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  1. Its like if the government was like hey we will give you 40 tiles and a ship and you end up building it all and the government turns around and taxes you to try to default you, cuts your breaks, trys to sabotage your industry, abandon your vehicles, kill your mining rights, turn the industry green with MUs that do less environmental damage, kill the economy to bankrupt you, and then tells you that you can only use x% of your company vehicles or structures. They asked for this, they dont like what game they made, and not they want to kick people off the land who are paying or freeloading alike since we dont do what they wanted which was to make us fight each other.
  2. They did say they were a Metaverse Company perhaps that is just a rebranding signal that they were going to metagame their playerbase out of their universe.
  3. Lol its not like a Wallet Hostage Negociation where they can hold our money hostage. The truth is we can walk away any time we want. This situation is more like NQ is threatening Suicide and we are talking them down from the ledge they are threatening to jump off of. Deckards like "We dont barter with our lives" while hes moving closer to falling off the edge and its like im just trying to save you from yourself bro. Back away from the ledge and NQs like "the time for talkings over its going to happen you better get ready to clean it up".
  4. Dont know if you noticed but your in the middle of a slow rolling wipe. They can do all the countermeasures they want like abandoning cores, taxes, sinks, limits, etc but with all the changes its unavoidable the direction they are going. They might not be doing it all at once with a clean wipe and a fresh start but all the taxes, abandons, sinks, limits, etc are doing just that and if you dont see the pattern or that players are leaving anyways its going to wipe itself clean eventually of both assets and players alike. #takealookaround
  5. Its just short sighted in the sense that it might keep them in the black in the short term but the subs they will lose due to this will in 1-3 months time put them again back into the same situation or worse. What are they going to do then? Voxel complexity hard limits? Target industry? More nw avondonment features? They could have said we needed to cut down on all the constructs of people who arent paying us and even if you are an alpha backer or beta key player you are the ones who are going to be limited. If you have an active sub you get 200/200 for being an active paying customer or that there could be different tiers so that if you have a T2 sub you get 400/400 cores for $20 a month and it keeps doubling from there since as soon as you are inactive it pretty much gets avandoned anyhow so getting more for your money is mutually beneficial for NQ and the players. It was dumb of NQ to ever offer Alpha backers a totally free account and beta players free accounts until launch and is part of the reason this is the way it is currently. If the problem is money then they need to really start making money in either tier subs to entires people to spend more to get more or actually having some kind of fluff shop if not a full on cash shop. Either way they need to find new sources of income or they keep cutting off segments of the population off from wanting to play their game which makes their situation worse over time and creates more of a cycle of cutting more costs and spending all their time trying to punish, grief, and restrict their dwindling player base.
  6. The funny part is they never developed the escape pods/lifeboats. So when this ship goes down due to the money being sucked out everyone who stays will be a short lived experience. Fiar, unfair suck it or leave it there are options and other approaches they could, can, and have always had the ability to change for years if they knew what they were doing. They could still save themselves if they wanted at any time. They honestly dont want to. It never had to come down to this.
  7. Yeah NQ seems to be on a crusade to abancon and set expectations htat if you dont actually use something you will lose it if you dont touch it in like 2 weeks. Problem is with having to run MUs, run around collecting it from various place and then selling it, having to sell it again if it get undercut, tearing down things, and all that its like even if you jump all the hoops just to hit that 80 core minimum if you are already T5 in org core counts your likely going to forget to touch one of your constructs since it only counts the owner and still lose things. I am with you on the idea that everything does not need to be out all the time and storage or compacting needs to be an option if im just going to keep losing my constructs. And since NQ wont give easy options to strip cores down to store then rather than manually taking it apart element by element or chunks of voxels in 32x32 pieces its a hassle and a half to begin with and compacting it down in some kind of golden/silver type blueprint that has everything you can just spawn back at will if not something that just strips everything easily would be nice. If they need to make it harder for salvagign or whatever just make it so that if you own it you can strip it, if you dont then you take it apart piece by piece. If you can fit it in a 10 link XLE constainer the you can strip it instantly or it just strips it as fast as it can or whatever, it just needs to be streamlined. NQ has the tools for that or like things such as the clean dirt within cores but its apparently too good for players seeing as digging manually and creating more surfaces, microvoxel artifacts, and more faces is best for the game rather than add/remove teravoxels from your core or being able to paste in anything more than 32x32 when at the same time we can instantly drop whole cores at once via bps makes no sense in the grand sceme of things.
