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  1. Greetings! Welcome to DU, the supreme space mmorpg.?
  2. While General Reletavity would be an intriguing component in the game, I fail to see how it could possibly be implemented. To my understanding of time dilation based upon special relativity, the closer your velocity is to the speed of light, the slower your perception of time. So for this to be put accurately into the game, The player(s) closer to the speed of light will experience time slower than players who are accelerating slower or are not moving at all. It's a mind boggling concept for both the mechanics of the game and in real life. In order for this to be possible from my understanding, say for example a player is traveling to a distant planet say from Alioth and it takes about 20 to 30 minutes minimum to travel to that planet from Alioth assuming you're accelerating at the average speed of a spaceship. However, if you're traveling close to the speed of light it feels as though only about 30 seconds to a minute has elapsed as soon as you reach the planet. Now apply that to RL time and things get weird. The player moving close to the speed of light will feel as though only 30 seconds to a minute has gone by, while for everyone else 20-30 minutes. To put that in a actual time scenario: Player going close to speed of light: Left Alioth-12:30:00AM Arrives at destination at 12:31:00AM (But it's actually 1:00:00PM) Players not moving or going much slower: Left Alioth-12:30:00AM Arrives at destination at 1:00:00PM (Actual time) Hopefully that made sense. But essentially what I'm getting at is it's as if the player going close to the speed of light is not only experiencing time dilation in the game, but in the real world aswell. Now I could be missing something here, overthinking it, making this way too complicated than what it needs to be or all of the above. But I'll say it again, this is based off of my understanding of how time dilation and general relativity is supposed to work from a theoretical standpoint, and as such I don't see how it can possibly be implemented in this fashion. If general relativity does become some sort of component in the game, I can imagine it'll be simplified or altered in some way to make it feasible.
  3. Welcome aboard! NQ just announced Alpha 1 begins on the 29th. Hope you have Fun!?
  4. (Ignore my top post,couldn't figure out how to remove quotes) Anyways, I personally think it'll be interesting for there to be both game created and player created wonders. The game created wonders could be things put into the game by the developers that's attached to the lore of DU or something like that. Game created wonders could also be mysterious or unexplained phenomena that the devs leave up to the players to try and discover and/or solve. Player created wonders are of course what the players create. It could be artifacts, bases, buildings, etc that players create and after a certain period of time no one knows who created the object and no player can re-create it. Something like that could be intriguing
  5. Personally I'm a huge sci-fi fanatic! I have a huge fascination with space science (Astronomy), something I plan on majoring on in college. I first stumbled upon DU I believe sometime last year. I found out about the game one day when I was bored and was watching a YouTube video that was showing off some upcoming mmo games, and Dual Universe was one of the games in the video. Out of all the other mmo games, DU attracted me the most. I thought a game like this is totally something I'd be happy to get into; a "Sandbox mmorpg game!" where you could build spaceships, explore different planets and colonize them, build bases, craft, mine, etc. Upon seeing DU for the first time I immediately searched up more videos on the game which brought me to the e3 2016 teaser trailer. Upon watching that trailer I could feel this game had huge potential and could go a long way if dealt with appropriately. I watched a few other YouTube videos on it such as the tutorials, developer blogs, etc. Shortly after I decided to go on the games website for further info on DU. I did stumbled upon I believe was the kickstarter packs. I said to myself that I would love to one day support the project when I get the money and a proper PC?. Sometime after that I honestly forgot about the game until last month after getting my new laptop that I wanted to support the DU project. I paid the website another visit, searched through some stuff such as new info, updates, etc; until I clicked on the play now button on the site home page which redirected me to the pledging page. I thought on it for a whole week until finally deciding to get the patron supporter pack. During my decision making I paid the forums a visit. I already since knew DU was my type of game so I created my account and then the following week got the patron pack. I'm now an official DU supporter/backer and pre-alpha tester, just recently had my first go at the game earlier this month during the 48 hour live server test and was not disappointed by how beautiful the game looks (especially considering it's still in pre-alpha). I'm still new to the game so I'm still getting the hang with how everything works so far that's been implemented so as far as in-game goals go we'll see, though I have a few ideas?
  6. discordauth:uOUJJxc8rzK79BlWflN_FGpRvNtcsGr-VNHNyqGrf4o=

  7. Also I ajusted my screen size but it appearantly is too big. Can't fix it cause settings button is blocked due to size to large. Any way to fix it so it fits my pc screen?
  8. Finally!!!, I'm a pre-alpha tester. Just pledged
  9. Welcome to Dual Universe. See you in the game soon!
  10. I'm sure as the building system develops it'll allow ships with unique designs and shapes to be created and not be so easily destroyed
  11. I already made up my mind on purchasing the patron pack, so I will be able to join you guys on the next pre-alpha test
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