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Found 1 result

  1. To date I've probably spent 1/2 a billion quanta on recipes, materials, ore, and parts. Everything is super expensive. Turning a profit can take up to several months, and requires great effort. Pirates are getting their way when it comes to ease of the kill. They can shoot us out of the sky with very little effort. Warp drives don't function if you're targeted (even if they don't fire a shot. Basically your car breaks down every time someone looks at you and you had to get out and push till they looked away). There's cool down and warm up periods for warp drives (pirates don't think it's fair that we have a chance to escape) Increased the mass of elements to make sure that ships are slower and weakened the shields hit points. (make all the defensive stuff heavier and weaker so you're a sitting duck). Right now it's pretty much point and click. They click your ship name, click "Identify", then start shooting. If you're traveling at max speed, turning to confront is near impossible until you slow down, by that time you've already lost. Besides the shield generator, and the pirates skill for successful hits, there are very very very few defenses for avoiding. They can shoot through asteroids or any obstacle you may try and hide behind. With the right script, they can automate just about everything so all they have to do is target you and click fire, and the script takes over to track you. Pirates should have to put in some kind of decent effort in their trade too. They are mass complaining about how hard it is, and the devs are bending to their will. Pirates have it too easy. And if we want to see any change and make pirate confrontation a little less 1 sided, we need to mass complain to the devs like they do. Post your suggestion on how to even the odds, and I will compile all the ideas that have the best chance of being deployed in game into a form that you just have to copy/paste into the submit form.
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