  8. NQ just needs to have a virtual build mode type system that has all the best things or essential things needed for voxelmancy and a creative mode to make things quickly and then just allow for blueprinting imports/exports for ships/buildings and call it one. Part of the performance hits are from all the voxel reactors and kits all over the solar system that dont need to be there along with how lanscape voxels have two layers such as the base layer you see from space or that loads first before the teraforming changes are loaded, player voxels, lights, industry elements, scripts etc that all need to be toned down and not cores. There is also ways to only load the voxel faces that need to be seen when looking at them to also increase performance but when you have a base layer of landscape voxels, changes, and regualr voxels with a 3x the performance being taken and millions of rocks that need to be loaded its impossible to get good performance. The other thing is they need to create core size elements like hangars that are like an inventory that can compact ships and only has so much space like a container to hold ships you can take out and has some kind of cut scene with the actual ship like the sanctuary shuttle when pulled out and spawned. There is no reason to have so much out unless you plan to actually use it or that most of this stuff has some kind of purpose since PvP is DoA the way it is to take it out. Instead of reducing the amount of active non compacted constructs they want to force it in a way that does damage to the game with abandons or defaults since PvP is not a thing in the way they set out to make it. The other thing is that Orgs need to have a level of sovernty outside of players to sink that the Org Leader should have an Org Talent Tree for things like TUs, Ships/Structures, tax breaks, and general bonuses that dont require 100 cores per player but that those who donate does help or that Orgs should be able to buy the cores from someone as a form of compensation and until the org is ready to relinquish they should be compensated each tax cycle to rent the core. As well as orgs renting the land to personal player cores outside of the org cores. Or where an org can actually levy the taxes for themselves and anyone living on an orgs land pays taxes to that org and if you arent in an org then you pay your taxes to NQ. There is no reason not to have the taxes actually be levied to do something for the orgs rather than just bleed money out of the system. I also think that 1600 cores is too low since you only really need 16 dedicated members you can actually trust vs randos who might just suddenly pull 100 cores from you after investing inthem. The thing is eventually orgs will need to fight each other on multiple planets across from the solar system and they will need like 10-20k ships & 10-20 structures in order to wage sustained wars unless you want it to last a month and game over. You will need lots of land via TUs, lots of land for industries, lots of land for mining, and lots of structures for defenses, lots of ships for moving things, and lots of ships to fight with, lose, and still have more in reserve to keep wagign war as you make more parts to keep it going. This system pretty much kills all chances of that from ever happening if every Org is 16 people and less with beta key holders. Its very short sighted and since PvP is a thing this game has no long term appeal for players to want to wage massive wars rather than just hoard stuff and scrim for roids. Thing bigger NQ. Its a bandaid now its amputation by not addressing the root causes of these problems rather than just griefing your playerbase every chance you get that puts you further into the hole monitarily the more gaming player types you chase out the door.
  9. Many games fail over less than what is going on here with bigger budgets or impatient investors who force a game to be put on the market early to try and recoup their investments or a dwindling budget and a bunch of free loading alpha players who will never pay them a cent having only payed a couple hundred dollars to get he game to this point or the many beta keys they gave out that are eating bandwith until the game gets launched and the few people actually paying subs. NQ is in a death vice apparently to where they have to spend the money they have figuring out ways to streamline and cut costs and simplify features or cut features. With the free accounts going on, bandwith costs, and people just building adding escalating data costs and likely accountants and management trying to keep this game in the black they either need to cut lots of things from the game that exist now, tweak other things they have been working on to fit their current trajectory, and at the same time push as fast as they can to launching the game so that they dont get sued if they fail by claiming released with fullfilling the origional promised features as simple or different as that may be from those promises so that they might turn some profit with those holdingbeta keys that now have to pay since their talents are being held hostage they have relied on up until now or those who just call it one. Just look at the pattern of updates over the last year. Most of them are cost cutting measures, simplifications, punishments, sinks, and little actual content of substance.
