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  1. Chat in game is horrendous. The Queen of Madis conquers with the dictator from Alioth.
  2. More like they made scrooge mcduck the pilot mid-air so they could sell it before it crashes into the ground. Mr McDuck owns a large part of that plane and needs to get his money back.
  3. They haven't added mission system at all though.... and the challenge system they added as an unannounced feature fell apart instantly with abuse. My biggest issue with it is they created a PTS server after they 'learned' and 'listened' to players after the 0.23 debacle to avoid pushing an update to live that caused major issues. Then not using it to test for issues XD Where they added schematics that were 10x more expensive, and lowered them due to players pitchforks. Oh yeah, they also deleted all meganodes for like a week. Then they lowered they schematics, refundi
  4. I guess NQ doesn't need a community manager since they abandoned the community. This is unfortunate, she will be missed- and if by chance she reads this- thank you for all you did for the community while you were here!
  5. I just turned on auto-renew yesterday to keep supporting the game, then instantly turned it off. Without telling me or prompting me the game charged my account for a year of service... when I originally signed up for 3 months. Fairly sure that's not legal.... but I won't touch the legal aspects because that seams to be the only reason any thread on the forums gets closed.
  6. It literally caused one of our members to be trapped in a return to surface bug due to the ground area they were in being bugged/returned to a previous state. Likewise it has been widespread since they announced they were doing maintenance and to expect voxel weirdness for 15 minutes. We literally watched an area of our base revert parts of it to two months ago. We have hundreds of constructs in this area, so it's probably affecting us more than most....
  7. When a bunch of constructs, ground(soil) and other voxel issues pop up in a day for a swath of people, it seams to be an exasperated issue. Just because you haven't experienced them doesn't mean others haven't- and in MTI's case we have cores crossing 5 tiles, so we may be experiencing/seeing more of them than most? Our base had a couple missing chunks, but literally overnight we had 10 or so locations of voxels nobody could delete. Thankfully least some of them were fixed overnight, but a few spots are still having problems. Not sure if NQ dev/gm did it, or what- as they're has been NO COM
  8. Madis suspects it was your French division of Alioth that performed this atrocity. We demand answers. /oc but for real, this is bad- an entire group of people doesn't want to build/play with these issues present. I hope NQ responds to these, we have giant chunks of voxel errors at our MTI base that we cannot delete/remove.
  9. This just popped up on the back of our base, every time I try to "mine" out these voxels, I get an internal server error. Effectively deathspikes on a runway hahahaha. Sad that NQ has been silent about this, and hope they respond / acknowledge these issues sooner than later- though I worry they don't have an easy fix/solution for it.
  10. Issue now it seams that you can't delete/fix a corrupted spot. Have tried pasting massive blocks over "corrupted" voxels, and it keeps the new changes around those voxels, but snaps the corrupted voxels back to their previous state out of build mode. It's happening widespread at our base, and the report of this issue has been posted multiple times this morning in DU's Discord.
  11. So- as of last night "We're about to perform some maintenance operations but it doesn't require any service interruption. You can continue playing as usual. You may temporarily notice voxels acting weirdly but it should only last around 15 minutes. Thanks for your support @here!" And as of this morning- voxels are disappearing out of build mode/reverting to old patterns of voxels. Unable to delete those voxels, they show as gone in build mode- but appear back out of build mode. It is seen by multiple people, even after clearing cache. This has been widely reported with Dynamic and Static con
  12. Test it. Scanning from AGG heights above 4km on the surface should result in zero ore. Likewise if you deploy a scanner below the surface at different levels you can use it as a meganode depth finder. *drops mic*
  13. Eh, Lacobus iirc was originally scanned out via a group using an exploit to do instant scans. Likewise, what wasn't picked over by them, other organizations gobbled up. The current territory scanners only scan down to 3000m from the point they are placed. Most ore is found within that gap. The devs could/will seed higher tier ore below 3000m, then introduce T2, T3, T4 scanners that scan to a deeper level. It would allow current ore distribution to remain untouched, while adding more content, making it more fun/hard to mine deeper down. For example Thorami
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