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  1. 18 hours ago, BR8V0TW0ZER0 said:

    That’s stupid then. 😂 because how am I supposed to know if I can use my flight gear in the game. Should be common knowledge to any person, Sounds daft to me to be honest. 
    only asking can i use flight sticks and hotas not anything in-depth been in a few nda programs and still am, never heard of not saying anything about controls being part of it.definitely new to me  that one  🤷‍♂️

    yep it's pretty strict and.....unwise to put it more friendly.... I can't even quote you the NDA itself because that's under NDA too lol make of this what you want ^^


    18 hours ago, BR8V0TW0ZER0 said:

    I look at this target not sure I have heard of

    it, as most games/sims I’m in have the support.  is this like njoy keyboard to joystick I have a google on it see how that works. 


    it's EZ to use and quite powerful too. I played CS:GO with my hotas (was a nightmare but fun)

  2. 13 hours ago, BR8V0TW0ZER0 said:

    support for joysticks/hotas/rudder pedals.

    there's ALWAYS support because you can always use TARGET to play any game with HOTAS and pedals


    13 hours ago, BR8V0TW0ZER0 said:

    can we use also game pad as well if we want. i use mouse and keyboard of walking around mostly but just wanted to make sure on what the controls are and how deep the modifying the controls, say like elite and star citizen ect.

    that's under NDA unfortunately, can't say anything about the controls ingame

  3. On 5/26/2020 at 7:01 AM, Lexant said:

    obviously this would be a post release feature however there would be little to war other then continuous killing. what if there is a re spawn point where a enemy is trying to infiltrate. they would kill guards and would have infinite resistance. Also it would be necessary for ransoms. Plus they could still be broken out and rescued and if not they could come to an agreement.

    it doesn't really matter if or when it's implemented - it's still a bad idea imho

    wdym by infinite resistance? Even IF you have a rez-node nearby to attack someone, you don't automatically have infinite resources. You need guns, ammo, armor,... which you might lose when you die (AVA mechanics aren't a thing yet and haven't been talked about much)

    Don't really see this neccessary for ransoms - you can still ask ransoms for bases, territory and ships. No need to punish players with a useless mechanic which only hinders them from playing the game they actually pay for

  4. As said in discord I will here too:


    I really think that this is the way to go. People don't know you and most never will, so building trust is hard. And even IF you manage it then there's always the problem of alts in this game and you could play the long haul and scam ppl after 5 years for good because you want to. 


    Demanding that collateral helps customers to feel safe and immensly helps you building trust


    I definitely see this bank being useful that way when you just want to avoid having to transport some rare ore from A to B

  5. 1 hour ago, hdparm said:

    There likely are/were many [NDA] things that would be done differently if the developers played the game more with unprivileged accounts.

    Disagree strongly here because fundamental game mechanics dont change if you have a dev account. It's still the same game to play. And you can still do all the things from ground up too, although you don't have to because you can just teleport or create a ship instantly. But you could still do it from bottom up

  6. gg yama, gg


    9 minutes ago, hdparm said:

    Not being able to secretly join a player-run organization and play with others means that the developer won't have first-hand knowledge/experience of game play, feel, performance and balance on the live server (from the point of view of a normal player).  Please consider changing rule 2b.

    And risks of showing others directly or indirectly what may come in the future because you buy, sell or trade some very special goods. 

    Imho devs shouldn't play at all with a private account.


  7. 47 minutes ago, korben4leeloo said:



    I would like to buy a supporter pack, but there's a point concerning Dual Access Coupons that I would like to make sure I'm understanding well.


    If I'm taking for instance a contributor pack with 3 DAC included, does it mean that, when the game is released, I'll be able to convert them to three months of subscription ? And if I sume up, getting a contributor pack allows you to:

    1. Play the Alpha

    2. Play the Beta

    3. Play 3 months for free after the release


    Thanks for your answers.

    yes - well done! :D


    1 DAC = 1 month of gametime. You can either use it to play one month or you can sell it on the markets for ingame money (quanta)

  8. 16 hours ago, Vyz Ejstu said:
    • What do you think Outpost Zebra could do better?
    • What content should be added to make the site engaging?
    • What content is currently unnecessary?
    • Are you interested in multi-language content? If yes, do you know anyone interested in translation?
    • What do you think Outpost Zebra should focus on more?
    • What is existence?
    • Any other suggestions are welcome. 

    1. Regular updates \o/

    2. Interviews with ppl, orgs or even NQ. I also like to read opinion pieces. Like the writers personal opinion about an org, the game, mechanics, certain aspects of the game and such. Ofc with the nda this is a nogo atm, but later on maybe. 

    3. I like the Layout and the stuff which is on there

    4. Maybe later at some point, but then I would clearly split that. Not every article needs to be translated. But for example: an in depth view on economics/production might be better in german (if it follows eve then those are the biggest producers)

    5. See 2

    6. 42

    7. Keep it up! This is a very good First step 

  9. 5 minutes ago, Hampius said:

    Thank you for the quick answear. Unfortunately it’s bad to hear, so I guess I’ll pass on getting the game - I really don’t want to see flying ponies everywhere... o7

    don't worry - I only build huge ass mustangs. No ponies involved :D


    I get your frustration and I get why ppl don't like this - but that's just how it will be, unfortunately for you. Have a good one mate o7

  10. 32 minutes ago, Hampius said:

    For me it’s a total immersion breaker and therefor something I wouldn’t like to happen, so I’d like to ask are there any restrictions to what can be designed to follow a certain theme or it’s totally FFS?

    who should enforce those restrictions? NQ will only step in if it is smth REALLY offensive or if it's some kind of copyright material (Star Wars ships and such) - everything else is fair game and can (and possibly will) happen


    34 minutes ago, Hampius said:

    Or maybe are there planned servers especially for role-playing stuff with rules that determine design theme so that flying toilets aren’t a thing?

    DU is a single shard server MMO, there won't be any private servers. There's only ever going to be one gameworld ever

  11. 23 minutes ago, Minetown said:

    I really want to know it!!!

    It will be pay to play via a sub. Approximately 10-15€ per month. 


    If you earn enough ingame money you can buy DACs ingame which equal 1month of gametine, allowing you to play for free (without rl money). Like the plex system in eve

  12. 10 hours ago, b_user said:

    Hey Everyone. A interesting Question came to my Mind: How will DU handle the (lets call it) "Massive Impact" Players will have on the Ingame World? If anyone can dig "everywhere" wouldnt that cause a massive destruction of planets or the Overall World so that we have a big cheesecake like Alioth after a few Years or Months of playing?. 

    I hope you understand what i am trying to say. And im not sure if theres has been already a topic for this question.

    alioth is massive - that alone helps alot ;)

    on top of that there are territory control units which only give certain ppl the right to dig on that tile

    And again, this game is run by players. If you don't like seeing a swiss cheese then do smth about it. Make an organisation that deals with this. Interact with the community. Do smth about it yourself. That's what DU is about tbh

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