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  1. I am in favor of a full wipe, keep talent points and any core blue prints we have in nano pack at time of wipe. maybe a starting quanta based on how many months you have subbed as a fair way to reward players. Don't penalize the players that have paid and played because someone who just started playing thinks it's unfair to them. They could have been playing this whole time just like us. A wipe will allow NQ to do what it needs to do to the game and having to rebuild just offers more fun having to rebuild. Plus we have learned a lot and rebuilding means we can rebuild back better. I just wish NQ would make up it's mind. Just go ahead and rip the bandaid off and let us know. The whole well we haven't decided is getting annoying after all these months. Here is maybe some advice for NQ, Just do what YOU think is best for the game! You guys play the game too, you do what you think is best instead of listening to 1000's of different opinions! Be leaders not followers! Give us atleast an estimated release date, let us know what your goals are! Maybe with getting feedback maybe do surveys instead of listening to feedback posts. No threat of leaving the game here, I love the game and will stay with it whatever happens!
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