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  1. Safe. Not Save. (Other than that I like the ideas)
  2. A full day of training for Level 5 achievement? I think it's too small reward. I would like to see the curent rewards would be increased up to 100x. So, for any level 5 achievement a player should recieve 1M of tallent points.
  3. Curently the game provides 5 achievements levels. Skill points reward for getting achievement of corresponding level are: level 1: 120 skill points level 2: 360 skill points level 3: 1080 skill points level 4: 3240 skill points level 5: 9720 skill points 9720 skill points is equivalent to 108 minutes (with 90 skill points/minute rate). It's less than 2 hours. In the same time the amount of time for gaining level 5 achivement is huge. So, this 2 hours reward means actually nothing. I think this reward should be AT LEAST 10x bigger per each level. May be even more than 10x. I would like to see numbers something like 1 mil (it's ~100x times bigger than what it is now) of skilll points for level 5 achievement.
  4. The same was said about Mining Units before intoducing them into the game. But look, now we have a decent amount of not needed ore. I think something similar will hapen with schematics. so it will not be so "highly limited" resource. But it's impossible to us, players, predict it right now.
  5. The time will show. But, if you can't afford warping you still can use usual slowboating... Do not see problems here. There were time when warp cells price was 15k+ (even 30k+, if i remember correctly), and it was OK. All will cost much bigger prices than what it's now.
  6. The difference here is you can get ores very easy in very big amounts, but schematics supply is quite limited. Even with markets. Something similar, by the way, goes about plasma and T5 elements. Som because of this limited supply of schematics it's not directly equal to just a new resource.
  7. And this is called inflation... Because it will provide some dynamics and it will also produce some minimal price for the elements... It will not be profitable for industrialist to sell the element with lower price than corresponding schematics... It should provide some interesting gameplay with element prices... Elements will have some value, even the basic ones, instead now all of them have almost zero value.
  8. > exactly the schematics I need People will sell schematics with maximum revenue/time, SO it will be the most needed by industrialists at given moment... Sure, there will be some fluctuations, but in general people will sell the schematics according to the industrialists needs. It will be a steady quanta income for the players. And I love "consumable single use schematics" way much more than "schematics will live indefinitely" way with single-time quanta investment into them. The first one is much more dynamic way, and it provides easier way to newbie player start the industrialist game - the process will not need huge amount of quanta to invest, especially, it will not depend on inflation too much, as it's now.
  9. PvP doesn't play any significant role for DU right now. And that is why element destruction in PvP is just not enough. The majority of the players are not involved in any PvP action at all...
  10. If the game will go to the release/wipe without global element sink (in any kind) turned on it will be very big mistake. New rules should be applied from the very start of release, and not from some time in the future.
  11. But. In my opinion this schematics revamp will not fix the economy. It will only increase items production cost, maybe it will reduce the items amount but nothing more. With the time we will again see overproduction of all the items and broken economy. So, NQ should turn on element sink in some way. And I am not speaking about the destruction of elements due to collision damage, but rather about elements degradation in some convenient way. They player should not go to every one element and use some hand tool to fix/restore/replace it, it should be possible to do in quick an convenient way. As soon as element (and voxels) degradation will be turned on the economy should be fine.
  12. > Those other players also wants to make warp cells to avoid the AFK-game of space flight between planets NO! The other player doesn't want to MAKE cells, he wants to HAVE them, not make. And he still be able to get them from the market. > PvP folks PvP shouldn't be cheap! > There just won't be enough WC schems to go around. The price will dictate WC availability... Not every player wants/needs to run it's own industry. Here is the same what happened with mining units - they now produce too much ore... Very much. In the same time getting schematics doesn't consume any of your time... It's only the matter of pressing the button and going to sleep/work/anywhere else, it doesn't consume active game play time. So, I think there will be quite significant market for schematics. And yes, cells will not cost such a small amount of quanta as they were couple of days ago.
  13. Single player - yes. But you forget about all other people. They can put warp cell schematics (or any other schems) to the market for some quanta. And I am sure, they will! So, you will not be limited in 400 cells in a day. Also, there will be schematics related skills, that will double the possible output. So... market should play very significant role in obtaining schems!
  14. +1 for core explosion visibility to very very far distnace (like, 500+ su). It would be awesome if you could see the explosion of the ship near Madis while flying near Alioth.
  15. By the way, this is sci-fi game... So, it should reflect some scientific principles more or less... And declaring the max speed dependancy from the construct mass is no way scientific principle.
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