  10. Building itself needs an instanced virtual version that is either some kind of VR Engineering Experience in which you jump in via surrigate and you ahve like a hanger or some kind of building space with built in prime lighting options or filters, ToD slider, etc so that if you want to bring anything into the game you can create a space that has the sizes of the cores as a selection or that all your blueprints are stored in this virtual building environment that you must complete a build in before it can be placed in game or that multiple builders can be in the same instace together to work together at the same time to make collaborative builds more of a thing before littering the landscape with half finished things and just giving a creative build mode type virtual studio type feel that just requires making it a blueprint after its done and placing it down. The Virtual Building environment should also have voxel sets built into it with an all in one virtual suite so that all the walls in this massive space has every type of micro voxels, railing,s etc players have built in game and NQ could easily take all voxel sets that exist and put them into it so you just grab and go with ease of use and a streamlined approach so that players can make whatever they want in there and you dont need thousands of voxels sets adding lag to the game. I also when placing down these blueprints in game it should have some kind of 3d pringting to it in which all voxels are created 1 at a time as they are placed down by some npc large 3d printer so that it has an actual construction going on as it places voxels and elements per layer to the spec of the blueprint provided all of them exist and perhaps XL core 3d printing only cores could be the way to do that. I also think that the same should be true for ship building that requires a larger full core sized 3d printer E-Core or element the size of a core that is one size bigger to make and produce ships that has a time frame to how fast you can make both ships or structures. We have this tech now in 3d printing bridges and structures and it should be the way to bring things into the game that is less instant than strategic as you can build whatever you want in the surrigate VR engineering studio in creative mode and bring it to life when you are happy with it since the process is more streamlined and has all the voxel sets you would need at your disposal. As well as having other Elements that are nested as well as docking bays in the sens that you can have an XS bay that is a one sided door to enter in a ship that has already built ships inside and once the player enters the door they can select any compacted ship similar to a pocket bike to pilot and once they select the ship they simply click the launch button and the dock doors open and the ship leaves the docking bay and when they return they simply fly at the dock and hit "F" and it just has an auto dock sequence with autopilot or a cut scene and you then exit the door to the docking bay element and go on your way. XL Core sized hanger element prefabs could also act in the same way as the docking bays do in which it more like a massive giant container for ships that you hit "F" within a good amount of range and it plays a cut scene of entering the hanger and the doors closing and a virtual hanger instance with the ship in it until you exit the hanger via a door so that you can either repair the ship, refuel it manually or attacked repair and refueling elements would do it automatically over a much longer period of time 1 element at a time unless you stack repair droids or refueling droids to the structure with only so many droid slots that dont actually exist as much as are virtually doing it not moving in a static location within the hanger. Either way there is no reason for so many reactor sets, voxel sets, and cores filled with this stuff and complexity, ships always out, or half built structures everywhere since it could litterally all be done in a building virtual core experience within a set structure before it gets put into the game with a free built experience that just requires the voxels and parts or elements to make it work. The other side of this is for buildings and things so that you could potentially have linked cores that are perfectly spaced and linked so that if you wanted you could crete say a skyscraper that is 1x1x4 cores and in the building virtual building mode it has the ability to have those dimensions and creates a multi core blueprint that when placed has all the linked cores put down as the same time like in the virtual building more so that it takes the pain out of placing multiple cores at once or that the mega 3d printer would build one at a time unless you stacked multiple XL sized 3d printers to build them all or build the cores outside its range once it built all it can in that space. So you could in theory create a structure that is as big of a structure as you need like 1x3x3, a death star, star destroyer to scale that has all the cores you need linked and just requires the cores, voxels, elements to place once it is done into the game. This type of thing does not need to exist in game until it is built virtually saved as a stack of multiple blueprints and then spawned either using the 3d printer meothof orjust instantly.
