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  1. I just finished turning off auto-renewal for my accounts. The reason? Mining changes. Most games out there reward players for logging on daily. NQ chose a different path: DU is punishing players for NOT logging in daily. I already work two jobs, the last thing I need is a third job which I pay for. There is still game time left until Autumn 2022. I'll log in every now and then, to see what's going on. There's a chance I would change my mind, IF the game steers back to the proper path. As it is right now, it seems to be going the way of the Dodo. It was fun while it lasted, though, gotta admit that.
  2. Or, at the very least, not until there's a proper, automated way to notify the player outside the game, well before they might get in trouble for not paying taxes.
  3. @Nayropux I plan DU, the game, around my real life, not the other way around. So do most DU players, the ones you do NOT see very often. They find a window of a couple hours of free time at their convenience, log in, dig in a tile, get the ore, use it at their leisure, when they want to. Autominers throw all that out the window. Suddenly, DU becomes something you need to adjust your real life around. I've done that in the past, with other MMOs, and it was horrible. Not going to do that, ever, again, no matter how interesting a game might be. I don't want a game to tell me when to log in and punish me if I can't. I don't want to set alarms and drop everything else in real life just to keep what I already own in a game. If autominers are implemented the way they are on PTS right now, I'll cancel my DU subscriptions and let characters expire. There are many, many other games around which would be more fun to play and won't force me to log in at specific times, risking to lose my assets if I don't.
  4. Agreed. While I am trying to establish alternative income means, the overall projected changes would impact me as well, because it would indirectly devalue my art-based income simply because most players would not be able to afford paying fair amounts for my art. Playing a game should not be equal to working in that game. The Demeter changes mean, by and large, that the direction the game is going contradicts the selling points of the game itself: the ability to build large and expand. not sure what the planning behind is aiming towards, but it's not good.
  5. You were indeed correct. Both players need to be online, and then in the contact list, the recruit needs to right click the recruiter's name and the option to teleport becomes available.
  6. Do both of us have to be online when that happens? If so, I'll have to figure out a way to run two DU clients at the same time.
  7. Yes, I did that, both accounts are friends and in the same organization. Still, no idea how to teleport to the other account.
  8. Hi all, I might be a bit dense, and not able to figure this out, however, the recruit-a-friend page says: That's nice. So, I recruited myself (my first alt). Now, I want to teleport to where my main character is, however I don't have anything resembling a teleporter in my alt's nanopack. How do I go about teleporting my alt to my main character?
  9. I AM - LOOKING FOR AN ORGANIZATION Name: war4peace Region/Timezone: 07:00 AM through 9:00 PM GMT (on and off, not playing full 14h a day, obviously) Language: English/Romanian What type of Organization are you looking for? Mining/Industry/Trade/General fun, laid back organization Desired role(s) you wish to play in-game: I have been playing space-based games since late 1990, and I always picked the industry/Mining/Trade/Transportation roles. Roleplay interest? Not really Other: I would like to participate to clan projects and initiatives within the game, such as mega constructions, mining endeavors, etc. Preferred contact method: Discord: war4peace#6700. https://discord.gg/g5b63UCGhw
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