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  1. OP, the 'paralysis' isn't due to indecision. It is basically the devs hitting a dead end as the server tech has completely failed. The single shard was the defining characteristic of this game and in order to make it 'work' they've had to strip down key game mechanics to only very basic functionality. Everything from space combat to the changes in mining to the abandonment of TW are all a result of the server tech being insufficient to support those mechanics.
  2. Make combat interesting or worthwhile? Give it a purpose besides simple ship destruction? Isn't avoidance of pirates exactly what pirates have been complaining about? As you've said, plenty of people have avoided pirates. This is exactly what led to the flood of pirate tears to the dev begging for the devs to implement crutch after crutch to help pirates find their victims.
  3. If it wasn't a scam, it is now. That video showing their 'concept' of ship combat is being used now on Youtube video adverts for the game when they know perfectly well combat will never look like that. Pretty blatant false advertising.
  4. The active player base is probably 25 guys each with multiple accounts. Banning alternate accounts would shrink the player base by multiples. In the end, arguments about multiple accounts, or wipe vs no wipe are pointless. The game is destined to be still born on release and thus all this angst around such issues will be rendered moot.
  5. Good point. Hey NQ, how about every player start with 100 billion quanta and 1 Million tonnes of each type of ore.
  6. Given what you say here, I'm actually starting to think such a scenario would be healthy for you.
  7. Anybody who saw the promotional videos and what was promised and then spent years playing the Alpha and so called Beta and experiencing the huge divergence between what was promoted and what was delivered and still thought that the 'promise' of no wipe was somehow uniquely iron clad should have their head examined. Frankly, given the trajectory this game is on, the only wipe you should be worried about is the likely final wipe that will occur about 6 months after this so called release flops.
  8. There is a portion of folks who'll only come back or continue to play if there is a wipe and there is another portion of folks who'll only come back or continue to play if there isn't a wipe. I don't think either group is relevant because in my opinion, neither group is big enough to support the game and it is likely both groups are dwarfed by the portion that aren't coming back regardless.
  9. Speaking of marketing, I'm starting to see DU ads ahead of Youtube videos. Sadly they are severely misrepresenting the game in not outright lying about it.
  10. I beg to differ OP. This game is indeed 'finished'.
  11. Haha, the first thing that popped in my mind when I saw "A Fool's Defense" in the title of this thread was, "But we're still in Beta".
  12. I'm not so sure you are right about that. I'm pretty sure being tasked with rebuilding or building anew wouldn't involve taxes, or schematics priced with a year return. This game has no premise. Edit: I'm still howling about you saying "This is a game we play to escape that monotony". That's like saying we moved to Greenland to escape snow.
  13. The only way this game kills Star Citizen is by having the dev team at NQ go work at a RSI when DU goes belly up.
  14. No, the biggest problem is shit game design. There is no real point to the game. The only point to PvP is to harass other players and serve as a refuge to the unskilled who can't pass muster in other games with combat that requires real skills. Construction is just there to build pretty but useless structures (sand castles) and is basically there to serve the Landmark refugee crowd who weren't enough in number to save that game. The economy is on life support (bots) because there is no demand for anything. This is where the OP's point comes in. There is no specialization in the game. Specialization is what drives economic growth but, the economy in this game was always going to face an uphill battle. The devs are French and with that comes a belief in economics that is more akin to alchemy and magic. I suppose that also explains PvP to an extent, as it largely consists of running away.
  15. Hiking the price of a sub is adding more of a disincentive for those that have left the game to return. IMO the primary function a sub increase serves is as a great big warning that NQ is hemorrhaging cash and the whole project is circling the drain. Pity.
  16. This is a fundamental misunderstanding in the player community. When NQ talks about a Sandbox game they aren't talking about the Sandbox genre, they are talking about the tech level of the game.
  17. I was hoping to see the addition of anything to give me a reason to get back in the game. An increase in the sub price isn't going to do it.
  18. Well, increasing the monthly costs seems like a good move....
  19. Well, the big benefit for you is that after two years, your friends have probably gotten over their anger at you and have started taking your calls again.
  20. The fundamental issue that a lot are missing is the combat in this game sucks. It is shallow and boring. And the addition of asteroids kept that tradition alive with the hunt for asteroids being boring and needlessly time consuming. Now there is another game out there for us to compare to and there is no comparison. It is actually shocking considering DU has been in Beta for a year. The added nail, I don't have to bleed a monthly sub to be bored while the dev figures out what they want to make.
  21. It's absolutely forced. Ok not if you're only definition of 'force' is with violence. But making packages cancel the ability warp is attempting to force PvP encounters and is a short cut in game design to try to get players to participate in it. Having an alarm bell go off on asteroid discoveries is again a forced game element to artificially drive PvP. Asteroids are a temporary resource that are neither long lived enough or large enough to result in large scale Org vs Org conflict. Look, there is a big chunk of the player base that doesn't find the combat mechanic very compelling. Target locking involves no skill and is a back ground calculation as is hit (or miss) location as is damage. That's likely due to technical limitations of the server, so be it. The only way you are going to get more players involved is to expand the role of combat/conflict in the game. We'll see what asteroids does for the game but I everything that I've heard about asteroids indicates that their purpose had a lot more to do with alleviating server issues caused by planetary mining. If so, that is very bad news for the introduction of a new system. So granted I have a bias about asteroids because I believe that the introduction of a new system with zero safe zones is one of the few things that will save this game. But, yes I could be wrong. Maybe the current PvP orgs have enough of a player base to sustain the game.
  22. The people that don't engage in PvP now are for the most part people that don't like the mechanic. 'Balancing' shields and honeycomb is going to do nothing to convince them to partake. Cheap game design to try and force PvP like idiot anti-warp packages for missions and system-wide APBs on asteroids (imagine in the gold rush a prospector finds the mother load and his first stop in town is the saloon where he loudly brags about his find and it's location saying he'll be headed to claim office the very next afternoon....). Do the hard work of proper game design to encourage PvP, like territory and resource control and people will hold their nose at the crappy combat mechanic and take part. Orgs will put together large groups to compete for those resources. Game design that FORCES PvP in order to merely access a couple of KL of T3 ore will just drive players from the game.
  23. Neither is a good comparison of the DU road map. Both have streets mapped out one is just a lot more sparse. The DU road map would be analogous to a list of street names with no graphical representation to their layout or intersection with other streets. Something like this; First Ave, Main St, Young St., Memorial Ave., Southview Blvd., Northview Blvd.,,.... Coming early summer; 2nd Ave, Service Road and River Road!
  24. No I already showed it. You simply failed to read it. The mission system resulted in a big increase in the amount of quanta in the game. Inflation is an increase in the money supply. Very quickly after this quanta dump, prices in the market rose due to this inflation in the quanta supply.
  25. As far as I know, AC is still around. It is the splinter group, mainly ATOM and the other PvP focused orgs that have renamed themselves Legion. The only 'shard of Law' in the system is Aphelia, who's magic keeps planetary surfaces and the space around Alioth, Madis, and Thades immune to weapons fire.
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