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    Heidenherz reacted to NQ-Naerais in Market Clean Up - Today!   
    Despite our recent efforts to expand and clear out Market 6, we are still getting reports about performance and clutter. We want to assure our players that we understand your frustration and are still working to find better permanent solutions. 
    Meanwhile, we will be addressing clutter across Alioth this weekend. Our plan is as follows:
    Dynamic constructs that have not had direct interaction with their owner over a set duration (currently 30 days*) will be hidden.  Constructs at the market that violate our rules,  Code of Conduct and EULA will be removed.
    If your construct is hidden, you can unhide (recover) it by using the Fetch tool. To do this, right-click on it in the Construct list on your Map screen. Any constructs that you own, whether visible or hidden, will appear on this list.
    Fetch functionality now works for organization-owned constructs as well. For hidden constructs that belong to your organization, your legates can retrieve them via that same functionality. 
    Our customer support team is at the ready if you still need assistance recovering your constructs. Simply ping our Live Support staff in the in-game help chat with “@GM” or file a ticket on our support page and we will dispatch help right away!
    Please note that this is intended only as a temporary measure to aid performance and improve your experience when visiting these areas. 
    We look forward to seeing the results from these changes over the weekend.
    May your frames be plenty.
    *Duration may change based on our findings 
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    Heidenherz reacted to Underhand Aerial in DevBlog 4 - Rebalancing the Universe   
    Vielleicht ist ja mittlerweile ein neuer CM in Aussicht 😃

    Ich würde sehr gerne NQ mehr helfen und nicht nur ich, sehr viele Leute würden sehr gerne bei Übersetzungen helfen. Wäre echt schade, wenn wir die große deutsche Community nicht nutzen 😕 Dabei mein ich nicht nur hier bei den DevBlogs, sondern auch im Spiel. 
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    Heidenherz reacted to Lexatris in [Discussion] DevBlog: The Mission System   
    "The long-term goal is to enrich the Mission system with more mission types, starting with “taxi” missions, SoS, and later adding PvP and various other “formalizable” activities. For now, we’re introducing the Mission system with transport-type hauling missions. "

    "(Please note that the UI for the Mission system is still in progress. The images below are samples of what it will look like.)"
    Why release an unfinished mission system? This sounds great and all but would be nice if you would release it when its ready. This is the perfect example of something you release on a test server first, make tweaks and perfect, then release on the live server.
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    Heidenherz reacted to Soulinks in [Discussion] DevBlog: The Mission System   
    If you want to just compare things back to other games, then Elite;Dangerous, No Mans Sky, Empyrion, Everspace and many more are just rip-offs from Eve.

    Of course some games will have similar features to others. If the feature works for the game, then why not have it also? Seems like common sense to me.

    As for half-done: Why would we want the exact same system that CCP uses for Eve, in DU? Do we have NPC space stations and such for the pre-set destinations? Also, player constructs usually consist of many cores, so would you list ALL the players cores in the game as pre-set destinations to choose from? Seems rather silly to me... I'm glad they are implementing a basic version and then tailoring it to DU's style that straight up copying another games setup.

    Now, my question is if they will consider being able to create 'Loans' to players, so that you can help someone invest in something and they agree to pay it back (and maybe with interest) over time? Giving, say a construct they have or items as collateral...
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    Heidenherz reacted to Kruzer in [Discussion] DevBlog: The Mission System   
    Overall, this is great news a mission system will potentially give players something to do but with the game as it is it may not be enough. 
    I don't know about pirating missions. There is no pirating in this game just murder.  The combat mechanic is so horrible that basically once you've been targeted/scanned and your warp drive is reset, you are done.  The balance of risks is terrible you can lose weeks of work mining ore and getting a large hauler just to lose it to some guy who slapped some guns on a box.  On the other side, killing another ship is basically just getting into range and button pushing.  The only real purpose of "combat" in this game is basically just a harmless outlet for psychopaths.
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    Heidenherz reacted to Elitez in [Discussion] DevBlog: The Mission System   
    How will the scoring system work ?

    My only concern...Point/Reward/Scoring system. How do you reward somebody knowing you can abuse the system since day 1 with alts, org alts, friend's alts, friend of friend alts, etc?!!?!

