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  1. I agree. The game already has the information. Just need an easy-to-read way to display it to us in build mode.
  2. Where do I see the container/tank buffs?
  3. This may have been brought up previously, but is there any plans for a menu in build mode that would show current boosts/buffs your constructs have?
  4. So, yeah.. Feli... I miss my old home world. Let make it happen.
  5. The hardest part of this scenario is to figure out which credit card we're going to use. Cash Shop Skins Please!
  6. Armand


    Oh no, Anti-Feli rhetoric. Makes me a sad panda.
  7. Another contest and they haven't announced winner(s) of the beta Outpost/Speeder contest.
  8. Armand


    I saw this roadmap and couldn't find it again, thanks. I knew Feli was going to be last just was hoping something was updated about time frame. Thanks again for this graphic.
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