  11. The first question to ask ourselves is: How many cores does both a player and an Organization need? What is an org in DU to begin with? Why are we allowed to join multiple orgs or start pocket orgs for more cores in the first place? How much is enough? Last but not least, What function are orgs supposed to play in DU? The things to consider here before even answering those questions is what in DU actually appeals to you in context to what you actually use Orgs for, the goals in a group you have, gaming psycology (Solo, Casual, Small Group Dynamics, Large Group Dynamics, PvP, Elite Orgs, as well) as they pertain to a game that is essentially an economy loop that lacks the need to group or do anything with others and completely optional PvP where it matters and a game that is a building game that now is a treadmill of taxes and a flood of ore you cant even sell in the economy loop without undercutting yourself and others to make taxes to keep the whole charade going or that if you stop you get pushed off the treadmill and lose everything without ever firing a shot in PvP since taxes abandon cores, not touching anything for a period of time abandons cores, or arbitrary changes like the new Core changes abandons cores wether you play religiously or casually eventually NQ will forcefully impose negative changes or knee cap you for no real reason. Maybe its cost cutting, or maybe NQ thinks this needs to happen for whatever reason they have in their minds for people skirting the system as none of it really matters when it is completely detrimental to the game at large. We can postulate all we want but at the end of the day this is becoming less and less of a game that is creating a death vice of bailing players, abondoned cores/structures/cities when NQ asked the players to build the game for them before they came in trying to kick down all the voxel sand castles we created. Orgs need purpose, function, specialization, practical core counts, and a reason to actually work with others that does not create division and end up with someone rage quitting and taking back the cores your org might be counting on or invested in due to disinterest, unsubbing for terrible game conditions, or just taking a break, getting sicks, breaking an arm, or going to the hospital amonst other life issues that will inevitable result in a player investing potentially years of their life to lose by arbitary means that are Player Vs Developer rather than Player vs Player in origin. Sure NQ might have build a half baked game and set standards that this is a building game with no real PvP that is completely optional or that at some point you get bored of the meta and grind and just decide to retire to build something grand like old people retiring and moving to florida to ride out changes or that the time it takes to build is not worth the 5-30 mins it takes to destroy vs the years of hard grind and effort it takes to build that is the core issue. 1: The nature of org needs to change: Acknowledging the cores are an issue is a start and sine you can create pock orgs, shell orgs, sister orgs, you name it to skirt the limits of what NQ allows you to do is the first issue that needs to be addressed along with the ability to join an org and what orgs and their players offer each other and the limited nature of permissions, lack of contracts or paychecks, rent, penalties, or laws in game are the real problem with orgs as you cant charge rent for personal cores, stores, etc and unless they are dynamic or given by the org for static cores that anyone with access can steal everything from you it creates a distrust loop cycle and that you can do much more meaningful stuff as a solo, small group, large group as you can as an org. Since the multiple orgs are a problem with cores and the new system only really allows for 16 members donating 100 cores each it drastically limits and actually compounds the problem with seemingly simple solutions that in reality do 10x the opposite and further develops the game into a corner like quick sand that the more NQ struggles for solutions the faster the game diesunless they figure a way out without struggling too much before its too late. 2: Changing the structure of Orgs You should only be able to join 1 org and each org should have a number of sub orgs within the org you can join based on your actual talents you have and the talents being how much you get paid as a salary from the org by first the value you bring to the org but also by your activity. If org membership was 1 per player it turns orgs into more of a faction with sub orgs as the flow of the game and the roles of the game as what you can do by what you can actually do. 2: Sub Orgs would have different missions, group finders, etc in which speed up the flow of the game so that you have: Mining Sub Org Industry Sub Org Logistics Sub Org Building/Ship Building Sub Org