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  1. I'm looking for description of inter-organizational conflict (i.e. conflict within an organization or alliance) that happened during Beta. Managing orgs can be difficult, and sometimes.... expectations and interests of the members are not in sync. Does anyone have stories/descriptions of any non-violent conflict (e.g. power struggle, usurping a Super Legate, disputes over direction and goals, disputes that break up the organization, etc.) that happened and how the Organization or its leaders responded? Why? I'm interested in hanging out my shingle in-game as someone who mediates these kinds of disputes and provides other non-combat conflict resolution to organizations and individuals. Maybe even have an organization of mediators, arbitrators and organizational ombuds. Please let me know your experiences! MediatorJ
  2. To those that claim NQ caved to whining carebears: The loudest whining was from those scan-hoarders giving out ultimatums like "if you wipe the scans, I will have wasted 1000s of hours in my beta-life, so all the most important players (incl. ME!) will quit if you wipe... etc." Thankfully, NQ listened to the reasoned arguments of those that cared about the game community more than their robber-baron-thug-life. That said, NQ should have just made the initial decision to wipe and communicated that, rather than change their decision. NQ destroyed some level of trust.
  3. If you are going to wipe on release, can you at least make it a release event. Maybe blow up Alioth and make the ore that was in Alioth a new asteroid belt. Just an idea... #WipeAliothAway
  4. For me, this thread is all theoretical, because I (along with other GeForce Now users) cannot access the PTS. So, just as a reaction to what's been said: 1. Don't wipe the old scans. Just make them useless by re-randomizing post-Demeter ore placement. Reset the ground and the ore in the ground. 2. Definitely scale the ore obtainable with the "tax" on each tile, so folks are able to do what they want to do in the game. 3. Gradually phase in voxel/element obstruction, give us a roadmap to obstruction changes so that we can prepare, and be generous with what will be allowed. Otherwise, ships will become dictated solely by functionality rather than balanced with aesthetics. 4. Figure out a way to get input on proposed changes from people who access DU through GFN. Ideally, find a way for us to access the PTS.
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