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  1. I'd be surprised if we see more than a single type of PVE mission with a couple variations of enemy type/location... if they managed a full on PVE experience with multiple ways to engage ships... I'd be surprised. Baseline: pickup mission, fly to location, destroy ship, get reward. Doubt we'll see: Wild NPC ships with bounties/pirates. A 'gray space' of higher tier roids, not full pvp, but filled with PVE pirates. Atmo combat as promised years ago. AvA- ability to have your ship blow up and kill the pirate as they float over to loot your ship. You can bolt on PVE but without making combat more engaging... idk. It's going to take serious resources to do it properly... resources I don't think they have for it, or are willing to throw at it.
  2. Ita nice to see Novaquark finally listen to the cries of their community. I hope it's not too little too late. I remember Deckard saying to ke directly that adding NPC PvE was never gonna happen due to the conflicting ideals for the game being player driven... I am glad they're realizing how badly it's needed. I may come back for a bit when this gets added. Side note, jettesoning cargo is something you'd see if a real pirate was on your @SS. Instead of stopping players from doing it, with items being deleted.... drop the items as a lootable container behind the ship to be used as a decoy/dropping weight. Pirates can then double back for the package. Add more gameplay, don't restrict it further... I am so tired of yall restricting gameplay, so much I could / did in Beta can no longer do on the launch game because of that mentality. Apart from that, you didn't address the largest complaint right now on Steam reviews, and that is the game is a second job to play. It still needs some heavy balancing, and nothing in this post about the future has even hinted at that. You can try to stifle players, but whales are still running alt mission running/field mining... with the solo player left to eat crumbs.. All that I see left in terms of players are mostly hard-core PVP holdouts. Most of the PvE crowd beyond pure builders have already left... and a lot of them feel pushed out by PVP, and how BAD the pvp actually is. If you don't improve the overall combat experience... will just end up with meh PvE, and lackluster PvP.
  3. Yeah the game has minimal reason/forces that make it profitable to be a "good guy" in pvp. Part of my frustration is you have much more opportunity in game play as a pirate and to make it profitable vs playing pretend space cop. So its turned into alliance vs alliance, group vs group. I've seen orgs I never thought would pirate(like infinity corp) but as it stands it's the only viable option IMHO if you want to pvp. Almost every org has taken a shoot first ask questions later because the game doesn't offer a better way to identify, hail, and communicate with another ship. And with the changes to speed its like shooting fish in a barrel with haulers being bigger, and slower... and the meta being S core combat ships to get that speed advantage a hauler will NEVER be able to overcome when you can rig Lua to intercept a craft. Pirate: hunts fish in barrel, might get in a fight with another pirate that may cause ship loss. Higher chance of escape in a pirate v pirate battle, as both ships will probably be S cores and there is a chance to out maneuver and get break off an engagement. Police: constantly engaging with pirates in a game with long travel times and nearly impossible to respond to a conflict on a roid. Resource spend and time sink to locate pirates, and then much higher risk taking down their ship vs a hauler. I tried being a non pirate pvper in this game, bit it was lame and frustrating... and only did it because of excess resources to burn. Now in release resources are even more scarce, not worth the effort now, and it wasn't before.
  4. I, blinding bright am not saying they're viable, am saying by NQ Logic they, not I, still think it is viable and or are okay with this change. Deckard has shot from the hip many times since becoming a producer for Dual Universe, at the time of his statements about tiles being viable at 25l in Beta, those were during different times. Times have changed. Their stance has changed. You as a player must make the decision if a tile is worth it to mine for you, and balance that risk vs reward. This is the fun hard hitting gameplay that players crave 😅
  5. NQ has a few challenges. Most of the game is calculated on your computer, the ships physics, voxel deformations/model updating from combat, Lua, etc. Easy solution would be to run the NPC' ships physics on your computer as a sort of second player controlled ship, first person to enter radar range would become the 'parent' and simulate the Lua and physics needed, sending that data to the sever, and the sever serving it up to everyone else. At that point just have the ship auto pilot around some way-points, and boom, basic NPC ship... In Beta at one point I could remote control a ship several SU away from me, even using autopilot... range on the remote controller was bugged... but in theory, the basic components are there if NQ really gave it some thought. If they renabled it, and allowed you to control more than one construct.... boom NPC Ships, controlled by players. That's what I ultimately want to see, not what we have with Aphelia as a game controlled entity. So in theory not much stopping NQ from doing this. If I a player could pull it off while the game was bugged, NQ should be able to intentionally DU it... and the way I suggest it be done would require arguably minimal dev time making use of things they already have built out.
