercenary, bounty hunter, etc; you are being incredibly insensitive towards what is for all intents and purposes, 1/5 of the community. I don't condone the pollution of your recruitment threads, but don't expect people to be nice to you or respect your space when you insinuate they have a mental illness, are bullies, etc. The result of PVP being one of the main pillars of DU is that any effort you make is a potential risk. If I knew that I wouldn't have to worry about being attacked by pirates or rival military factions when I send out a mining expedition, the game becomes substantially less interesting and more monotonous. To address the skills comment, that is part of the understanding there are 5 pillars. PVP-ers are going to invest into PVP skills and you are not; why shouldn't they have an easier time in fights when you'll have an easier time with piloting, econ, etc? In addition to that, you state DU is "billed as a civilization building game," which is true. However, a quick trip to the DU site will show that within the same header is the phrase " Explore. Build. Trade. Conquer;" and frankly, what civ building game doesn't have some facets of combat? There are a few ways to address PVP: Embrace it and carve a chunk out of the universe for yourself; whether that be allying up with PVP players and assisting them with logistics or being a general contractor and selling to everyone. Analyze where the "most volatile" of the community are/planning to go and fly the other direction. Complain and hate on people who enjoy PVP, thereby alienating everyone in that category and ensuring there's a permanent bounty on your head post-launch. I've heard you like to block people, so block me if you want; my opinion is my own and just as I have afforded you, I am entitled to it. However, I will be touching on this side of anti-PVP in a more public manner sometime soon, so perhaps we'll see some more civil discussions about the like/dislike of PVP.
  8. As the A3 stage approaches ever closer, I want to bump this thread to do a couple different things: I want to let any new organizations that have been created this year know that you can create a listing for your organization in the DUYP for free. I want to remind any older organizations that you also can create a listing for your organization in the DUYP for free. I want to let any new players looking for an organization to join know that the Yellow Pages sorts organizations into what they plan on doing in DU, allowing you to find a specific type of organization to join. If you are looking for a good organization to join, want to list your organization for the world to see, or just want to visit yet another community resource Discord, feel free to join using the link below. DISCORD: https://discord.gg/VvvVXM2
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