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  3. @bacabab Thanks for the input. I use Sketchup and gimp for my design work. What you see here is not a design drawing but an artistic representation of a ship I have built in pre-alpha. Because of NDA reasons I can't share screenshots of this ship. That is one of the reasons for the art style I chose. But yea - you should see it in game - it is sweet.
  4. Artist's impression of the F-22 prototype - now in DU Order yours today.
  5. An artist impression of the air and space F-15 - Now flying in DU
  6. Congratulations to France on winning the World Cup. Vive la France!
  7. Image: Flight of six Wraith's over Alioth, Courtesy of NovaQuark
  8. Artist rendering of a Dawn Class Multi Role Freighter in GLSU colors. Flying now in the Pre Alpha.
  9. Hilts Tower - Come see the tallest tower in NQ City. Find out what epic buildings we can design and build for you.
  10. Little red birds - shot killed - confusion - chaos - death happening before life - despair - this,,, this feeling; giving up on something before it begins - laughter - tears - voices - darkness - fog - disturbing images Continuous swirling - trapped -- Now I’m consciously aware of it - I’m trapped - a thought comes from somewhere distant - someone hacking my dreams?.....
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