Infrastructure Sub Org Defense Sub Org Offense Sub Org Each of these orgs including the main org should have enough Core slots for 10k/10k ships and buildings, as well as TU slots as well for max territory an org can constrol that orgs as basically a main faction but also sub orgs have real tangible growth potential, core reserves, capability, purpose, and a workflow to do what they need to with more people, make work orders, logistics, transports, can police themselves, or can assault other org like factions and target their sub orgs as well since if you have to choose between joining a faction of sub orgs or building your own it should be possible but you would be fully exposed to PvP from any org faction. But at the same time Sub orgs create a pipeline to mine, produce, move, build, defend, and assault at the same time with people and their actual talents. 3: Taxation with actual representation. The real loop that needs to happen is that all taxes collected go directly to the org they are a part of as they can only join 1 org. so all those resources can actually be used by an org to fund themselves, fund missions, fund resource aquisition, sell, fight, or defend their territory while still progressing as a team. The other half of this is that Orgs and Players within the org should need to use their personal cores and be charged rent by the amount of cores that are also baked into this system so that the more you bring into the game the more you pay in rent or taxes and it all goes to the main org to build more industry, build more ships/strucutes, markets, or defenses to keep their assets safe from PvP and being exposed by building actual defendable cities with safety in numbers or that things are constantly being taken out ofi the game by PvP and destructive elements if you dont defend or key other orgs at bay. Taxes and rent would help to make that a possiblity if you could only join 1 org and it also acted as what was used for wages, degense, etc in return and make it more of a necessity that it mutually beneficial in building bases or cities, military instalations, fleets, or markets and to keep it funded properly. If players donate cores then it helps to keep the orgs effort in establishing lasting assets they cant get back unless they are sized or destroyed instead of a lease or taking them back if it is evenyones interest to protect and keep assets with opperating costs, losses etc being factored into the system and paid for by rent or taxes. To where a player can use their personal cores as a quazi residential district zoning and to where Orgs can actually zone tiles for such things since they would own all the land and rent it out to the players to drop personal cores on, make personal ships/structures, or they can also buy their own tile if they wanted and still be subject to anyone or any other org coming along and destroying and taking your stuff if you want. 4: Transition periods. If NQ goes this route they need to slow roll things rather than just surprise updates. For instance taxes are finebut they should have phasedit in 100k at a time and finding the sweet spot or that if they want to change cores they need to pre-load the talents in so that the transitions go more smoothly rather than abandoning multiple hundreds of cores and not either having enough exp to reclaim them all or throwing a wrench into a majority of players existing builds if randos claim their stuff and dismantle or hold them hostage. All of that needs to be done delicately. So like if you want people to be in faction like mega orgs slowly reduce the number of orgs you can be part of so that people have time to consilidate or transitions cores as the faction orgs form since you dont need pocket orgs, shell orgs, sister orgs, etc if there is no real upward limits to a master org faction and each sub org type also has no upward core limit tojoin into as the number of orgs you join diminishes like once a month vs like GOTCHA, SURPRISE everything is in chaos so choose or die its a nice slow roll smooth transition of power and consolidation through chosen alliances. 5: Org Population Orgs as factions should have org soft caps averaged by consolidating orgs or the largest master orgs so that you can only have so many more members than the other faction orgs until enough people join the other orgs to increase your population. And unless people unsub, quit, etc you are grandfathered into your pop cap as the standard so that it keeps a kind of checks and balances but also creates competition to occur to need safety in numbers if you are now PvPable by any other org or that if you only get so much rent and taxes to fund an opperation vs a faction like org. NQ should have also have imposed a minimum number of players to even create an org like 10/25/50 and need a charter signed by the founding members who are all orgless to make an org after the orgs are changed.
