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  1. You are all missing it. The game IS the wreck.
  2. I always find it amusing when 'pirates' in this game talk about the need for others to face challenges while taking part in maybe the least challenging 'pvp' activity in all of gaming. I don't put the blame on any particular group. It is all down to sht game design. If it wasn't for asteroids outside the safe zone, pvp game play would be almost pointless so giving the OP his wish would result in the destruction of the gameplay loop others enjoy. Which hardly seems fair. So once again, the fault is with NQ which is unable to implement pvp in any way that doesn't resemble big game hunting at a zoo.
  3. This kind of thing always makes me laugh. The casualties and misery resulting from every time the free market is fck'd with have been staggering. While the unregulated free markets are a great thing, I'm not sure anyone would suggest it can fix poor game design. However, in real life, the market will have a solution for DU. Sadly, it won't be one that anyone will like.
  4. $200 Cdn a year for this? There is no way this game with the features available is worth that kind of money. I can't see how this game stays viable.
  5. While I agree with you about PvP being a cornerstone of the game concept. The game as it is has a player base that has been reduced to 2 broad groups. Those that like to build sand castles and those that want to kick them over. The only thing the 2 groups have in common is that they both haven't realized they're playing a dead game.
  6. By 'player driven content' they mean content that's driven players from the game. Never going to pay a sub for this. Sub model only works if you aren't relying on a person to make the same bad purchasing decision over and over again.
  7. OP, the 'paralysis' isn't due to indecision. It is basically the devs hitting a dead end as the server tech has completely failed. The single shard was the defining characteristic of this game and in order to make it 'work' they've had to strip down key game mechanics to only very basic functionality. Everything from space combat to the changes in mining to the abandonment of TW are all a result of the server tech being insufficient to support those mechanics.
  8. Make combat interesting or worthwhile? Give it a purpose besides simple ship destruction? Isn't avoidance of pirates exactly what pirates have been complaining about? As you've said, plenty of people have avoided pirates. This is exactly what led to the flood of pirate tears to the dev begging for the devs to implement crutch after crutch to help pirates find their victims.
  9. If it wasn't a scam, it is now. That video showing their 'concept' of ship combat is being used now on Youtube video adverts for the game when they know perfectly well combat will never look like that. Pretty blatant false advertising.
  10. The active player base is probably 25 guys each with multiple accounts. Banning alternate accounts would shrink the player base by multiples. In the end, arguments about multiple accounts, or wipe vs no wipe are pointless. The game is destined to be still born on release and thus all this angst around such issues will be rendered moot.
  11. Good point. Hey NQ, how about every player start with 100 billion quanta and 1 Million tonnes of each type of ore.
  12. Given what you say here, I'm actually starting to think such a scenario would be healthy for you.
  13. Anybody who saw the promotional videos and what was promised and then spent years playing the Alpha and so called Beta and experiencing the huge divergence between what was promoted and what was delivered and still thought that the 'promise' of no wipe was somehow uniquely iron clad should have their head examined. Frankly, given the trajectory this game is on, the only wipe you should be worried about is the likely final wipe that will occur about 6 months after this so called release flops.
  14. There is a portion of folks who'll only come back or continue to play if there is a wipe and there is another portion of folks who'll only come back or continue to play if there isn't a wipe. I don't think either group is relevant because in my opinion, neither group is big enough to support the game and it is likely both groups are dwarfed by the portion that aren't coming back regardless.
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