    Scoring/Value system will have problems if with 1 account you can Create Missions and Vote multiple OTHER accounts on daily basis. How will the scoring system work ?
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    Heidenherz reacted to Dupont in Poetic justice for schematic abusers   
    I believe the easiest, cleanest, and painless (for the innocent) way to deal with the "low cost" schematic debacle is to simply reverse the transactions from the market logs.
    For everyone that purchased an affected schematic during the time when they were 1/100 of their normal price, simply subtract 99% of the normal price from their account. If the person still has that schematic, then they can sell it on the open market.
    If they don't have the money in that account anymore due to money laundering, then it should be allowed to go negative so they can work off their greed.
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    Heidenherz reacted to Dupont in Poetic justice for schematic abusers   
    Well then you will end up paying the same amount for that schematic as everyone else. If you really need it then keep it and use it.
    If you purchased it for making illegal profit and laundered it at a discount then oh well. You either get to pay off the discount or stop using that account.
    If you are truly in the business of buying and selling schematics then you should be aware of the prices. Your argument is kinda weak.
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    Heidenherz reacted to le_souriceau in NQ Your lack of action regarding the schematic fiasco is disturbing   
    In way I feel, that this flawed "internal" thing actualy degraded CMs to "just  messangers". Like Naunet at fist attempted to be our real CM in way (with some success, because people welcomed this short-lived change very warmly), but looks like somewhere during Christmas/New Year she was whiped back into silence, as "normal" NQ communication goes for years now.
    We have 5 CMs (or more?), but I have no slightest idea what they all doing (besided Pann, who likely workind with surviving half-dozen DU streamers or something).
    Sure, they may be doing something super-cool in secret, but...
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    Heidenherz reacted to bleakcon in NQ Your lack of action regarding the schematic fiasco is disturbing   
    If they have the necessary metadata, part of my little essay questioned whether they have. This is why this is so disturbing, it transcends the event itself and gives us an unsettling insight into what is and is not possible, obviously the decision making speaks for itself but that is damned disturbing too.

    This isn't a game issue, this is a company issue and that is worse in my opinion.
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    Heidenherz reacted to Leogradance in Analysis of why some people left after patch 0.23   
    I played with a new group of players who joined DU for the first time after the release of 0.23
    Just one / two days later.
    I felt their fantastic enthusiasm die a little at a time crashing into bugs, optimization completely absent (one of them has a PC for work with which he runs Cyberpunk at ultra and fixed 60fps: DU snaps them ...) countless ships destroyed by docking mechanics, lethal manouver tools, endless loading and handling of game problems ... nonexistent -> impossible to reach markets.
    When the technical assistance put the umpteenth ticket of one of them on hold indefinitely (after a week they still have not said anything) they started to abandon the game.
    And the same thing happened to 2 other groups of players in the last year.
    The problem with DU is not 0.23.
    DU's problem is NQ.
    Contradictory communications, advertising bordering on deceptive (we all know how they presented the game for the launch of the beta ...), lack of communication with the community.
    I understand that they are short of breath and that they are trying to save the shack.
    But they are doing it bad.
    Really bad.
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    Heidenherz reacted to Moosegun in Analysis of why some people left after patch 0.23   
    Interestingly I took a totally different paths from the majority.  I have never sold ore to bots, infact never sold it to players.  I rarely mine and when i do I mine relatively small amounts (rarely carrying anything over 1kt).  I made my fortune from selling mainly T1 products to players, since the second day of headstart.   I made satellite factories at key planets producing certain alloys, which I then shipped to a central space station of make higher tier items.  My favourite was my Cat3 factory on Lacobus, where i managed to create 1000 Cat 3 and get it on the market for beta launch, selling at 100k EACH.

    Not just ship parts but also anything else I could make.  I was soon making 100's of sales a day and huge levels of quanta.  I never tried to build a super factory or be self sufficient.  i made what i sold and used the profit to buy stuff other people made.  I never made massive spammy super haulers, because I never felt the need to move huge quantities of ore.

    When 0.23 hit, it didnt really effect me as much as other, nor will any future patches, because i never tried to do anything that I didnt feel was part of the civilisation we are hoping to build.