  12. Honestly NQ should just let people sell anything ingame for RL money. If we put the effort in to mine and do wahtever you should be able to sell parts, elements, voxels, structures, ships, scripts, etc for actual RL $ including accounts. NQ just needs to take their cut of 50/50 or 60/40 for player and studio since people have and will always do this and make money off a game even if the studio wants it to happen or not and should rightfully take their cut vs gold farmers. Studios can either fight the system or embrace it either way they are either burying their head in the sand, or spending resources fighting it, and either way its never going to stop as a multi-billion dollar industry. On top of that NQ needs to sell fluff items like $1 per 100m of exclusive voxels, Dyes for avatars that glow for $5 to pick tron line luminescent dyes, sell pets, sell XL cores, Sell esclusive Elements, and on and on since instead of spending time on "Recruiting unsuspecting players" into a failing game as a pyramid scheme to get skins they should/could sell them in a fluff shop store to generate additional income since you could sell skins for like $5-10+ that is as simple as flood filling a texture in the albedo layer, renaming it, and calling it one even if NQ says they dont have the time its really that simple and infinitely sellable its just they dont want to spend 15-30 mins to recolor and rename something in a PBR texture to generate income for however long this project lasts. But also that they should really get it over with and also introduce a full on cash shop as they have broken every promise they have made so why not cash in properly with a P2W model? Sell T6-10 or T6-25 in the sense that you could have better stats and stacked elements you pay for so you dont need 100 wings and instead just x4 T25 wings for like $6-25 a piece to motivate NQ to actually finish making all the missing elements in this game or sell alien tech, anchient mech tech whatever including ship parts, industry Units, Mining Units, Weapons, you name it to actually help develop the game. Or having Premium Tier subs that have like 5 tiers that cost more that gives free tax breaks for tiles, comes with rations, random Elements of the month from the cash shop/fluff shop, store credit or whatever so people who want to pay more can pay more. Why not give things like more exp to premium subs for talents or offer those people a whole unique talent system that goes up to Rank 5 bsed on the tier of your sub to where everything has 5 ranks of T5 talents? Or that you can add delux addons like Hey do you want more core slots? You can ala cart as many as you want to pay for like Landmark did. Hey you want your own market place you can pay an extra $50-100 a month depending on size or storage limits in the market that gets added to your sub for the ability to have your own personal market that also generates a % of the sales as income that draws players to a tile for an actual purpose and has reduced market tax only for the owner unless they want to reduce it for the org that can only be reduced by so much. Or like subs now you can get better rates for Delux subs the further out you pay and orgs can do their own paypal campaigns or get the money if they even want to share it with others for perks. NQ could also rent out persoal solar systems that have an ala carte approach to where for $250 a month you pay for a red dwarf type system with 1 planet that is the size of a moon with the ability to scale it up to more planets, bigger planets, moons, asteroid spawns, ore seeding, and whatever else players want so that the bandwith is covered for running it and ensures that if a org wants their own personal system they can crowdsource the funding or the jump gate just goes poof but is connected to the rest of the game so other players can go there or PvP there and the Org basically owns the whole system and can rent out territory for quanta or $ to whomever they want. The main thing is NQ cant be afraid to make money on DU and only sticking with a sub model is not going to survive in its current state unless they rush launch which it seems like what is happening and will push more and more players from playing if they do so which is a death vice at this point in quicksand. the more NQ fights the quicker they will sink without actually generating money to both save the game but also to develop it into something ptople might actually want to play and pay for that has a wide variety of ways to give them your money but also that you can make money at the same time. No doing so or any of this will kill this game faster than NQ's design choices or whatever they think they are doing since its obious at this point its not to develop a game rather than undeveloping and strangling it to death before claiming its feature complete and launched. Until they turn it into anything more than a simple overbloated economy loop with completely optional PvP it will never be more than they continue to undevelop.
