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  1. By the way, this is sci-fi game... So, it should reflect some scientific principles more or less... And declaring the max speed dependancy from the construct mass is no way scientific principle.
  2. @VandelayIndustries > Bro, this is a video game. Its not real life. Bro, why do we use our ingame feet to walk in the game? This is a video game, why would we use the same concept as in real life? What does make you to think there is something wrong with relation between "In space there is no "max speed" " and "In game there should also be no "max speed" "? If you like different max speed depending on mass it doesn't automatically means it's the right or not right thing in game. Your message about mental illness seems very toxic to me.
  3. No need to look to the screen for the wreck 24h/7w. Just record (with Lua) any ship u've seen on the radar and your coords at minimal distance to it. It's easilly achievable, if you can't do Lua ask anyone who can do it. Other than that - I agree, wrecks are just too rare. BUT. Without actual element sink it is good.
  4. It would be also cool to have RDMS right that makes constructs visible for the actors. By visible I mean visible in F4 -> Constructs list. Curently, only legates can see the constructs location. So, if you have "use element" right you can control the ship but you can't find it's location other than ask from the owner (or legate) of the ship or if you are registerd at ship's ressurection node. That is also one of the reason why in a small org legates are "assigned quite liberaly".
  5. NQ, 2 questions: 1) You mention that only player with RDMS right will be able to place cores for the org. Currently is not the case, any of org members can assign constructs to the organisation. So, this behaviour will be changed, right? 2) Limit about 5 orgs max per player... So, if I understand correctly, starting from Panacea update there will be no such limit more? As now you can't be the member of more the 5 orgs...
  6. @Underhook Why do you lock yourself in mining stuff? You have enough amount of quanta to build/buy ship and do some transportation missions.... Take a look to "Radar equipment" and "Industry Unit Parts" Aphelia missions, for example. It's Alioth <-> Thades routes, reward is 950k. ~One hour of space flying in Safe zone space and you've done your weekly tax for one tile...
  7. As warping is doable with a big time delay now and can be easilly cancelled by pvp shot I do not see a reason why it shouldn't be restored the previous behavior, when it was possible to activate warp from code. Regarding other ideas - it would be too easy to exploit them.
  8. NQ Could you please clarify what about container constructs on Aphelia tiles? Not near market, but just random Aphelia tile; and what does exactly mean "exits their construct"?
  9. Build mode -> TAB -> Build Helper -> Information -> Elements -> Hover mouse over element with the problem -> TAB. Now u will have problematic element being highlighted with red light.
  10. The topic is not about dismissing other play styles, though. Sure, it should be possible to play solo, as it is now. And anyone can play as he/she wants. It's just a question of what is more effective for individual player. Anyway, the proposed idea is just about how elements degradation could be done, just to pay NQ (and some other players too) attention to.
  11. The issue is... this game started as very friendly to builders (well, I'm not speaking about voxel tools available for builders at that moment or even right now )... It had infinite resources at prealpha/maybe alpha... Then it was completely PvP-Free for a very long time... But thing changes from that time and the players who were playing with one style can not play with that style anymore... So, they should either way adopt to new changes or leave... All players who says taxes are too high, there is to big resources nerf in the game, etc - they simply do not want to adopt to new changes, sadly.
  12. No, you couldn't. You can not use the same container for more than one dispenser. I do not know why
  13. @Gillwin > to replace a bunch of stuff on there ship everyday Who did say "every day"? Sure not. "Free" usage period should be long enough, definitely more than a day or even a week. > Dont use anything cosmetic, Use it, noone stops you from using them > people moved whole factories to sanctuary to avoid taxes People should stop doing such things. This game is MMO, not single player game. MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER online (game). People should learn how to interact (and gain profit from such interaction!) with each other ingame and stop playing SOLO mode in MMO game. Use markets, people. They simplify things very very much! Don't lock yourself inside your HQ/sanct tile. Game curently provides a lot of instruments to generate quanta, starting from harvesting and mining (not only with mining units, but roids too) and finishing with Aphelia (or players) missions. Do you think you can't earn much money because you're solo playing? Stop playing solo! Just get in contact with 2-3-4 players nearby and you will have many opportunities how to grow faster. Join any bigger corporation and I am sure they will teach you how to acquire quanta with missions safely and effectively. > I mean how many times do you willingly buy something before it becomes cheaper and easier to set up a line and save yourself a trip to the market every day to replace stuff? cheaper to set up a line? Did you see schematic prices? And did you see curent elements prices? It's almost always more profitable to buy something at market than setting up the line for it producing. Since schematics were introduced in 0.23 patch producing elements by your self is no more efficient. Every producing line payback period is couple of monthes, in case of rare/exotic elements it could easy be around a year... So, the only case when you need to setup a line is when you plan to produce something for the market and not for yourself. So, to answer the question "how many times": I buy almost everything on markets. Conclusion: Just change your playing style if you're playing solo... and things will be much easier.
  14. @Helediron @Ashford Just connect screen to the control unit and use screen.setHTML(logtext). Then edit the screen and u will be able to copypaste info.
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