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  1. And to answer your previous original question: I am 99.99% confident this scenario is correct: > What happens of that legate leaves the org? > A - Nothing. The org will not be able to get more cores but the cores remain and the ex-legate is now free to promote another org. And this is not so bad, actually...
  2. No, skills don't work in that manner. +100% per level - it means +500% at level 5.
  3. Why 275 cores per org? We have 2 skills which provide 100% bonus per level each and 1 skill +5 core count per level. So, at maximum we will recieve: +25 +500% +500%. So, it should be ((25 + 5 * 25) + 150 * 5) = 900 cores.
  4. Mining units: I like the idea if mining units will generate ore income depending on available ore in the tile. The more ore tile has the more output would be produced by mining unit. This will reduce the need of ore mining at all and will make territory warfare meaningfully. Another option would be taking into consideration the area of your linked territory (not the total amount of tiles you/your org owns), so the more tiles are connected between each other the more benefits it gives to mining units. This also will make territory ware even more meaningfully.
  5. As constant element upgrader of the ships (and static constructs too!) I am very happy with the solution provided by NQ, I mean RMB -> apply talents. It is very time consuming solution 1000% needed to be done from the start (as well as dismantle the whole construction in one click, for example). Removing/undoing element tends to a lot of problems (like problems with undoing broken element, or element with properties; like problems if you'll just disconnect from the internet because of what ever reason; or just game client will randomly crash).
  6. Declaring this action as exploit is such not obvious decision. YOU CAN'T JUMP ON SHIPS BECAUSE JUMPING ON SHIPS IS CONSIDERED TO BE EXPLOIT. What next step will be in this case? Will it be forbidden to move at all? P.s.: Yes, the rule will be followed (and I am sure, not by all players!) as I suppose it will be in the rules... But not respected.
  7. 1000% agree with this quote! Storing speed while you offline is limitation because servers can't handle movement calculation of all dynamic constructs. But why in this case is not allowed to resume this movement calculation by some player onboard???? Either change this mechanic or declare this action as OK.
  8. If this game will survive the current crisis and will gain a lot of players... there easily (and I'm sure it will!) can happen such situation. Some novian has just installed and launched the game. He finishes all starting tutorials... There is the usage of surrogate pods at the end of tutorial. So, if novian will chose some random destination VR that will be a moving ship towards PvP zone... He will unintentionally bring some ship to the PvP zone where this ship could be pew-pewed by any random player... Well, "good" mechanics, nothing to say. By the way... Even in Ev
  9. The only thing left without attention is hostile action in safe zone that didn't result in ship being moved towards pvp zone: burying, claiming the territory while 3rd person is mining there (and it is unclaimed), crashing the ships from space to the planet because of gravity force and so on. Are those acceptable actions or are they considered griefing/exploiting? And I am asking here about actions aimed on 3rd party constructs... not something like dick-building or whatever of those kind. Also, I (and many other) would be very happy if your common sense about safe zone
  10. If NQ wants to prevent stealing ships from safe zone by using normal game mechanics I see 2 possible solutions: a) the good one. The game mechanic should be changed in such a way that stealing such ships become impossible. Like such changes should be applied: a.1) the ship speed should be restored only when someone enters the seat and not when someone steps on the ship; a.2) The usage of maneuver tool should be nerfed. Maneuver tool should fail with error when target's speed is more than 20 km/h (or target stays steel with stored speed). This will preve
  11. > Moving third party constructs without the RDMS being provided to do so. If this is what NQ responded on your report (ticket?) than it should be also in the rules. As how one can get to know about it? Also, why not specify a little bit more detailing? Is there any RDMS rule that allows activating normal physics when stepping on the ship? If no (and in curently state there is no such rule in RDMS), how could one provide the right to allow or disallow such action? In this case is stepping on the ship regulated by the text quoted? If no, rules should be more specific.
  12. No. First of all this topic is initially not about some specific case you're speaking about, but rather what mechanics are allowed to use and what not and what should be in the rules. To answer quoted part I will say next: player was not looking to a ship vulnerable to any bug. There are many ships in space bug free that start to move when you jump on it. If you want to discuss that specific case - there is another topic about it in the forum. And I understand the green quoted part as like similar bugs like some actions that involve some manipulations with some tool, it could be
  13. > Also, you're defending this, why? No, piracy in any of it's kind is not the source of my income. Even not close to 1% of it The only my reason is having strong definitely rules, that doesn't allow different interpretation by other players like what is "parenting constructs". I like to do some piracy-like things, I like to benefit normal game mechanics in doing more piracy/salvaging. But if it is officially forbidden by rules - I will not do it. If it is not - than I will not understand if NQ will take any action against the one, who did something that is not forb
  14. I agree what Deckard says is good enough. But this is written in Discord, not in official rules. Just update the official rules, and than it will be OK. More over, this was said AFTER the action was done.
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