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  1. That is so cringe, no statement required since its just pvp. The guns will come? I doubt it. Everytime a guy like you talks like that its just hot air. Feel free to prove me wrong anytime though.
  2. pretty much, we just took the active players with us and were doing our own thing.
  3. Take your roleplay out of here. Bring guns to a gun fight or die, its not that hard of a concept. Dont like it? stay in safezone and enjoy the free mining there.
  4. ... this is some weird conversation topics for sure. that game's current state is pretty bad when a handful of guys "have won DU" no one flies "fleet" or "war" ships so we keep running into haulers at the asteroids. the only player to ever fire back is sneakysnake and he will always run since he can't win solo against 2-3 ships. pvp is reduced to killing haulers at asteroids because thats all there is. No one is playing and the game is the slowest its been since all these updates came out. They needed to make these changes like 6 months ago but now most of the players left and were all thats left Boo, Empire, Anarchy, CVA, Havoc, Rival, and even the AC have all stopped playing. I couldnt care less if they are "always growing" or "looking for reasons to come back" currently they arent in the game and therefore when I get online, the only thing I get to do is shoot a defenseless hauler or watch sneaky alt+F4 from max speed like 4 times until we lose him. Game just isnt fun without the player base or these laundry list of new glitches we got on top of the ones we reported months ago that still dont work. Asteroid mining is cool at least, when you turn on the jetpack and you can mine away T3-T4-T5 is huge amounts its pretty awesome. Had the game launched beta like this, we would be better off than we are now for sure.. but the damage is done. Maybe in winter players might come back but im not holding out for that. I do hope the best for this game, the "potential" is always there but im finding better things to spend my monthly sub on rather than sit through this mess anymore
  5. this updates pros and cons Pros -weapon tweaking, to be more helpful for server performance -Gold nerf, as a seasoned pvp player since start of beta, as long as it was pure gold any ship was too difficult to shoot and kill without 4 hours worth of ammo (not joking) -Shields giving cargo, lighter pvp ships a better chance at surviving with the new voxel nerfs -asteroids, something to fight over in pvp space finally. Pvp before had no objectives to fight over and was for pure bragging rights. Now we can benefit for putting our constructs in danger -glitch ships seem to be addressed on the PTS although not completely fixed but thats a good direction to go in -Fight Times, the most expensive ship will die if its shot at enough in pvp space and it wont take 4 hours to kill someone -PVP is now super cheap, anyone can get into it and they should. Missions really helped build bank accounts to afford the inventory needed Cons -Exotic phased radars have no purpose? whats the point of locking someone out to 4 SU if the game only lets you see 2 SU by Default? -Docked Cores with res nodes and VR Surrogates allowing random players to spawn on destroyed constructs and enter build mode to delete a ship they dont own or even shot at -Sunk guns inside solid voxel mass are still not obstructed and can fire freely, as well as other elements like brakes/adjusters/engines Suggestions -Recycling elements with lost lives would be cool (scraping it down for parts or giving the option to repair it with new parts) -Destroyed Constructs coming to complete stops when destroyed. (people VR over after the ship died and ride it with the momentum it had before death making it impossible to capture due to server desync) -Upgrade server performance with other Tiered Elements (uncommon wings M, advanced retrobrakes, exotic adjusters) this will lighten the load of the server when ships are using walls of brakes and adjusters -wrecks on asteroids? -this one is kinda extreme, I would remove XS guns, make S guns automated only, make M guns attach to a pilots chair instead of a gunner's chair and make M cores ships the new "Fighter" type, and introduce a reloader unit (transfer unit basically) to reload the ammo containers for all weapons that works on all constructs -Make a friend or foe system? you have a transponder element in the game, but I need to use custom scripts to use it and it doesnt really work that well... I wish we could openly declare war on enemies and promote allying with our friends. At the moment all ships are viewed the same.
  6. its not forced, if you aren't willing to fight for the ore you can still just run missions in safe zone and buy it. You can use ore all the way to T5 without spending a single bullet for it. This whole rant wasnt very helpful.
  7. I almost want to agree that pvp is beyond what they are capable of. Speaking to them directly and they addressed the bull shit pvp trailer its a goal "where we want to be" so its not really false if thats what they are shooting for... like I cant even. Post that pvp footage when its actually there, not some dream goal of a company that got millions of dollars to make a video game and miss its own deadline by 2 years. no thanks
  8. can you bring them some work ethic too? or is taking crowd funding money for pets and other things and not following through a normal thing for them? Maybe they can make a road map and try to follow it for once?
