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  1. This is precisely why this game needs taxes/property taxes based on how much you cram into tiles or surrounding area along with upkeep/maintenence based on usage of ships or industry to slow down top orgs as well as limiting how much you can put in the market. If you can only put so much into each market and production has a scaling cost to run mass industries or you are hoarding mass quantities of items in a warehouse those items should also slowly take damage or change into something like rusted iron if you dont use mats for a given time like a week/month unless you want to re-process rusted or onidized materials. Either way something has to be done about it.
  2. I would be down for giant worms that could eat ships or damage property if you settle in its territory. And when I say territory like a 19km cluster of tiles it owns but you can settle on and if you do it can eat ships or buildings. Or just using an npc like that to go around and eat up all the dead tiles or abandoned ones. Perhaps they could even bait people if they eat dirt and just create an endless trail of resources it processes as "waste". They could even be tiny or like 1km long. It could also fill in everything around it to heal tiles as it passes through.
  3. Its all about the mining on the front end and lack of limits to megaorgs or having hard finite limits to how much you can sell on the back end. Since NQ lets metaorgs destroy the game through mining, production, and market saturation it breaks the rest of the game. Since NQ sees the common players, casuals, soloers, and small orgs as enemies of the state in this game and not the megaorgs breaking everything it will never change. You cant change mining without taking away scanners. You cant change the market without changing mining. PvP is broken because of mining and production and ships costing too much to throw away. They need to balance to mid size orgs and chop from the top with all the sinks directed at megaorgs over new players. Until NQ realizes this nothing will fix this game or make it possible for more than a handful of orgs to enguage in pvp on any regular basis. I dont even really see it as being much of a demand issue as it is a group of players using the analytics tools to systematically keep the market down by the top power players and employing an army of bots to drive the market down and box the community at large out of the game and making the money we do earn take more effort, time, etc vs the megaorgs who are chewing through all the ore and further boxing out any potential competition if you cannot get any higher tier ore and the ganking type pvp that has claimed tons of haulers by now right into the hands of the people doing all the damage to the game. Without balance anything they try to do will do the opposite of what they think they are trying to accomplish until they chop from the top with hard limits and make mining more accessable to more people. At this point its pretty much too late to even do that without a complete wipe and new world generation to make the grind less monotonus but even still it just delays the enevitable of it happening all over again if again hard limits are added to slow down megaorgs and power guilds by forcing them to constantly pay upkeep/rent/taxes that scale by total property per person or putting upkeep on machines by what they run since they will likely never take damage.
  4. I was going to type out a huge post but meh. I think it had a comedy of errors: Talent Reset Fighting the game to play the game (lag, bugs, expoits (voxels), and just random occurances) Fighting the gamer to fight against the developers to play the game (you arent allowed to do much with talents, time locks, time sinks, money sinks, resource sinks, system mechanics, arbitrary nerfs, removal of necessary tools) Fighting the game to fight the developers who want to play their way to find out they cant because this game is desgined for a very narrow group of zerg guilds and everyone else must be punished who does not want to conform to NQ's idea of a faction. The complete shut down of our industry Destructive Elements Shutting down of our industry when we were flying through progression into T4 ores suddenly kneecapped and ransomed to get it out of mothballs. Shadow brake nerfs over saturated markets unbalanced/incomplete pvp All combined with losing our main hauler right as 0.23 hit hurt enough and we wanted to keep going till NQ suddenly shut our industry completely down, cut our brake lines, and added like a 50+ mil h ransom. Before that we were starting to climb T4 ore progression able to make pretty much anything we wanted and were doing pretty good for ourselves until it came to a grinding game breaking halt and all but three of us remain now out of the people we had who either had enough or that starting over from scratch looking at all the things we built around us suddingly useless and a whole mountain of grind to get started again was pretty devistaing. We were almost at the point to start pvping but we are still trying to fully dig ourselves out of the hole NQ put us in.
  5. If I could pay for some kind of travel pass from orgs or pirate groups directly to make them physically unable to attack me I would gladly do so if it meant I didnt have to use warp cells or if I ran into a group I didnt pay for safe harbour I could still punch warp. I dont trust those same people to want to protect me with escorts or anything of that sort without at least a 75-97% chance im either going to get ganked in route or that there will be a wolf pack waiting on the other end. With all the shiesty things people do in this game im never going to use that type of system unless I can directly pay them off as a toll and they cant kill me since im being protected and cant do damage to me even if they wanted to.
  6. Its as I say elsewhere that mining is the root of all evils in this game and the major cause of imbalance. My guess is by the time they did their first initial world generation that by the time they came back around to improve mining since its basically as stock of a system as you can get they realized that they could not change mining. Since every system down the line is impacted by it and you cant change any system sepperately that does not lead right back to mining. But as time goes on they will need a supplimental system in order to keep mining viable as a profession once all the juice tiles and payday mines are gone. None or all of it can be phased in when that starts to happen but it will be necessary at some point when 4-12kl nodes end up being all thats left with the remainder of the ore being scattered by many km between nodes and still justify what happens to the millions of tunnels that crisscross all planets. At some point they are going to need to spawn content and alternatives to node mining to go back down there. Haveing 1-250l rocks is like 1 avg grab and stopping to harvest larger versions of surface rocks wont break the game if the spawn rates are done well.
