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  1. There has been multiple threads regarding this topic. Search the forum for the threads if you wish to debate this topic. PS... this will never happen.
  2. I think it should take a few weeks to get into space. It should be seen as an accomplishment to leave Alioth. The slower players spread out the more emergent gameplay we'll see.
  3. Myriad

    delete me

    As per NDA, you should be using the proper section of the forum.
  4. No one knows as NQ hasn't said yet. You'll just have to wait patiently.
  5. This is a key point and one that didn't cross my mind. I said in an earlier post that a creative mode would take away from multiplayer content but it would also ruin the economy. The whole economy is based around scanning and mining resources. If you don't have to actually have the resources to make a blueprint then everyone will have blueprints and most builders will be out of a job as everyone will just spend time making blueprints before playing the game. Also with no resource requirement to start building resources would get devalued.
  6. A creative mode would take away from the multiplayer content. There would be too many people spending time in creative mode when they should be interacting with other people.
  7. It could be a craft beer, some of them are a little pricey but good. I kind of got away from craft beer as I have keg fridge. Between me and my brother we go through 2 kegs a month, 50L each. If I had trouble paying the sub I could just drink 1/2 beer less each day. Everyone can afford the sub if they really want to play.
  8. This topic just needs to stop, either pay sub or find a different game. In real life you don't get to choose how much you pay for a service. Examples: -I insure my truck but don't drive it every day, I still pay full price. -I pay for data on my phone but don't always use it all, still pay full price. -I have a gym membership but don't go every day, still pay full price. -Pay for internet and cable at home but if I'm working lots I don't use it every day, still pay full price. There are so many examples that the argument to pay for what you use is invalid. If you don't like the sub model go find a different game, most of us probably won't want you here anyway.
  9. Like every other game, I'm sure there will be a way to block and report players. No need for separate channels.
  10. This part of the lore gives an explanation. It doesn't look like storage will be a problem but maybe there will be technical limits on the kadpak.
  11. It was said that we'll have everything to build, so our inventories will probably just show an infinite amount of resources. I'm guessing mining won't be important in the initial tests.
  12. Don't worry I'm not a whiner, I was just offering a different perspective.
  13. For sure, though I see backing as an investment. Before any investment you weigh the pros and cons then make a decision. I don't think anyone should be entitled to a refund if they changed their minds. Any final decision though would be up to the devs. Who knows a good reason/story could change their minds.
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