  9. My faith in NQ being capable to follow through in their words is 0 as they kind of just do w/e they want and were along for the ride regardless. Our feedback seems to fall on deaf ears and if you don't believe me, just look at how long it took them to work out the problems with market 6.
  10. I want to roleplay mining an asteroid, but I need an asteroid to do that in pvp space with ore inside. Is that coming anytime soon?
  11. release is 2 years late lol. when is the new release?
  12. do you have a date? Im sure people want to know when a huge update like that would come through so they can be online to try it out.
  13. By 2022 maybe we can get new textures on the Exotic guns and rare guns like what was data mined. False promises by a subscription based model designed to suck the player base dry and accomplish the bare minimum
  14. but this footage is all scripted and inaccurate. The game does not function this way, nor does it operate this smoothly. Explosions dont land on my ship, they land 3km behind me as I move and cant even see them unless I slow down to 2000km/hr. I wish you would show us sooner since NQ are almost 2 years late to the "release date" and I'm losing faith in them. If Asteroids arent coming out till next year i'll leave and come back then, don't string me along like some battered house wife promising to change
  15. I would hope that they might show us in more detail what they talked about here with some samples or another trailer maybe (last trailer was in january) PVP currently is still broken btw, no comments or updates on fixing anything either. -Gunner dmg report log only shows 3.5 lines instead of the 10 it used to -Gunner target lock no longer highlights current target and closes the drop down for locked target's info by default. You have to double click to re highlight it again and if you press insert to reload your containers you have to do it all over again. -Gunner logs showing 100% misses but still doing damage to locked ship -Gunner reloads needing multiple clicks to perform single click actions (reloading/start-stop shooting) -Gunner randomly loosing lock still isnt fixed -Gunner talents still seem dysfunctional and giving false readouts -DESYNC (this one is so unbearable. ships existing and doing completely different things than what you see is a game killer. This one needs to be addressed for a "single shard" universe to function) -Default core viewing limit, ships can now sneak up on you due to the massive amounts of constructs in the area, invisible space cores that are in your flight path that your radar wont even load now due to all the constructs nearby. -Docked XS res node cores inside ships to bypass the player death on core kill of main ship. Causing the ships to still be in motion and not recoverable due to players respawning and keeping it moving. -Voxels damage causing so much lag people get disconnected and can't even load the game to get back in. All these issues currently affect the game, none are addressed or even acknowledged by NQ I wish there was a person in charge of pvp content, I dont want to wait another 5 months for simple fixes like player disconnects from game if you get a player kill (I was dealing with this for so long we were debating letting enemy players shoot us and disconnect on purpose so we can shoot them for a minute while they had to log back in) PVP doesn't seem to be a priority to NQ and I can't be bothered to recommend this game to my friends when i tell them I have to contact my enemies in discord to get a fight or sit in pvp space randomly for 3-4 hours hoping someone can see me and come out. I wish they would spawn in their own ships on the live server and test them there instead of the dedicated servers they use to film these fake pvp trailers that we all know wont work like that. There is no way shape or form the game behaves like this. Its scripted footage and I feel lied to at this point. Not seeing a shred of consistency from NQs comments about pvp in this game. "its a beta" is the common excuse, as they ban people who exploit in the game for some reason, rather than just undo-ing the damage they do. Everyone's mad still over free million dollar schematics and there's no ramifications. Double standards. As long as enough people exploit it will be OK because it will be too much work for NQ to fix. Meanwhile I get new rocks and trees and the voxels textures look lame and boring now. Thanks for tweeting out my ship on twitter, you guys didnt even notice all the pics are pre voxel decay patch and now my ship looks nothing like that. Charge me a subscription, give me poor customer service and a dysfunctional game with specific ramifications unless enough people do it with you, and then remain silent on game progression or current game direction as you put in new ore textures and dont tell anyone. And you wonder why you guys struggle to maintain a playerbase thats happy with the game. Most of my friends are gone and soon I will move on too. The least you guys at NQ could do is give us a reason to pvp. Asteroids/wrecks/missions and not new ore texture. Get your priorities straight lol.
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