  13. This right here ^. Our small org all feels like this. Its like every update is yet another setback, roadblock, kneecap, setback, etc in the sense First it was schematics that ballooned our industry by 75% of what we actually needed to like 5000 machines for 3 people, destructive elements flip flop that actually helped the game, removing voxel mining, adding MUs that have been a chore/job and are part of what killing the economy, building a base with nothing else to do being techered to our tiles, and now they want to abandon our cores if we dont touch them, tax us, as well as abandon our cores so that we can reclaim them before someone else claims our work for us for no real reason. Its like NQ has a sado masichist running their studio that just likes to cause unnecessary chaos working on systems nobody wants or asks for with no communication at all about them till is like surprise we killed your puppy again in a constant grief, abuse, and punishment cycle rather than actually spending their time, money, and effort into making an actual gameplay loop and constantly killing off segments of their playerbase they dont like because they dont understand gaming psychology and the different types of gamers they should be building rather than forcing everyone to thread the narrow minded window view of the game NQ has. Or that they dont even know what kind of game they have built, the types of gamers it actually appeals to or why people play the way they do or for what purpose. Whatever JC set out to do was always DOA and it seems like NQ without him at the helm is finishing DU off. Its like sure this time its core jurisdicational transfer and chaos breaking up an org and only needing 16 dedicated members per org that actually kills most orgs or projects like the D6-12 train project when the real issue is the need and the ability of being part of an org, creating a pocket org per person, and the loose nature of orgs when if NQ just had no real upward limit or like 10k/10k ships/buildings with this new system and only let you join 1 org it would do the same thing. and now you cant tokenize personal cores. But on top of that whats the point if you cant trust anyone now to not unsub, pull cores since you only get 1600 and only so many are part of the org or those with multiple beta keys dont need other people messing things up more. Its like what is the next shoe to drop if I continue playing or my friends continue playing. There is already not much to do in game since there is no PvE content, PvP is de post facto at this point, and the only meta is mine, produce, sell to just perpetually scale your ops to just keep endlessly producing more and watering down the economy that much faster with nothing to spend it on or do with it. There is no real reason to throw away billions on PvP or that NQ has adopted a DvP meta in which you can really only take a 2 week break before things start going abandoned and with taxes constantly rolling any break you take kills your MUs, industry, and pushes you straight off the treadmill anyways at which points is like do you really want to rip down billions of voxels by hand along with hundreds of thousands of elements or do you just call it one. Because there are just too many better games on the market that do all this better with a lot of content and dev teams who just care more about their communities to throw it all away every like this without actually having the intelligence to see what it does to their communities without treating their players like children by saying "you all seem to be confused to let me explain it to you really slowly and sugar coat it so that you keep paying us". Everyone should stop logging in till NQ either comes to their senses or they scrap the new core system entiresly. If its not broke than why fix it or just give higher core limits in general in orgs so large orgs dont need like 30 sister orgs because of core caps and pocket orgs etc. @NQ I really hope that you guys can actually come to your senses and build a game as its not just DU on the line as much as all your careers at stake now. I know if I see any of you clowns on a project im gunning for you being fired and any studio can see this slow motion trainwreck and should steer clear if your inability to develop anything.
  14. So what about how talents are still going to make a majority of orgs still start with abandoned constructs until they can spec back out into the Core counts that will make all org cores abandoned when this goes live? Do you plan to preload org cores like the XL core unlock first or do you guys enjoy the unnecessary chaos you create since pretty much players are already donating cores to orgs and this makes no difference in the end other than chaos? Or dot you plan to just make orgs 16 member only with this change since you cant really trust any members that will eventually become indian givers after you help funnel elements or resources into their core as an org and then have 2 weeks to get your stuff back before they steal it? Do you realize that if you only need 16 core members per org that donate all their cores that it essentially does the opposite of what you want to do to get rid of pocket orgs and skirting the system to get more cores by breaking up orgs into hundreds of more ogs since you only need 16 and players will just form sister orgs of the same org since the cap is so incredibly low? Why does an individual player need 100 cores if you cant tokenize or do anything with them?
  15. So first on its face 100/100 personal/org cores is better than what was proposed. But again 100 org cores only requires 16 total members who are dedicated to the org to hit the org core cap. Beyond that there is no point to dedicating cores to orgs with this change since 1) you can no longer trust non core members to put down cores if you can just take them back at any time, and 2) players are just going to put most of their cores in a pocket org as it is now and it changes nothing it just shuffles the deck for no reason as it were. If you have beta keys you need even less people to fill those 1600 max core slots. The issue is then sister orgs needing to be made in order to do the same thing as we currently can. Or that personal cores cant be tokenized if some solo player wants to build and sell their ships and another player buys it since an org cant even if they commissioned the ship. Not to mention they never said anything about permissions changes but if you cant transfer/tokenize personal cores or you cap out with 16 dedicated players its strange to say the least. It seems like there needs to be: 50/50 personal ship and building cores 50/50 Org ship and building cores with 1600/1600 max org ships and buildings Since by doing so means you can have more people in your org.
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