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  1. It just needs rival solar systems fighting against each other to work with two factions. They missed that boat and unfortunately its likely not going to work at this point in the way they want it to since honestly the big orgs dont really have to fight at all. Sure you got some people blocading planets every now and then but nothing will really ever turn this into a good pvp game unless they just stripped all the pvp protection zones straight up, took away speed limits, and make it non tab target to actually require some kind of skill requirements in combat if not just completely ditching the
  2. There is nothing stopping a solo solo player from starting a pocket org like everyone else for 500k-h. It can also be handled just like if you dont have anything qued if there is a research exp as their is personal growth exp. Most of all any researched technologies should be massive and require much larger cores or zoning to place down such as industry units that are XL and higher should require massive machines to make or ground based defense units like surface to air batteries, nuke silos etc. But also for things like giant reactors for a zoned power plant, solar arrays, Communi
  3. @op I have been also suggesting that Orgs should have their own tech tree that add both higher technology/upgrades but also that it should also unlock new features or functions to the table that makes orgs more than just an industry but that they can provide civil functionality such as city halls, police force, ship yards, player markets, military bases, powerplants, etc that require zoning but serve real pusposes that are lacking in the game for territory wars. But also that Orgs should have their own versions of TUs that range from a 7 cluster tile to regions/sectors that are muc
  4. Been asking for rotors or drone rotors/tail rotors myself for a while now. We need some kind of hover engine that goes from hoverpad height to 1+km. +1 from me.
  5. Lol thats pretty stupid and completely ass backwards way to put a band-aid on the problem. So because megaorgs are destroying the market and the bots are automatically buying their ore already for super cheap and then adding it back in when the market actually starts moving to anchor it in place when actual demand hits the solution is to kill the competition of the mega orgs so that it forces you to join one to further help destroy the market through more hyper saturation of items nobody really needed in the first place because they took out the one thing that actually made sense t
  6. Non tab targeted combat is a good start that isnt circa 1999 game mechanics.
  7. "Its not personal, Its just business." There needs to be a sepperation of church and state as it were. They arent your friends as much as you think they should be or want them to be if you get up close and personal with them in your org. I have seen in at least a half dozen games where gms or devs have summoned items, mats, and stacked the deck as it were. In this game they didnt even roll back the markets with the schematic debacle what do you think happens if Naunet gets honeypotted into giving an org build mode, unlimited ships, and things they didnt otherwise earn? It happens m
  8. I just wonder how he got those kid gloves on when he recorded that. I think my fav quote was: "I will say though dual universe has impressed me. It really has pulled off something amazing and if this is what we can expect from the next generation of massive multiplayer games I think that our future is probably going to have a lot of games like this that are almost science fiction it is amazing that this is even technically possible and I think dual universe is setting the bar for a whole new genre of games." /kneeslapper Been hearing that same th
  9. Im not shy about my past. Its precisely what happens when devs, GMs, CMs, and anyone with an ounce of power is allowed to mingle with the masses and are allowed to get close enough to be friends or more with the GP. If they want to look into me go for it I played this game 100% legit, though some of those PvP scripts people are using are kinda suspect tho....
  10. You would be surprised how many gm's/guides/cm's whatever have been fired over the years for befriending and doing personal favors over the years. I used to have multiple pocket gms who would rez me or just teleport me to wherever I wanted or lock the other way hacking. Lol favoritism is real and there is a good reason to avoid it at all costs. You wouldnt also believe how many guilds have also had their own pocket gms doing their bidding for pvp or territory wars as well in other game. When devs takes sides everybody loses. But hey this game is going down in flames so enjoy it whi
  11. Their current plan is dead in the water any way you slice it. Nothing short of a full re-design will save it in the condition and future content they plan to impliment. Some things are salvageable dont get me wrong but this is by far a failed concept. There is only so much time left to change course or they wont be able to keep the lights on at some point. PSS: Dont really care.
  12. Lol that clown JC actually has a PhD in AI and wont even do anything for this game? Honestly players are not devs and we can only really use the tools we are given. Who in their right mind wants to go to somewhere to check out someones playschool playhouse you cant do anything with vs fighting some kind of AI alien armada, npc police force, npc vendors, npc military, npc dungeons, fight creatures in all those tunnels we dig vs what players make you cant do anything with? Hell JC right now could just as well give NPC access to the same talent tree, same skills, same mini
  13. If they cant or dont have the budget they should then explore all avenues to making money to fill the budget. This game is a train wreck at best in the current format. Until they open up P2W servers, host some kind of gold farmer type E-Bay type thing where you can buy/sell scripts, skins, mats, ships, etc and its not rediculous to do so, or anything else like real estate, or just plain out renting servers they will never make money drawing out subs for 27 years to finally play the game. The sub model simply is not sustainable in this regard at least not without content to back up
  14. Schematics were just a hurdle. The bigger and more well equipped the org the easier it was to jump over and take advantage of production, market potential, and saturation of the market as the rest of the game caught up. It was just a momentary fix and until they limit how much you can put into the market along with adding upkeep/maintenence via repairing damage sustained through mass production as in rl and parts/machines constantly going down, and also how fast you can grab ore and process it due to scanners being used constantly to find what is left of the ore in the solar system nothing wil
  15. This iteration of the game is a failure in pretty much all spects stemming from world generation on up through mining, crafting, and transfers into PvP. Until all those things recieve complete re-designs this game will never go anywhere. Because it all goes back to world generation and mining being short sighted and nothing will change that until the solar system itself is adapted to the actual needs of the players or fixing the myriad of issues that stem from it that basically make this game feasable for any form of longevity. Also if you think this UI is complex Everquest 1 had a
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