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  1. So what we're saying is that there won't even be an alpha this year, meaning that the beta can't be expected until possibly 2019? I hope I don't forget by then.
  2. This is a new forum I created where all you do is post and like other posts, so hopefully it takes off. Let the reputation farming begin!
  3. You guys all have alpha testing, so will you receive info for when they release whatever beta it happens to be? If so, let me know whenever it's released.
  4. ok, that makes sense. I just got a like and 1 rep.
  5. Ah, like the rep points... How does one acquire rep points?
  6. Ah, I didn't see the 'show more' when I looked the first time. I hope they end up releasing an open beta, though.
  7. Imma use one of these for my banner... just a heads up.
  8. And what is the difference between a digital and physical donation?
  9. Does having a high number of posts help in any way, or does it just make you look active?
  10. When exactly is crowdfunding supposed to resume? It says it's on pause, and I'm considering doing it basically just to get a nice account title.
  11. Is it because they don't trust average gamers to give legitimate feedback? Or is it to temporarily save server power? Or another unknown reason?
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