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  1. maybe. I bought DU exactly because of 'Player driven game' slogan. It expected to have the same freedom as 'you know what game' so I wish this game my best and I will check it next year.
  2. if I used simple logic I would say: builders can build on core too but PvPer can't pewpew on planets. but I'm not going to troll people here. I really want this game to develop. I think competition is the only thing that can involve many people to the game.
  3. I think there are no community anymore. a few people arguing about PvP/building on main forum of MMO game... sad... as I said in other thread my discord community position is 'we already have said what we want, we tired of repeating' so I'm sitting on huge space base and I have resources to build 100 L exotic ships. but there is no one to play with...
  4. it is not about forcing builders to PvP. It is about equality. builders have all planets and almost all resources. there is simply no reason to PvP. I just ask to give us (PvPer) reason and resources. for example couple of planets with unique resources will be enough. or PvP server. or weapon production only in PvP space. something
  5. current situation is terrible and getting worse every week. I am seeing in real time as people stop taking about the game and losing interest to it. Not to mention that no one is playing DU now (I am talking about our corporations and community discord server) my idea is not to split the population but prove that this game need change of course. because DU now really is early alfa I think devs can experimenting. In our community a main idea about communication with NQ is following 'we already have said what we want, we tired of repeating' I respect your positive feedback here and other posts because generally this community behave itself like 'DU euthanization team' they attack all ideas and feedbacks with words like 'you don't understand/it is not going to happen/everything is ok/etc/etc' Ignoring of problems is not positive way of thinking.
  6. You said PvP is not popular genre. you use RUST as example. I showed that you are wrong. If DU will be as 'dead' as RUST it will be huge success. Anyway. my solution (PvP server) is not against your playstyle. Why do you bother if we (PvPer) find money and receive our server to play (at least to check)? you still can play as you want on current server.
  7. Are you kidding? PvP games are most played games.
  8. I clearly indicated that I want more PvP. I think total PvP server will be more successful and I force devs to check it.
  9. after seeing fights between non PvPer and PvP about vision of this game future I can offer this step. It is simple A/B testing. I think it can solve all our problems. let's see. 1st server - current one. 1. simply follows current game rules with no changes. 2. no wipe at all 2nd server - a new one 1. full PvP everywhere except base planet - small safe zone around Sanctuary 2. Fresh start 3. Atmosphere fights according space rules 4. 3 months test I understand that this solution required money so a also offer to open crowdfunding to cover that 3 months test in conclusion this solution helps us to stop out fights. peaceful people can build houses on old server and we can go to a new one and fight. PS I personally can guarantee that I will buy 20 3-months subscriptions to this server for my Eve friends
  10. finally some sane thoughts. I totally agree. I offered in another thread 1. reduce safe zone only to zone around Alioth, moons and 2 initial planets and interplanetary space around them. 2. remove all save zone around other planets 3. turn on planetary battle according space rules (Construct vs construct) 4. Add powerful shields and base weapons to protect planet and orbit bases 5. make T3-T5 production possible only in PvP zone. (for example in safe zone all strong power sources are blocked by some suppressor, including weapon and T3+ production)
  11. people don't invest in games... people play games. if there are no people it means the game is not interesting
  12. etc... Oh man, I feel your anger. I didn't want to disappoint you or anyone. The current gamestate is result of wrong decisions, not a 'waiting wipe' or something. People don't play because there is nothing to do. It is impossible to create an MMO with core mechanics like building. 100 or 1000 builders are not enough. So without competition, this game will die. I don't want it to die.
  13. just think about two words... Summer DACs...
  14. I will add my 5 cents. sorry I will be that terrible guy who criticize. you main goal now to return number of players to more or less appropriate range. so you need to return players and hold them with some fun/new features/game mechanics changes. you need this because investors should see at least a flat number of clients but now they see huge loss. secondly you need to test game. you can't test without people. so let's check point by point 1. THE ALIOTH EXCHANGE won't bring anyone back. small useless change 2. CONTINUED GRAPHICAL UPGRADES same. won't bring anyone back 3. SUMMER DACs lets discuss at the end 4. NOVEAN OVERVIEW won't bring anyone back. small useless change 5. LUA API very bad investment. won't bring anyone back. it is not important for us. for you it is huge work that takes a lot of time. 6. TALENT POINT RESET it's ok. I think it's easy task. nothing important so to the point 3 Summer DACs. I think you idea to involve new players. But you should not just involve but also hold them. In the current situation you can't hold them because there is nothing to do in the game. they come, burn you money via server time and leave. in conclusion this is a bad update that will do worse due to you spent developers time for it with no profit. I think you should do some gameplay changes before gifting DACs. PS Devs Game is terrible now but I love the idea and want you to succeed. Add some collection version or something useless to buy for that players who want to support you more than 1-2 subscription/month.
  15. I think you understand that current situation of the game is terrible. My idea to give a feedback from MMO player with 20 years of experience with many many friends what we can do to increase player base. I love an idea of this game and I want it to develop. I respect other opinion and if Devs chose a way to peaceful building simulator it will be ok. but I think in this case this game will be nonprofitable.
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