  7. Been saying this for a while now myself and I am fully onboard with everything you suggest. I do also think that everything you see should be 100% harvestable where the planets are just as harvestable as the rocks and new industries are created for various consumables which open the door for buff based talents to require/allow players to fill in talent gaps to do more in game would be a great start. I think that there should be grades to planets or some kind of timer to plants to change the model or grade to a larger plant so if you do harvest you get more or a better grade. With there being 5 sizes and also 1 type of planet in game for every single talent that there is. Not only that but I think there should also exist a poisonous plant element on the flip side of the consumables which could be a male/female version of the plant but does harm rather than good to a consumable talent based buff system which takes/negates talents when harvested but adds a toxicity to perhaps the buff duration but is otherwise indestinguishable from the non poisonous version and even stacks with the regular version but adds hidden effects, vision filters, or debuffs to any consumable that you wont know till you buy / try it. There should also be other types of planets that produce medical supplies like bandages to stop hp loss or bleeding dots or to just heal in general. I would say if NQ ever adds a stamina bar instead of putting cooldowns on things like the maneuver tool and used stam with the weight of the ship or requiring you to eat some kind of stam refill consumable to bypass the CD with consumables or stam regen to cut the timer down. I think everything in this game should have a purpose and be harvestable, potentially dangerous, random at times in terms of what you run across and not just how fast you can do the 100-500m dash to the next node.
  8. My final suggestion for AGG is simply that depending on the side of the AGG S.M+ that the size of the AGG itself should act upon pulsars attached to it as the factor of speed it can produce by how many pulsars are added since apparently breaking the game with unlimited weight is an expected feature at this point without having to calculate how much pulsars can actually defy gravity and haul weight vertically into the air. AGG speed by size: S-AGG: Every Pulsar added gives 1kmph to the ascent speed. Even if you slap on 100 its still only +100kmph. M-AGG: Every Pulsar added gives 2kmph to the ascent speed.Even if you slap on 100 its still only +200kmph L-AGG: Every Pulsar added gives 3kmph to the ascent speed. Even if you slap on 100 its still only +300kmph Its not a bad tradeoff to at least offer players the ability to buy more pulsar to give some kind of efficiency out of a free technology until they add some kind of fuel source or keep it free. Its completely sensible to add speed even without weight being a factor. The whole reason pedistals/towers exist is because there is no veritcal bridge between hovers and retro rocket fuel vs a more sensible solution to either allove hover engines to get up to AGG height or to offer some kind of rotor based lift system like drone rotors and housing or helicopter rotors to get to that height. Retro rockets, atmo engines, space engines are more all suited for traveling long distances or hitting the nitro boost to punch it with retro rockets. There should be another vertical practical option between hovers and AGG. The height of AGG is fine but either hover engines need to be able to fly higher or some new 101-999m gap needs to be filled by a more efficient thrust unless you plan to go to space and need retro rockets after the 4k mark for space elevators as an alternate solution where there are more options for travel in general.
  9. Its the lack of choice that is the heart of the issue. You arent really even given enough self sufficiency through division of talents to even start as a solo player and build a community from the ground up. Instead NQ arbitrarily decides you arent allowed to do that and you need 10-25 people to have a ok-semi good time to progress. If you cant build a base, industry, fly, or mine your way to building something players would want to collaborate or work together on then your only choice is to join a large org then build your own. Who wants to join a ground up full list of projects needed to get an org going vs a pre-established mid-mega org? They do everything better and more efficient. Its not impossible to do its just a lot more work then you can expect people to be invested in to get an org off the ground. Me personally seeing how much NQ hates me and wants to punish me for playing in a small group just makes me not want to fit into NQs mold since its not a faction I can support on my own terms its a forced select group of guilds that dictate everything to you. Im not cool with that and im still inching towards the goal of getting to that point where we are a mid size guild despite NQ and how much they stack up against the way I play. Or how much NQ does not understand about MMO gamers in general with well established social norms players should have every right to play as they want to. You cant do that in pretty much 90% of the aspects of this game currently. Applying more pressure to join the zerg borg factions does not appeal to me in this game.
  10. NQ needs to chop from the top and not target players in the middle or bottom of the progression. Little barriers or hurdles to jump sure. But you never want to target new players ever or prevent upward momentum for mid orgs to become large orgs through upward mobility. You need to chop from the top beecause they have everything and break every mechanic they touch because JC wants to break the game just that much faster or now that he has set a prescident to catering to large orgs nothing else can change for the better unless they give orgs limits, higher than average scaling costs, industry upkeep, higher tax rates, TU land taxes based on number of TUs, machine upkeep, and a lot more. It should not be some free ride gravytrain with JC as the conductor. Until then the rich get richer and JC punishes everyone else for playing this game.
  11. We have found no upward limit as of yet.
  12. Im not worried at all. Analytics of any sort is a powerful tool. Im not against it. Im just glad for the heads up.
  13. No dont get me wrong I think it should be a thing to have cyber warfare and intelligence and cyber defense as a part of the game. Could be interesting. Or planting bugs or detectors/trackers or having to spot bugs in the local files. Im not necessarily against this being allowed in a Territory war situation with a totem that shuts another ship down or break door security or something to that effect.
  14. Not unless NQ decides to not allow people to use scripts on other players.
  15. shit just got real lol. So if they have the capability to embed code onto a player to track them what is stopping them from creating a character embedded code to a person that sets perms and polocies? Im sure its not too far out of the realm of possibilities. Hell the one guy took out district 15 likely with this type of code. It was just a sacrificial test run to test the electric fence and probe to see what they could get away with. Cyber Warfare & Inelligence gathering and embedding code onto other players is probably out of the wheelhouse of a majority of players skill set im pretty sure.
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