  6. A few months ago before launch, Deckard was asked directly and answered that NQ has no plans to add AI ships/constructs/npcs He also said we'd get bot orders refreshed, and that the system should have refreshed those orders.... So hopefully they backtrack on this, and go forward with AI ships/combat. It's needed. I have yet to see anyone besides NQ against it. As it is the game isn't fully player controlled due to an NPC called Aphelia that rules over the game, collects taxes, denotes safe spaces and paying players to move things around that don't really exist as cargo. But I guess saying DU doesn't have NPC's is technically true if it only has the one... so NQ can continue with that cognitive dissonance. I hope NQ reads your post and the devs reconsider
  7. NQ Logic: You used those skills, profited from the early game bot orders... and mining units are still viable with the game changes. Also, NQ reps have said if you don't like it, and the game, don't play... when people have voiced their deep concerns. And arguably there are less and less players playing due to their attitude towards the community... so some are taking the hint. I know most of my friend group from beta keep being astounded by what more NQ can and do to squeeze life out of their game.... all while hoping they'll still change it around, we all love the idea of DU and have thousands of hours playing invested... Even falling player numbers are apparently not enough for NQ to realize that their direction is driving people away, like you can see a definitive drop with the annoucement via steam stats... its pretty clear. And what happens when there is even a lower population of active players without bots? How will a new player be able to join the game and mine/make enough to even buy parts.... from bots/market when they die off? Guess they'll just pull the lever and turn the bot orders back on? Most all games have more than one 1-2 ways to make fresh currency In game... with many games, and most MMO's rewarding players for everything to keep the endorphins kicking and players inventories full of shinies. Kill a monster? Here is some currency. Sell an item to a vendor in game? Here is some currency. Oh, you got top leader board for that arena? Here is some currency. Ah, you logged in and did your daily crafting quest? Here is some currency. Oh, you completed a quest? Here is some currency. We have... missions... and vr challenges that are different types of missions that you can only do once a day. Oh, and login bonus. Anyways done beating a dead horse. Myself and others have tried, and maybe the only thing NQ will listen to at this point is the sound of players quiting. I really hope they can make the game fun/more playable, and that by doing so creates a game with a positive churn rate.
  8. Unreal 4 was what NQ turned down at one time for Unigine. During the dev process almost every game announced for unigine fails. It's a great simulation engine and for benchmarking, but it's largely the bottleneck for better performance and I know tons of people are gobsmacked by the bad performance with modern gaming rigs. At the time Unigine was the only out of the box offering to do planet scale, I recall the demos when they first announced the engine. Since then though unreal engine 5.1 has come out, and with it the double floating point precision needed for planet scale. It won't fix their backend server issues, but it might finally give players a stable 60fps with modern equipment without heating your whole house. Though your point is strong, not like DU is backed by AAA studios with a mainstream established IP. Final Fantasy and elder scrolls are too big to fail. DU is a fun experiment by an amazing French guy with a dream and the idea presented to us without the person is hollowed out version of that in its place. I loved J.C's DU. I dont love the watered down version NQ has created.
  9. Imma comment on this one, it's my namesake! DU was better in Beta, minus some small QoL changes. I'm glad I at least got to play the suppirior version of it before release, even if it had its issues it wasn't nearly this time gated/grindy to start and was easier to establish yourself. Plus DU has better support response times and was cheaper in Beta with... more planets. Better mining rates. Even roid mining was a bit better because of respawns every weekend... they did no real balancing of the game before release... and it shows. If Empyrion had DU's voxel(it does, just not as detailed) tech and larger server size it'd be pretty much be what DU promised to be... at a one time buy in price. Playing both at DU launch and... kept feeling like I was playing what DU was attempting to do. Even the start with the landers are nearly the same. Fun part? I bought empyrion year+ ago for $15, it added a bunch of features and updates(still active development, arguably faster paced than NQ dev team) Funny enough the industry in that game is more like what DU announced for kickstarter, using factory units without the need for tooons of machines. Can even have your factory make the parts/deploy a blueprint of a ship/base That can take hours for it to manufacture all the parts. So many free BP's on steam workshop. So you started singleplayer? Well you can spool up the save on a dedicated private Server and build a community as others have and even charge access to via patreon. Putting the server owner in control of their game world. Every feature DU has, arguably Emperyion has and soooo much more. Need quick ore? Use a mining hover vehicle with drills on it to mine underground like DU used to have, but you can hand mine them or use constructor blocks. Want to automine? Its there! Asteroids?! Takes a few minutes to find one... although you can go hunting for rich roid spots in a near limitless amounts of solar systems to explore... that have game related POI's to find and explore. My eyes are wide open after trying the latest version of Empyriom during DU's launch.
  10. Same video Deckard had said "Not ready for launch." when referencing other features. And IMHO those 4 words shouldn't be next together in any fashion during your games launch announcement. We know the game wasn't ready for launch, the devs know it wasn't ready despite the cognitive dissonance brought on by management forcing a launch and stating it was ready. And announcing a feature during your launch announcement for launch... and then quietly stating in a post it won't be ready for launch before... launch, while also stating its ready for launch. Sorta set the tone for me going into launch. Assuming NQ won't talk about any new features till they're ready for release at this point to avoid the creation of expectations that they could potentially fail to meet. With more funding and a larger team with a more diverse skill set and this game can still be amazing. I just hope NQ and management can dig deep to give it the resources needed to be what it can be with the right TLC.