    Ironically, myself and a friend both quit for a while because of the kneejerk changes made after 0.23, such as changing the schematics prices and increase the bot buy prices.  Both of which caused us more problems than the initial patch itself.
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    Heidenherz reacted to Deintus in @NQ - Alioth is growing hair   
    Just to clarify. Force by definition is a push or pull between two objects.
    Antigravity IRL does not exist. In sci-fi it is a powered device that negates the force of gravity itself in effect creating a field in which no gravity exists at all, particularly for the vehicle affected. There is no application of force in any direction. With no gravity there is no weight, so it just floats, not hovers. Of course one could argue that it works similar to a magnet where gravity attracts and anti gravity repels. And I am sure you could say many more things on how it might work.
    Key word MIGHT, since afterall it does not exist currently. So stating it is exactly like a hover engine is completely inaccurate. Technically hover engines direct thrust by forcing large volumes of air in a concentrated burst in one direction. Antigravity is whatever the game designer says it is.
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    Heidenherz reacted to Daphne Jones in @NQ - Alioth is growing hair   
    Fixing an exploit is not a nerf. Just because they didn't ban you for the exploit doesn't mean it wasn't cheating.
    The devs also asked Dimencia to stop using the exploit and afaik, it was removed from the next version.
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    Heidenherz reacted to Warlander in @NQ - Alioth is growing hair   
    The issue is supplying the high atmo stations.
    We put ours up 5.5km. It takes a lot of fuel to get heavy freight up to the station from the surface. For space travel we just land or fly from space so it cuts out nitron. We also have bases on the ground as well. The problem still is that anti-grav only works at 1km up and only with the flight scripts out there that it allows it to be used like a hoverpad. Since NQ nerfed the speed to about 4mps it creates the need to have a pedistal in order cut that time down. To get up to 5.5km it takes 30-45 mins to rise up that high. So we are forced to build a pedistal that uses the container range to your advantage so that you can just put mats from the ground 2km up and just float up from there cutting off roughly 5-10 mins. We are also considering making another pedistal that is 4km up to make that trip even shorter or that at that point we could just direct transfer to the station from the second pedistal.
    The problem comes when you want to get people up there from the ground base. In which you could easily exploit the rez pads but how much longer until NQ nerfs that so you cant really count on that staying around much longer with some kind of limits like the maneuver tool nerf. Most people spring for the teleporter tower route or the space elevator route and building up Static cores. For us 5.5K will take a min of 515 L Static cores to get there and more like 525-50 if you consider the overlap between cores to be able to add the teleporters. The real issue is the lack of being able to teleport from 1 core to another even within your own 1 tile territory let alone adjacent territories you or your org own.
    So the only real solutions is towers, pedistals, and space elevators because NQ for whatever reason hates Sci-fi tech in a Sci-fi tech based game.
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    Heidenherz reacted to fiddlybits in @NQ - Alioth is growing hair   
    I'm not a fan of the towers, but antigrav technology is already in the game. Space  cores reorient the player, the maneuver tool can lift ships and leave them floating, there are specific antigrav components, and we have antigrav generators that allow you to move while antigrav is active. It's not beyond the technology available in game that static cores can float.
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    Heidenherz reacted to Atmosph3rik in @NQ - Alioth is growing hair   
    If the intended purpose of AGG is only to allow you to hover at a specific altitude,  why not just make it so that's all they do?
    Turn it on and you stay at whatever altitude you are at.  Wouldn't even need the 1k height limit.  If you want to go up, you need thrust.
    Am i missing something here?
    If they create lift, of course people are going to use them to lift stuff.
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    Heidenherz reacted to michaelk in Windows 7   
    I feel your pain, but Windows 7 is now 11 years old (yep, makes me feel old) -- extended support ended almost a year ago and Win7 support is limited to extended security updates only. 
    So...you're going to need to upgrade your OS to play games at some point in the near future no matter what...
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    Heidenherz got a reaction from RudiGaterau in Macht das wirklich jemanden Spaß?   
    Da kann man nur sagen: Falsches Spiel ausgesucht. Instantaction gibt es wo anders.
    In dieser Sandbox setzt du dir deine Ziele selbst und bestimmst selbst was du tun willst. Wenn das nichts für dich ist, dann ist eine solche Sandbox nicht das was du dir als Spiel aussuchen solltest. Ein "Warum?" oder "Wofür?" gibt es hier nicht, wenn du dieses nicht selbst für dich erschaffst.

