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  1. I almost want to agree that pvp is beyond what they are capable of. Speaking to them directly and they addressed the bull shit pvp trailer its a goal "where we want to be" so its not really false if thats what they are shooting for... like I cant even. Post that pvp footage when its actually there, not some dream goal of a company that got millions of dollars to make a video game and miss its own deadline by 2 years. no thanks
  2. can you bring them some work ethic too? or is taking crowd funding money for pets and other things and not following through a normal thing for them? Maybe they can make a road map and try to follow it for once?
  3. My faith in NQ being capable to follow through in their words is 0 as they kind of just do w/e they want and were along for the ride regardless. Our feedback seems to fall on deaf ears and if you don't believe me, just look at how long it took them to work out the problems with market 6.
  4. I want to roleplay mining an asteroid, but I need an asteroid to do that in pvp space with ore inside. Is that coming anytime soon?
  5. release is 2 years late lol. when is the new release?
  6. do you have a date? Im sure people want to know when a huge update like that would come through so they can be online to try it out.
  7. By 2022 maybe we can get new textures on the Exotic guns and rare guns like what was data mined. False promises by a subscription based model designed to suck the player base dry and accomplish the bare minimum
  8. but this footage is all scripted and inaccurate. The game does not function this way, nor does it operate this smoothly. Explosions dont land on my ship, they land 3km behind me as I move and cant even see them unless I slow down to 2000km/hr. I wish you would show us sooner since NQ are almost 2 years late to the "release date" and I'm losing faith in them. If Asteroids arent coming out till next year i'll leave and come back then, don't string me along like some battered house wife promising to change
  9. I would hope that they might show us in more detail what they talked about here with some samples or another trailer maybe (last trailer was in january) PVP currently is still broken btw, no comments or updates on fixing anything either. -Gunner dmg report log only shows 3.5 lines instead of the 10 it used to -Gunner target lock no longer highlights current target and closes the drop down for locked target's info by default. You have to double click to re highlight it again and if you press insert to reload your containers you have to do it all over again. -Gunner logs showing
  10. any news on the missions or asteroids time line? everyones eagerly awaiting some kind of news regarding this and I can't find a time line of comment about it anywhere other than the PVP blog post made in 3 parts. I understand NQ wont be able to follow a roadmap but any kind of info would be nice
  11. i'm still a bit weirded out. Currently the docking system is hot garbage, you can pick up ships well outside the build zone that dont even belong to you by pure accident. Now they made it so you need perms set up in place (almost mandatory really) but the constructs being docked are still floating ghosts that phase through things and the ground... or dock 350m from me on my ship.. Why cant there be an actual docking element in place? why do constructs have such janky hit boxes? Will we ever get past the part of just super gluing our ships on invisible walls? Why is it that the weight of the sh
  12. I would take an accurate map over new ore textures any day...
  13. I miss the more interactive dev interviews.. all we get is coporate responses now
  14. I wonder if thats why the game was smoother at the start, since we all used rails and missiles at the start of beta but now we all got lasers and cannons and the server cant even handle it anymore
  15. I would love it if random abandoned space stations were littered all around in pvp space, with gold or T5 scrap and such inside. make it worth the players time to explore space and run into other hostile players that can really make the reward to risk math happen but I've been playing since Early November... have yet to see a wreck of any kind unfortunately. I've mined on all the planets and I got like 35 mill talent points... still yet to see a single wreck if they exist out there
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