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  1. I don't have any Thrustmaster JS's. Can u still use the software to control non-native JS's?
  2. Thank you so much for addressing this issue. You have done a wonderful job with the game and communicating with the players. I think it's great that you plan to add the ability to upgrade later and look forward to that option in the future. Keep up the great work! Thanks Nyzaltar!
  3. If anyone supports my proposal or just upgrades in general, make sure you post it in this thread so NQ can get more feed back than just me or a couple of others. I'm positive that there are more of you out there, but you have to be vocal about it to affect change for the better. In the long run, it would benefit all of us even if you don't plan on upgrading because it will simply generate more revenue that can be used for more servers, development, hiring new talent, ect. If you have your own idea on how you think it should be, then let's hear about it.
  4. Establish a new Title and Purchasing/Rewarding system... ---{New buyers would look like this}--- Contributor (can upgrade later to Sponsor or Patron minus Contributor cost) Sponsor (can upgrade later to Patron minus Sponsor cost) Patron [At highest tier already] ---{Old backers would look like this}--- Bronze/Iron Founder (only original rewards) Silver Contributor (Original Silver & Contributor rewards) Gold Sponsor (Original Gold & Sponsor rewards) Sapphire^ Patron (Original Sapphire^ & Contributor rewards) ^ = or higher Teir After which give the following upgrade options for a 50% discount... Bronze/Iron Founder ---> Bronze/Iron Contributor, Bronze/Iron Sponsor, or Bronze/Iron Patron Silver Contributor ---> Silver Sponsor or Silver Patron Gold Sponsor ---> Gold Patron Sapphire^ ---> [At highest tier already] * New system shows new package title and old backer title if applicable * Allows upgrades for both backers and new accounts * Generates more revenue than the current system * Keeps all perks on one account * A lot easier to understand * Would not take anything away from current backers or new pack owners NOTE: Upgrades on the new packs would REPLACE the previous tier.
  5. IMO, I think that is wrong. I am glad to have bought gold, but for the folks that still paid $$$ to support the game at Bronze level should be given some way to upgrade. NQ has nothing to lose by allowing all existing backers to pay EVEN MORE MONEY to get more stuff. It boggles the mind that a company would limit or restrict it's existing paying player base from throwing more cash at them.
  6. Thanks Hades. It would have been much simpler if someone said that at the beginning instead of post the same damn link over and over and over. So NQ needs to fix the FAQ then plain and simple. EDIT: Wow, they fixed it already. Q: So if you bought bronze, then you are SOL on wanting to upgrade or buy better access? Meaning you would have make another account just to buy one of the new packs?
  7. So are you saying that the FAQ is completely wrong then?
  8. Wow, again with the link. "For example, that means that if you had pledged for a Silver package you will receive all exclusive items included in the Traveler Supporter package in addition to the rewards promised in the Silver package." I think the "Traveler Supporter package" is really the "Contributor Pack" and if so that means you get everything from what they are saying in the FAQ. The problem is that the FAQ is saying one thing and the LINK you keep posting over and over is saying another.
  9. Ok, tried to buy the Patron Pack but got... "No need to upgrade, we have your back! We plan to give you all the new items for free under certain conditions, please refer to the dedicated F.A.Q for more info." Clicking on the FAQ... If you have backed the project during the Kickstarter campaign, or if you’ve pledged for a Founder Pack on our previous website, you will be granted the items (both digital and physical, depending on the Founder Pack you pledged for) of the equivalent Supporter Pack for free. For example, that means that if you had pledged for a Silver package you will receive all exclusive items included in the Traveler Supporter package in addition to the rewards promised in the Silver package. But you said I only get some of the stuff in the Sponsor Pack cuz I'm a Gold Backer? Above, it's saying I get everything. See why this is so confusing.
  10. You should have side that the Login NAME is case sensitive. I was originally trying "jdsplice" and "JDsplice" worked. Strange requirement. My bank does not even require that level of security.
  11. Yes, I am interested because I fully support the game and would have gotten a higher tier Founder's Pack, but sadly could not afford it. I would like to formally request some way of getting the new packs at a discount as a perk for being a Founder. Even a little bit would go a long way. Examples would be after purchase... Gold Contributor Silver Patron Kyrium Sponsor
  12. Thanks, So what happens if I want to upgrade to the Patron Pack? Will it charge me $180 or will it subtract what I have already spent on the game?
  13. Here is the link if anyone else wants it. Sorry it posted a video instead of the kickstarter page link. Can't figure out how to make it just a link.
  14. For everyone posting the same link https://dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/03/07/supporter-rewards-for-founder-backers/ over and over, I have seen and read this already, but it is still confusing.
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