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  1. It would be compacted but you would not be able to deploy them anywhere except the original destination that it was auto compacted. Traveling with your compacted ship would be useless as you would have to go back to the area where it was parked to re-deploy it.
  2. Add Territory Units to map menu so i can set way points. Separate Construct/Ships in Map menu. Bookmarks/Constructs/Ships should always be sorted by closest distant or add a filter so I can pick to show by planet, distant, org, or by player. If I'm on my ship and the game crashes for whatever reason I should be placed back in my seat if the seat is not in use. Constructs at markets should be compacted after x days and can only be re-deployed in the same area where it was compacted. If advertisement is the goal at markets have players pay for advertisement spots at
  3. I think NQ need to fix the bugs first before this ever gets released. Spinning ships due to adjusters stuck on applying force. Was told this was a lua issue although the fix I had the admin apply did not work. I think we need to have a type of parachutes for our ships. If our game crashes for whatever reason I would rather have it resume once I enter the cockpit vs just having it start back in motion because once I join the game I wont be in my cockpit and I wont have time to make the correct actions. How many times have you tried to fly and all of a sudden your ship goes out of control due to
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