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  1. I think what's he's saying is that, the cost of production is so ludicrously high, that, unless you are a wealthy org, there's no way to make any kind of profit. And with the cost of production being that high, the end product is largely unaffordable by anyone, but the wealthy orgs (who most likely don't need to buy things because they can produce everything themselves). This leaves you with 2 options. Join a wealthy org, or live with severely reduced quality of gameplay. I stopped travelling between PVP areas for exactly this reason. The losses were too great, while the ease of ambush attack became ridiculously favored to the person doing the initial attack. It was no longer profitable to risk it. NQ's have broken the laws of physics to ensure that PVP is unavoidable.
  2. It sounds like people don't understand what Beta is. Alpha and Beta are not the product. Alpha was closed testing. Beta is open testing. Release day is the finished product. I have always planned for a wipe when the game launches with blueprints being the only thing not wiped and maybe the free sanctuary territory. It's partially about fair play, but it's also about starting the game from the beginning as it was meant to be played as a completed work.
  3. I run into, or detect pirates every time I do a planet run. I had a ship destroyed while mining an asteroid. They wanted me to pay money for my ship and for mining privilege's. I would have gladly paid the fee, but they didn't even give me the opportunity to pay it before blowing it up. They kept the ship after I destroyed what I could, and got no money from me at all. Their incompetence at simple extortion is why I don't mine those asteroids anymore. The "avoidance" you're referring to involves a huge detour. At max, sub-warp, speeds, evading isn't an option. Smaller ships go faster now, but most of the people in PVP space are hauling something. The only avoidance we have is to hope their ship heavier, we're going faster than them, and our shields hold out. The minute we slow down it's over. This isn't PVP, it's target practice. I'm not asking them to nerf piracy. It makes the game exciting. I'm asking them to make pirates work for it, to make PVP fun for everyone. Not just spending quanta because they didn't catch any fish.
  4. I try and post examples for clarity. This was not aimed at pirates. Though we were discussing that in discord when I wrote this. There should be some skill involved in shooting things. Not point based skill, but actual skill like 1st person shooters. Absent that kind of skill, the game needs some mechanics that require people to focus on how they're shooting, not just point in the direction they want to shoot. I've been looking at lua based games to make a "game room", because there is a big lack of that in PVP. And it doesn't look like they are going to go the 1st person shooter route which is what I was really excited for.
  5. A few ideas to start off with: Make identifying a ship more interactive with radar jamming. Radar jamming would disable radars, emitters/receivers, and anything that sends out a signal. A quick mini game would be played to beat the jammer if active. Otherwise it's a normal identify. Beating the jammer would allow us to send the "jamming frequency" to other players so we don't all have to play the game. Make shooting more interactive. So players just can't script their encounter, hits and misses could also in the form of a mini game. For example: We would have to click a swiftly moving floating target. The closer to the center we click, the greater damage is done and accuracy increased. The farther from the center the less damage and/or miss. If no game, limit the number of shots before we have forcing us to interact with the chair to keep firing. Add a random "weapon malfunction" where we have to click a repair icon or other maintenance when in constant battle. Allow ammo to not magically pass through obstacles that we can't magically pass through so other ships can come to your aid and absorb shots.
  6. To date I've probably spent 1/2 a billion quanta on recipes, materials, ore, and parts. Everything is super expensive. Turning a profit can take up to several months, and requires great effort. Pirates are getting their way when it comes to ease of the kill. They can shoot us out of the sky with very little effort. Warp drives don't function if you're targeted (even if they don't fire a shot. Basically your car breaks down every time someone looks at you and you had to get out and push till they looked away). There's cool down and warm up periods for warp drives (pirates don't think it's fair that we have a chance to escape) Increased the mass of elements to make sure that ships are slower and weakened the shields hit points. (make all the defensive stuff heavier and weaker so you're a sitting duck). Right now it's pretty much point and click. They click your ship name, click "Identify", then start shooting. If you're traveling at max speed, turning to confront is near impossible until you slow down, by that time you've already lost. Besides the shield generator, and the pirates skill for successful hits, there are very very very few defenses for avoiding. They can shoot through asteroids or any obstacle you may try and hide behind. With the right script, they can automate just about everything so all they have to do is target you and click fire, and the script takes over to track you. Pirates should have to put in some kind of decent effort in their trade too. They are mass complaining about how hard it is, and the devs are bending to their will. Pirates have it too easy. And if we want to see any change and make pirate confrontation a little less 1 sided, we need to mass complain to the devs like they do. Post your suggestion on how to even the odds, and I will compile all the ideas that have the best chance of being deployed in game into a form that you just have to copy/paste into the submit form.
  7. *** This version now works without the screen glitch where everything blinks.
  8. I have a fix for the screen flicker. I'll be uploading it shortly.
  9. Hehe. I feel silly. I made the script and the text doc to upload, but I forgot to paste the config to the text. Thanks for the info. It's correctly updated now.
  10. Here is a quick script that will show a % progress bar for extra small fuel tank. Just right click programming board select Advanced > Paste LUA configuration from Clipboard. Then hook up a screen then an extra small fuel tank to see how it works.
  11. While we wait for the devs to fix the touchscreen glitch, here is a temporary update for the databank version Main PB. Instead of clicking on the number, you just press ALT 1 - 9 to select the page you want. ➡️ Main PB Alt script ⬅️
  12. This is happening to everyone. Please make a bug report to DU. Thankfully it is not code related and hopefully the devs will fix this soon.
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