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  1. When will we be able to apply backer DAC in order to be able to join when server goes up on 27th?
  2. The issue is parsing the log to do outside things, aka notify on discord or via text message etc. If you intend for the log to be readable for some purposes, I would recommend a randomized delay before the log gets written so it cant be utilized for instant notification of in game events. Example from log: <record> <date>2022-01-17T19:48:50Z</date> <millis>1642450010131</millis> <sequence>18617</sequence> <logger>D:\Bamboo1\xml-data\build-dir\WC-REL21114-CSTS\Source\game\scripting\DPUnit.cpp:212</logger> <level>WARNING</level> <class>WC-REL21114-CSTS.game.scripting</class> <method>NQ::DP::Unit::execute</method> <thread>21872</thread> <message>Executing a Lua method in the wrong thread. method='setAxisCommandValue', inFlush=true, method is Flush compatible:false, method is Update compatible:true</message> </record> The above occurs whenever a method is done in flush that isnt allowed. If i was nefarious, i would do that intentionally and log parse for it for my nefarious notifications
  3. Side Note: Removal of lua logging will not stop people reading the logs and using things written to do stuff. If logs exist, and they record things like a core turning on and off, or any producable event in game, the log can still be used for nefarious purposes.
  4. system.soundVolume() is needed to go with play and stop so that the play volume can be less than game volume.
  5. People are allowed to reply to your post with whatever comments they wish. This boils down to there is no reason for "Potential Methods of Alleviation" as you put it. That just means keeping OP ships in the sky.
  6. I concur about blueprints being limited runs, and also you should not be able to make a blueprint off something built from a blueprint. Just because you can follow a blueprint to make something doesn't mean you can make a blueprint from something you built following one. This will let Blueprint become commodities and establish Artisans for the economy.
  7. Just bought the game, so high, and I'm curious, why do owners of the game need moderator approval for posts? Anyway, hoping this and my public profile post get approved so i can get in the right areas of the discord.
  8. discordauth:tQO_Sw2j-7gwuDyfVN8_dxtm4Z2-AzCBjRNNIxd2Tm4=

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