  11. This is my argument for it being an exploit. I really don't think the people in charge of defining it as an exploit fully comprehend the issue, or why it's an issue even though your technically burning a charge. Only started abusing it once NQ sided with a streamer who was abusing it at an org level in Beta and publicy stated it was A-okay! They argued it wasn't an exploit, I and others reported it as an exploit. So I'm assuming instead of banning an entire streamers org for abusing it they decided it was OKAY! Because, your still burning a charge. I can see both sides, either way it WAS not intended gameplay and doing it arguably gives players an advantage over those that don't... specifically because you don't need a high throughput tile to get the ore bonus. Pro tip, look for other org/player owned tiles and grab a low output tile of high tier ore and just go ham!!! Get Dat ore, it's not an exploit! Again for the class, a tile that gives 1L an hour of let's say T5, gives the same bonus as a tile outputting 80L an hour. Find tile/s with the map tool that have a flower of 2-3 or more claimed tiles, check the tile name. Check to see what level of autominer is on their outpost to see what tier of ore it's harvesting. Then just plop down a TU next to them and setup your 1 autominer if the same tier, not connected to a container, and just calibrate, remove the element, backspace it in again with build mode, and repeat calibration. Pro tip, moving the auto miner into a slightly different position spawns the ore in a new spot so you can pile up a bunch easily for harvesting. Easy fix, just output a set amount of ore multiplied by the autominers hourly rate for that ore type. It's literally 10 minutes of dev time, less than a single line of code. Probably be able to fix the code and check in the fix faster than me writing this post on my phone while making chunky monkey. Though if they 'fix' it now, it signals it WAS an exploit/issue and sorta flies in the face of openly allowing it. Sorta expecting a silent 'nerf' if they do change things, and not explain the reasoning behind it.. and still allow you to do it... just not get the full ore bonus as before, effectively making the abuse of it pointless.... but that doesn't stop those with high tier/high amount of liters an hour from potentially abusing it... so... dammed of they do, dammed if they don't at this point as it's publicly stated as not an exploit. Meanwhile I've casually mentioned people can duplicate constructs the past 2 weeks, nobody cared. We've had a quanta dupe already. And half the major issues / exploits I reported in Beta are still an issue in live with no response from NQ staff to the ticket re-reporting them.... but gosh darn it, if someone builds a small tower next to a mission point and NQ allows it... everyone looses their mind! Game is riddled with exploits at launch, several NQ has openly allowed... and many more that they haven't even commented on Or have had any public accountability over... as they should trying to cultivate a persistant single shard game universe where these issues were held as partial reasoning why they had wiped players progress in Beta. I love DU, ant I want it to succeed. Outright allowing exploits and remainig silent on others is not how to succeed, in my opinion. NQ can still release a public statement, and retroactively punish players found exploiting(especially quanta dupe, construct dupe, and element dupes) I've seen other MMO services punish players months later. I just hope NQ has the right data engineer/s to sift through their database to find the outliers and deal with them appropriately. And likewise for NQ to release a statement acknowledging the issues, and reiterate their stance on exploits and their policy, and ideally process, for dealing with them. As a passionate player and at a time advocate for the game it hurts to see, though I know people at NQ are only human and judging by their team not many of them have experience in dealing with these sorts of issues in MMO development.... hope they can hire some extra hands to deal with issues their core team has struggled with. I hope the powers that be (CEO, investment firm, managers) give their team the tools and resources needed to deal with it going forward. I tried to be constructive with this post, just hope it doesn't fall on deaf ears.... who am I kidding? NQ ain't got time to read my tickets, why would they have time to read this forum post?
  12. They just need to spin off pets, AvA(and pets vs pets) along with Territory Warfare into a gacha game and start making billions of dollars.
  13. I started to notice poor server performance directly after they had a 4+ hour maintenance where they took all of their internet facing assets down (website, support, game, etc). The following week the servers had to be restarted at peek times in the US. I don't think that is a conspiracy, they don't want to admit to downgrading their service shortly after raising the price.
  14. DU is arguably at it's lowest population point since they started charging a sub.... and the servers are still on fire. This does not bode well for release. Paired with talk of a wipe still being on the table, and NQ has nailed their game to the cross. I don't like the next part of this movie.
  15. Every time I've attempted to play since Athena dropped I've logged into horrible server issues that has ruined the experince. Every time I had to wait for something to load I kept thinking "oh... NQ is probably gonna wipe all of this"... it's like that moment when you're looking at your phone and the screen turns off to reveal the reflection of your face from the most unflattering angle ever, and when you catch a glance you start to rethink your life a bit.
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