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  1. *** This version now works without the screen glitch where everything blinks.
  2. I have a fix for the screen flicker. I'll be uploading it shortly.
  3. Hehe. I feel silly. I made the script and the text doc to upload, but I forgot to paste the config to the text. Thanks for the info. It's correctly updated now.
  4. Here is a quick script that will show a % progress bar for extra small fuel tank. Just right click programming board select Advanced > Paste LUA configuration from Clipboard. Then hook up a screen then an extra small fuel tank to see how it works.
  5. While we wait for the devs to fix the touchscreen glitch, here is a temporary update for the databank version Main PB. Instead of clicking on the number, you just press ALT 1 - 9 to select the page you want. ➡️ Main PB Alt script ⬅️
  6. This is happening to everyone. Please make a bug report to DU. Thankfully it is not code related and hopefully the devs will fix this soon.
  7. I am working on a version where the DB system is integrated with the touch screen system to reduce the number of monitors needed. You may also use zone detectors or pressure pads to use at or near your screens if they are positioned in such a way that they aren't all visible at the same time. This way you don't get the graphic glitch.
  8. I think my screen is too small! lol LOL. That's a known bug. I'm working on a solution. I use the exact same script. Here it is on 2 different size monitors. Some people get the bug, and some don't. It doesn't make sense.
  9. You absolutely can. The default naming is just for beginners who aren't familiar with LUA. The connection is to the machine. Just don't change any of the link names unless it's for the reason at the end of the Version 2 video. If 1 machine is making 1 product, then naming that machine after the product makes perfect sense. I apologize if the video seemed dumbed down, I made it that way so there would be no confusion so that people could get it set up regardless of their LUA knowledge.
  10. Announcement: Tutorial videos available for both versions. They are just quickly made ones. I'll revise them later. Version 1 Version 2
  11. The databank version requires 2 programming boards. The screen PB doesn't have machines hooked up to it. Only the 2nd PB does. You have to turn on the PB hooked up to the machines, before you turn on the PB hooked up to the screen. And both PB's have to be hooked up to the databank. PB 1 (Main PB) gets hooked up to the screen first, databank second. PB 2 (Machine PB) gets hooked up to the databank first, then 9 machines second.
  12. Yeah. Maintain is just to start the machine. Since maintain starts and stops it doesn't use the timer feature. Not until DU allows us to keep track of container product, or at least output numbers. Right now we can only see how many batches have bee completed. Some recipes produce 1, 10, 20, 50, 75 etc. and that's stuff we can't see at the present moment
  13. 0/3 = how many are made / how many you want made. So 0 means, no product has been made yet of the 3 you want.
  14. Which version are you using? Are you getting any errors? Is the screen on? Check connection order. Screen gets plugged in first, followed by machines. If DB version, screen then DB for main, DB then machines for mach PB's. You must also turn on the mach PB's before the main PB.
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