    Ich persönlich baue mit meiner Organisation aus derzeit 14 Leuten eine Stadt auf Sanctuary, wo später neue Spieler alles mögliche günstig einkaufen können und vielleicht die ein oder andere Idee bekommen können. Ansonsten baue ich für mich und die anderen Schiffe und fliege unsere Transportflüge von Erzen etc, die von anderen abgebaut werden (die das sehr gerne machen) und nehme die Abbauspezis auch wieder mit nach Hause, oder hole sie später ab.
    Wenn du übrigens keine Steine abbauen willst, versuch es mal unter der Erde und hol dir lieber große Mengen auf einmal raus anstatt permanent 20 Liter Steine zu klicken. Die erweiterten Tutorials, die du an den Distrikten erreichen kannst erklären dir dazu alles Nötige.
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    Heidenherz reacted to Elitez in Spaceboys ask big wipe   
    There is nobody on this forum asking for a wipe thats able to write more than 5 words saying why a hard/full wipe is needed There is no such thing as healthy economy no matter which reality you use for reference. It was needed for our progress to be shut down and its ok.

    A wipe doesnt make any sense considering most of us are here for no 100% wipe progress. If your progress is back on your inventory as bp (containers filled) i can live with that.
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    Heidenherz reacted to CptLoRes in Spaceboys ask big wipe   
    The main problem with a wipe, is that DU has active subscription players. So if there is a wipe in a game where players are paying for content that is supposed to be permanent, do the subscription players get a refund? And if not, then what exactly did the subscription players pay for?
    There is also the problem that a wipe would probably lead to a mass exodus (even more so then 0.23). Speaking for myself a wipe now would be the final death knell for me at least. JC said there would be no wipe in a stream some time ago (can't be bothered to find the exact one), and I have proceeded accordingly. In later streams he has revised to saying they will avoid a wipe if possible, which basically means the same thing. In my opinion the last opportunity NQ had for a global wipe, was the last test release they did shortly before the beta release with subscriptions.
    And lastly, what exactly will a wipe achieve beside from reducing the already dwindling player count?
    I hear a lot of talk about how a wipe will save the economy etc, but I fail to see how. Large org's will do large org things regardless, and 0.23 has only made the divide larger. There has already effectively been a industry reset for all players. So how is a global wipe supposed to 'save' the game? Solo players and small org's will never be able to compete with larger ones regardless. And the titans will soon be able to dictate large parts of the game wipe or no wipe. Especially in a game like DU that has a small player base.
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    Heidenherz reacted to Atmosph3rik in Spaceboys ask big wipe   
    Why though?
    why are people so obsessed with other people's progress in the game.
    Progress in games like this is cumulative.  You progress over time.  Through patience, and effort.
    There's no leader board.  No ranking.  You can't be the winner.
    Just let people play the game. 
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    Heidenherz reacted to NQ-Naunet in Talent Points   
    The points will be applied after a brief downtime starting at 9 am UTC | 4 am EST on December 17th.  
    Hello Noveans,
    December is halfway over, meaning the arrival of the new year is tantalizingly close! 2021 is sure to usher in some big changes, and we couldn’t be more excited to experience those with you. 🎁
    While we were rolling out 0.23.1, we noticed that players who had talents in training lost what was accumulated during our downtime. So, in the spirit of bringing out the old and ringing in the new we would like to offer everyone 1 million talent points (~1 week’s worth) to not only replace lost points, but also as a bit of a holiday gift! Build, explore and be merry!
    Thank you for your continued support. We sincerely hope that you and yours enjoy a restful holiday season!

    The Novaquark Team
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    Heidenherz reacted to LosNopales in [Discuss] We've Heard You!   
    The item below makes me sad.  I liked that changed.  It was pretty much the only thing that was going to restart the market. 
    Element destruction will impact the restoration count only when it occurs through PvP, at least for now (not when the ship is colliding/falling as we want to avoid having players penalized simply for crashing their ships because they’re learning how to maneuver them, for example).
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    Heidenherz reacted to Raker1 in [Discuss] We've Heard You!   
    Have your devs play the game , from the start with no god mode 
    They will learn more from that than any hand picked forum
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