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  1. Wow! They are awesome, you dont see cool things like this everyday.
  2. Wow cool! Welcome to DU community!!!
  3. You have the same point of view about what DU is as me lol, hope to see you playing next test!
  4. It would be cool as a cosmetic thing if NQ doesnt want to make the hover give you +Speed but it makes jumps not needed (Auto jumping)
  5. discordauth:b-zSiXEoA9tKiEoIbsF9aINo9q0Lg1h5i7EGnbp-lPI=

  6. Hello!!! My nick is Uberraschend and im introducing my self so i can have my profile validated. Im a member of two Orgs -> Objective Driveyards - ODY Sector Protectorate - SP Designer of ships and buildings and a proud not experienced pilot. (lol) Maker of the Project Motivation that is now closed and has been featured in Dual Insider. Anything else to say for now... Thx for the validation (I hope).
  7. Trying to link my discord...

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